The Slave Olympics

The English Mansion’s Slave Olympic Games

London is hosting the 2012 Olympics and here at The English Mansion we hosted a very different set of games! And, in the tradition of the ancient Olympics everyone was nude :) Mistress Vixen and Lady Natalie put two owned slaves through their paces in a series of gruelling events to test their commitment to their Mistresses. The events begin with a ‘tug of balls’ where the rope is attached to their genitals, just to add a little more excitement to the event. Nipple stretching sit-ups soon follow, then boot kissing press-ups, arse stretching pull-ups, bareback ponyboy racing, a ws drinking test and finally the strapon challenge, but who will squeal first? The loser who lets his Mistress down, receives a harsh punishment, whilst the winner gets a treat he will never forget…

You can catch Slave Olympics right now inside our Members’ Area.

Enjoy the slideshow of our slave Olympic Games


Or you can see Mistress Vixen on her excellent extreme bdsm members site

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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4 Responses to The Slave Olympics

  1. your slave says:

    mistress sidonia ,
    with kiss of your shoes
    mistress i want to get the prayer for you and want to worship are my goddess.

  2. Chris F. says:

    My perfect mistress
    She turns your emotions inside out and makes your mind feel lost in bliss
    Everything is so perfect
    It’s the way you’ve been dominated and made obedient to serve
    Mistress you’ve found the things in me I’ve always missed.
    In her
    Oh only in her
    Your beautiful mistress
    Your beautiful mistress
    The way she sensually moves
    It’s so ohhh! so mind-bending
    She does things to you most women would never do to a man
    She brings out the pain and wonders in you
    In her
    Oh! only in her
    Your beautiful mistress
    Your beautiful mistress
    Pretending you don’t want her stop
    As more than a friend
    Would you protect her till the very end?
    No one knows the secret of how well an obedient submissive and mistress can blend
    She knows well the pathetic weakness of an inner man’s heart, a man’s soul secret captivated desires
    For her, the rules you may err to bend, if only to seek her punishment reward
    In her!
    In her, Oh in only her, you are, you exist only for her.
    She’s your beautiful mistress
    She’s my perfect beautiful mistress

  3. loser slave T says:

    perfect Ladies

  4. Richard A says:

    Dear Mistress Sidonia,
    As I am a slave to another Mistress I feel I can be a little more outspoken here without the risk of dire retribution! Whilst I like the idea of the BDSM Slave Olympics, I’m not sure you have put enough effort into the event planning. The ball tug of war is good but open to cheating. What if the contestants agree to struggle and moan without really pushing the pain barrier. Much better to put a parachute on each one and for the Mistresses to attach progressively heavy weights.
    The 100m dash (through a suitable field of nettles) with leather clad pursuers providing encouragement with canes sounds like a winner with the crowds!
    The slaves could also have appeared in the dressage, cross country and showjumping events with riders urging them on to greater speed and effort.
    You also missed out on Boxing and Wresting! Maybe you didn’t think a mere woman could beat a man to submission by either punching or squeezing his balls …..
    Anyway, well done with the event and I’m delighted that you carried it out and filmed the events. I hope you take my mild teasing in the spirit in which it was intended.
    Great blog !!

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