‘Encouraging’ his Feminine Side

Turning Your ‘He’ into Your ‘She’
Some feminisation suggestions from Mistress Sidonia

As an experienced Mistress I have found that with a recalcitrant and difficult male/husband/slave that ‘encouraged’ feminisation is the ultimate way to totally break and control them. Take away everything he has – his identity, name and even gender. Perhaps start by dressing him in stockings and suspenders and some nice frilly or bright red panties. Eventually move onto fully transforming him – make up, wigs, shaving his body, corseting him, using the electric sucking machine everyday on his nipples to develop them and buying him his first gel breasts, which he must wear constantly even being made to sleep in them.

Next he must be made to wear butt plugs, increasing the size over time (ones that can be locked in are available) and a chastity device. The chastity device is essential to help control his old ‘male’ urges and the butt plugs will help him develop his new ‘pussy’. Now it’s time to cut up his old male clothes in front of him – show him his old life is gone – forever!

At first when he is being difficult about this new regime I find extended periods of bondage ideal, as once he is fully dressed, you can ‘trap’ him in his female attire, giving him time to become accustomed to his new transformed ‘body’. Also once tied I can practice make up and wigs on him and he can’t be too difficult. Some TV’s respond to the more extreme rubber transformations with doll hoods and rubber female genitals. Others may require total sissification, you can usually discover what produces the most contrition over time or just dress them up the way you like to see them. Like a lovely human dolly to play with.

All these techniques are excellent for her new body but time must be spent reprogramming her mind, referring to ‘him’ as ‘her’ continually, re-naming ‘her’ and working on ‘her’ inner femininity – those old arrogant male traits can be the most difficult to remove. Some transformation may need more extreme measures –  pain aversion can be a great Pavlovian device by associating the male behaviour you don’t like with CP or electrics etc..

Now it’s time to make the change more permanent by showing her off, very humiliating but essential for her training, this can be a little party with some of your girlfriends, she can maid, serve drinks, put on a little show, punishing her in public can be excellent for her training as it’s extra shameful. Then there are trips out, shopping for her clothes, making her try on and buy large sizes when out and about, even discussing what suits her with the shop attendants. 

If she still has to go to work, allow her to wear her male clothes but make sure she wears panties and stockings under these clothes and a chastity device (when required) – but always make sure the second she comes home she immediately changes back to her feminine clothes and presents herself to you for inspection.

To fully accomplish the change she must be engaged sexually, start with strapon cock sucking training, then stretch her up with plugs and make sure you fuck her regularly with a strapon. I have a vibrating one where part of it is inside me so I can cum while fucking her - I might as well make full use of her. Later, I think it’s essential to bring in a male and put her to work on a real cock, as she needs the experience of having it spunk in her face and mouth. If you know another Mistress or girlfriend with a TV slave, set up a party, perhaps with a sex show for you  – a lovely afternoons entertainment.

As the years pass you’ll be amazed at what a transformation you can make!

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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2 Responses to ‘Encouraging’ his Feminine Side

  1. reena says:

    Dear Mistress Sidonia,

    Your comments above are true and real. How i need and wish that i could live my life as described above.
    Sissification and feminization along with servitude and obedience are a desirable and necessary way of life.
    How i wish i could truly devote all my time to living this way as a way to honor, worship, respect and adore true Superior Women as Yourself and others who practice this divine way of life.

    humbly Yours,

  2. chantal says:

    MISTRESS SIDONIA, YOUR way of encouraging feminine side is truly definitely, personally i’ve lived consistant part of this training while i was enslaved for real in a PRO MISTRESS house in london W1 in cleaveland street few years ago, after a session i asked MISTRESS AMANDA if i could serve HER and be usefull for HER needs, i gave my complete availabity for any practice in order to be considered.
    SHE told me i could start doing houseworks and running errands, then immediately SHE made me dress as a maid, after few hours i was introduced in a room with others slaves having omosexual intercourse, it was quite natural for me to suck cocks and lick balls, the pleasure came from the fact that i was really usefull now especially when the customer jerk off and the job was done, i could see the smile in the face of MISTRESS AMANDA and i was really happy to be in some way important and significant to HER.
    For 2 nights i was kept in to the house ,sleeping with my hands tied togheter, the second evening a couple came, they were customers and they wanted a pretty tv to join them in the bed, MISTRESS AMANDA made me lick the boyfriend ass and the finally he jerked off on my chest, after i had to sleep in the same bed without shower .
    SHE worked only from monday to wednsday, so on thursday morning i was realised, even if the madam wanted to keep me inside, but MISTRESS AMANDA decided i had to be HER personal slave only.
    the week after i came back to the house, on monday morning, the first thing MISTRESS AMANDA ordered me was to shave my legs, i didn’t want because maybe my friends could see my shaved legs and what i could answer them..SHE said to me “if you don’t shave yours legs then get out from my house and don’t come back!!” i was overwhelmed, i tried to negotiate..then SHE said ok just shave until the knee and brought me to the bathroom, so i started to shave my legs from the bottom, after 5 minutes SHE came down again and told me ” better if you shave completely yours legs and your bottom also” i felt like it was better to surrender and obey to HER…it was so sweet and relaxing to obey, nothing more then obey orders, stop thinking and try to concentrate in my feminine side, after shaving the contact with the lingerie ,the stockings everything was so nice and sweet, so beautyfull to feel feminine and to be considered like this, i went up to the kitchen and MISTRESS AMANDA smiled to me, and say ” now it’s better, of course you don’t want to look like a monkey!!” SHE was so convincing!!
    My job was to make customer jerk off with blow job, sometimes 69 or being fucked, also i had to fuck but i was not so good in that area and MISTRESS AMANDA was not happy with me for this, in the spare time i had to keep the house clean
    i hope YOU enjoy my real time story

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