Erotic & Pervy Mainstream Movies

Mistress Sidonia Recommends
My Favourite Pervy & Erotic Mainstream Movies
Teaserama 1955 Dir. Irvin Klaw with the cult fetish figure Betty Page
Barbarella 1968 Jane Fonda is stunning, with the ‘Orgasmatron/Ex-sex-sive Machine’
The Hunger 1983 Erotic smoking & bloodsucking lesbians with David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve & Susan Sarandon, what an opening to a movie!
The Handmaid’s Tale 1990 Sexual slavery and foot canings just to begin with
Misery 1990 with Kathy Bates – she was scary
Maitresse 1976 One of the first movies whose plot revolved around the life of a professional dominatrix. It also managed to explore/expose the commercial sub/dom relationship asking who’s really controlling who? With Gerard Depardieu.
Secretary 2003 with James Spader (Spader wins – turns up three times in this list)
9&1/2 Weeks 1985 with Micky Rourke (& later Wild Orchid 1989)
The Night Porter 1974 cult classic with Dirk Bogarde. Often underrated or slammed just because of the subject matter but actually an amazing film and exploration of abusive relationships/(Stockholm syndrome).
The Story of O 1975 70’s version of the infamous book
Elvira 1988 Cult trash comedy with the transvestite icon Elvira who’s more camp than Kenneth Williams
Personal Services 1987 The British do it best!
Quills 2000 Set in 1794, a fictional tale of the Marquis de Sade & his desire to have his stories published whilst imprisoned in a mental asylum. A fascinating exploration of hypocrisy & sexuality with Jeffrey Rush, Kate Winslet & Michael Caine
Belle du Jour 1967 with Catherine Deneuve
Moulin Rouge 2001 – the costumes esp. Nicole Kidman’s gloves in the club scenes
The Rocky Horror Show 1975 “I’m just a Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania.
Ed Wood 1994 Dir. Tim Burton. Cross dressing, a fetish for angora and the film a work of genius with Johnny Depp
Eyes Wide Shut 1999 Dir. Stanley Kubrick with Cruise & Kidman
Interview with a Vampire 1994 with Cruise & Pitt & also The Queen of the Damned 2002
Lolita 1962 Dir. Stanley Kubrick Masterful direction & performances
Last Tango in Paris 1972 with Marlon Brandon
The Honest Courtesan/Dangerous Beauty 1998
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! 1965 Dir Russ Meyer trash classic for breast lovers
Desperate Living 1974 Dir. John Walter Serious trash – Walters is definitely love it or hate it material
Naked Tango 1991 A sort of hardcore version of Moulin Rouge
Bitter Moon 1992 Dir. Roman Polanski. Eroticism, madness and sexual obsession. Where does the sexual relationship that has tried everything go…
Basic Instinct 1992 with Sharon Stone (& the ok Basic Instinct 2)
Black Angel & Salon Kitty 1976 Dir. Tinto Brass – Brass is a must for bottom lovers
The Triple Echo 1972 with Oliver Reed & Glenda Jackson, quirky British wonder, cross-dressing as the theme
The Lair of the White Worm 1988 Dir. Ken Russel with Amanda Donohoe
The Baby 1973, Dir. Ted Post, A man known only as ‘Baby’ is forcibly kept in a crib and baby wear well after he is full-grown, by his sick mommy & sister. Yes, it is a very 70’s trash psychedelia/horror movie however, even though I’m not into infantilism, it certainly affected me, planting some seeds in my then young psyche as to the pleasures of keeping men as pets.
Boy meets Girl 1994 Dir. Ray Brady More disturbing than Audition! Not for the faint hearted.
Salome’s Last Dance 1988 Dir. Ken Russell
Klute 1971 – Kooky movie with Jane Fonda as a candid prostitute in therapy.
Working Girls 1986 A day in the life of a 1980’s Manhattan brothel.
Body Heat 1981, Bound 1996, Body of Evidence 1973, Wild Things 2004 & The Cell 2000– OK only sex thrillers but still good.
Sex, Lies & Videotape 1989 Another wonderful quirky movie with James Spader.
Double Indemnity 1944 Film noir with the original femme fatal Barbara Stanwick.
Sunset Boulevard 1950 – The cuckolding Diva of all Divas, The Blue Angel 1930 Literally turned into a clown & cuckolded by Marlene Dietrich, Gilda 1946 more cuckolding with Rita Hayworth’s infamous tease cabaret  & The Wicked Lady 1945 – All ahead of their time
Dangerous Liaisons 1998 Bed hopping with Glenn Close & John Malkovich
Kiss of the Spiderwoman 1985 The prison relationship between two outcasts – a political prisoner & a cross-dressing homosexual.
Blue Velvet 1986 What I always suspected, behind the facade of suburbia it’s just dark and disturbing.
In the Realm of the Senses 1976 Not for the faint hearted – sex, death, castration!
The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover 1989 dir Peter Greenaway (I’m a huge Greenaway fan) Lust…Murder…Dessert. Bon Appetit!
Kinky Boots 2005 Loved the Tranny dance scenes
Cabaret 1972 Divine Decadence
Unfaithful 2002 & Fatal Attraction 1987 It all ends in tears
Boogie Nights 1997 The porn industry of the 70’s
Salo or The 120 Days of Sodom 1975 Power corrupts all during the rise of Italian Fascism. Hardcore, not for the faint-hearted, with the infamous poo eating scenes
Peeping Tom 1960 Sex, Violence & Voyeurism

