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Ariane Arborene is a lifestyle domme, based in New York City with more than a decade of experience in training submissive men. She now writes Femdom stories, her new book Ariane Arborene’s Classic FemDom Short Stories is being favourably recieved and is getting fantastic responses from its readers.

So, here’s an exclusive extract from one of the stories The Diplomat’s Dilemma, Ariane explained, the character is an American diplomat being called into “service” by a Slavic diplomat, a powerful woman.  It’s all about female sexual power, and male sexual servitude, my favorite subjects :)
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His cock rubbed against his boxer shorts painfully.  The skin of his member had been rubbed quite raw, despite what seemed like gallons of lubricant. He had never before pumped a woman for nearly three hours.  It was a strange endurance test.  His body wanted to pass out.  Everything was throbbing – his ball sac, his sore ass, his tired arms, his aching hip muscles, and his bruised purplish cock most of all.  He wanted to fill a bathtub with cold water and just soak for hours.
The two staff members left to prepare her bath.
“Do we get to bathe together?” he said, half-jokingly.
She gave him a dour look.  “No.”
The two assistants returned with a bathrobe, slippers and glass of wine.  “I am done with you now,” she said in a firm tone.  “You served me well sexually.  Your stamina, your male organ.  Very acceptable to me.  I like.”  She cocked her head to one side.  “I hope you do not mistake my pleasure now for any kind of guarantee, you know.  Nobody rests easy.  You have to keep working at it.”

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In The Tall Prairie Grasses

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