Plus Some One Scene Wonders
Squadron 633
– 1964
Audition 2000 But what a scene!
The Little Shop of Horrors 1986 Just for the one scene where Steve Martin is a sadist dentist who meets his nemeses Bill Murray as the masochist he just can’t hurt.
The Worm That Turned Peak-time Serial from The Two Ronnies where Women rule England, men have women’s names and wear women’s clothes,
and law and order is managed by female guards in boots and hot pants.

Nick Broomfield’s documentary Fetishes 1996 set in Pandora’s Box a ProDom House in New York.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1997 & Angel 1999 The complete TV Series (happily creating a new generation of little perves)
Blakes 7 1978 Who could forget it with Servalan, I loved her – what a role-model for any budding Female Dom
The Avengers 1961 Catsuits, leather, women kicking ass….
Ring of Scorpio 1991 – Scheming women, revenge is a dish best served cold

& Other movies I don’t personally recommend but worth mentioning
Exit to Eden 1994
Crash 1996 dir. David Cronenberg with James Spader
Ilsa She Wolf of the SS 1974 Offensive cult trash
Demon Seed 1977
Preaching to the Perverted 1997 British perversion
Betty Blue/37°2 le matin 1986
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down 1990 dir. Pedro Almodóvar
Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005 Angelina as a dominatrix, briefly
Barb Wire 1996 – Pammy all in leather
Boxing Helena 1993 Taking kidnapping to a new level
Poison Ivy 1992 & Showgirls 1995 & Striptease 1996 Demi on the Pole
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask 1972 Wood Allen the early years – with the classic sperm-men

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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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16 Responses to Erotic & Pervy Mainstream Movies

  1. Bo Gorzelak Pedersen says:

    Wonderful list. Thank you. “Lair of the White Worm” is awesome. I would add “Hellraiser” as well — and a few truly weird ones, including “The Beast”, “Thundercrack”, and “Visitor Q”. I’m not sure if they qualify as mainstream, though.

  2. mark ramsden says:

    That’s an excellent list, comprehensive or what. To add to it I can only reach for a one scene wonder in a Czech or Polish art Movie, about railways and war, where a ticket collector uses a rubber stamp to cutely mark a beautiful young woman’ bottom. What I like to call kinky sex for normal people, rather than subs whining “Can Mistress kick me a hundred times in the balls, please. Can she saw my head off?” I looked for the name and director on Wiki till hundreds of names with thirteen letters did my head in. Is this the most useless addition to a list ever?

  3. slave0815 says:

    Wow now i knew another human who is a Fan of Peter Greenaway! have a nice Day your slave0815

    • Can I recommend “J’accuse” the documentary that accompanies Peter Greenaway’s recent offering, the art movie “Nightwatching” with Martin Freeman. He shows you just how beautiful and fascinating a documentary can be, it doesn’t talk down to you, it’s so layered, once you’ve finished you want to go back and watch it all over again. It’s all about Rembrandt’s painting “The Night Watch” . If you ever thought painting and old masters are dull – think again. (If you’re going to watch both – watch the documentary first.)

  4. John says:

    There is a film called The London Connection made in 1979 and directed byRobert Clouse. It is a fairly routine espionage film but it contains one scene which is sure to get the male sub’s cock rising. Rita Webb plays the part of a cockney landlady who is being questioned in her flat by police about the disappearance of a scientist. She plays the innocent and they are convinced she has nothing to hide. When they leave she walks down the hallway of the flat and opens a closet door. We then see the scientist tied up and gagged in the closet and wriggling helplessly. As he wriggles Rita says with a snear in her cockney accent ‘How yer feeling dearie’ and slams the door shut.

    I found it a major turn on!


    Have only seen “The Lair Of The White Worm” once, years ago. It was on TV without either slave or I paying much attention, and so our memory of it is very vague. However, the one image that did make us concentrate more and had a very powerful effect on us was that of Amanda Donohoe in her latex-like boots by the pool with the young man in it. We were in the company of slave’s mother (who was staying with us) and, so as not to “offend her sensitivities”, we refrained from commenting on Donohoe’s sexiness openly, but we both knew what effect she’d had on us. I think we squeezed hands discreetly as a secret signal to each other. Parents! Later, once alone in our bedroom and spurred on by that scene (and striving to be a little careful noise-wise as we didn’t have the house just to ourselves!), we were just compelled to fuck, culminating in what I can only describe as electrifying orgasms.

    Even though various elements of kinkiness, including boots, were already playing a part in our lives, this little anecdote dates back to a time well before when we began exploring FemDom, let alone incorporating it in our relationship. Yet, we have never forgotten it. If I’d had the full sexual control I now so enjoy, I may well have denied him an orgasm!

    Incidentally, following Liz Taylor’s recent death, the news showed a clip of her as Cleopatra ordering Richard Burton to kneel. Shocked and trying to resist, he questions her command, only for her to repeat it even more forcefully, eyes glaring and lips full of authority. Very dominant! And let’s not forget the Dominatrix that drags Inspector Clouseau into her domain in one of the “Pink Panther” films! Slave always says that this was a key scene in awakening what became his compulsion for Female Domination.

  6. steve allford says:

    I don’t see the Matrix movies listed Mistress Sidonia. May not be erotic but with that much latex worth a mention :-)

  7. This list contains most of my fave ever movies,… movies that caught my attention & definitely influenced my fantasies from a very early age,… as well as a whole host of titles that are i’m now Very much looking forward to viewing.

    Some of David Cronenberg’s earlier films, especially Videodrome would be included in my list :)

    Many Thanks, Mistress Sidonia
    from a happy moviegeek :D

  8. Leatherboy says:

    This magnificent list contains pretty much all the cinematic and televisual influences shaping and reinforcing my kinkiness down the years, but there are a few others etched on my memory as well. The sadistic Servelan from Blake’s Seven had a pretty profound effect on me as a small boy, as did Joan Collins as Alexis in Dynasty, another real bitch I was fixated by, particularly when she was wearing leather, as was often the case.

    There was also the series ‘the Worm that Turned’ in the Two Ronnies where the UK was ruled by dominas who exerted their power by feminising the men folk. That certainly touched off something in my pre-pubescent mind.

    Bound was a great film for the leather fetishist, with one particular lesbian sex scene in a car where the steamy action was accompanied by the sound of creaking leather.

    There was a later version of The Wicked Lady in the 1980s staring Faye Dunnaway, who was even bitchier as the evil lady of the manor turned highwaywoman than Margaret Lockwood in the sumptuous 1945 original.

    Maitresse and The Night Porter I bought on DVD on the recommendation of Mistress Sidonia’s previous writings – and they didn’t disappoint. But what about the scene with Salma Hayek dancing with a snake in After Dark? – alluring, sexually powerful and dominant.

    There was one TV documentary not on the list which stirred my curiosity in and kicked off my lifelong addiction to BDSM. It was on the BBC in around 1991 or 92 -trouble is I can’t remember the name. It was about a married couple in a sub-Domme relationship and featured whipping, suspension and heavy bondage scenes, as well as forced fem where the Domme took her ‘girlfriend’ out for the evening. Does anyone else remember this and its title?

  9. Comfortface says:

    “Caligula” cannot be called a mainstream movie, but it is certainly a cult movie because it combines explicit kink and perversion (Penthouse films was one of the producers) with a cast of excellent actors: Malcom MacDowell, John Gielgud, Peter O’Toole and Helen Mirren.

    If we think of mainstream movies including scissoring scenes (a fetish I personally adore), there are several movies that come to my mind:

    – Blade Runner: the scene where a super sexy Daryl Hannah scissors Harrison Ford is a masterpiece, and I just regret it was too short. I understand that making it longer (and making Ford suffer more marmalising) would have broken the rhythm and also the storyline, but I wish they could have filmed it as an extra :D

    – Goldeneye: Famke Janssen scissoring Pierce Brosnan is another example of sexy girl vs handsome guy. Famke Janssen’s role is a sadistic Georgian officer who uses scissors to torment men and gets very horny while doing it. This way, she kills a ship captain, and puts Bond into trouble twice.

    I must add that in these two movies I was very disappointed by the way the heroes get rid of the scissors. Very unrealistic, but hey… they are the bloody heroes and the evil women are forced to behave stupidly so that the hero has a chance.

    – The War of the Roses: Kathleen Turner makes clear to his husband (Michael Douglas) that she does NOT want sex with him by scissoring his ribs. Later, when their personal fight becomes a real war, she tries to soften him up by giving him a blow job, then bites his dick and while he’s twisting in pain, she drags him and throws him down the trap door.

  10. JASON J LAMARR says:

    KLUTE was filmed in Manhattan. Jane Fonda IN HER Younger Days was on Top Of Her Game/ before She started commuting to Hanoi! HER Longg Leggs were Tremendous. Inside Those Thigh Highs She was the Best. One of My First Encounters With The Leather Gendre! TERRIFIC……PS….Enjoying The OLYMPICS

  11. Nightservant says:

    Hi and thanks for the great movie list. Does anyone remember the movie from the 80’s (I think) with a dominant female character who used to physically dominate men in the bed by slapping them? She was hot, slim, very manipulative… I remember a scene with a man lying on his back… She is standing over him in a very dominant pose, starting to slap him hard across the face. In the final scene she climbed on the car driven by a male character hitting the windshield with something before she had to die. I would like to know the movie title. Any help is appreciated.

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