Jodhpurs, Spurs, Boots & Ponyboys

She appears in tight jodhpurs, shiny riding boots, gleaming spurs and leather gloves, a single-tail whip in hand, all the accouterments of an elegant riding Mistress – now all she needs is something to ride…

Now showing inside the mansion is our latest equestrian HD femdom movie – Mistress Vixen has turned her slave into a human mule to carry her and her friends around. She has been working on finding the most comfortable way to ride him, while also making sure he can move at speed and respond instantly to her commands. She has had him kitted out with a padded custom saddle, head harness and real horses’s bit and is working on training him in the art of two-legged back riding, as this is but far the most superior way for her to be carried. His performance and fitness is tested to the limit and Mistress Vixen needs little excuse to use her keen cropping and whipping arm, she’s a hard task master and her slave is soon sweating and sore from both her whip and her spurs.

Click below to watch slideshow – She’s Got a Ticket to Ride
All photos from English Mansion Equestrian HD Films

P1019992 copy.jpg
P1019345 copy.jpg

Or you can see Mistress Vixen on her excellent extreme bdsm members site

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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12 Responses to Jodhpurs, Spurs, Boots & Ponyboys

  1. Andrex says:

    Please Mistress Sidonia i know you are very hard to please and i will get this all wrong but living in a huge mansion as i believe you do you must have use for permanent slaves on your property. i am an old man age 64 but very fit for my age with many years of total servitude left in me. i could and would clean windows, bathrooms or just muck out the stables or clip hedges (also good with computers) or anything else that you demand. Of course my state pension of £135 a week and any rent that you charge will be totally at your disposal. i worship everything about you and wish only to be used and abused by you.
    Thankyou Mistress Sidonia Von Bork ……………………………..

  2. mini pony says:

    lovely riders thank you

  3. dogxxarabi says:

    i am your dog, your bitch arabi i am from egypt

  4. john says:

    hi riding mistress ===i am a real Rubber pony girl in girl panties diepers rubber pants on and sneekers on my feet and butt plug horse rubber bitt in my mouth real tight and 4 belts tight and rubber cat ==suit on and half hood lace under my chin and to hide the rubber gag bit and a good rubber full hood on and stretch real good down over the rubber tight bit in my mouth and pull right down to my neck and collard and wey nose 1 inch mouth hole and i am ready to let you right my ass off all day ==no bath room at all if i wet my self it all my falt i can get to the washroom you are use me degrade anf you are not finish riding my slave ass off all day in the hot sun in the farm yeard mistress ===i am will to get my slave beat off and good beatting and i will be real quiet and let the gag bit keep me real quiet ===i will be in pain hurting from the tight rubber that gag my slave ass off ===i will be cry ==ball holler===scream for you and i do not car hoe the gag is hold me quiet ===you dont ever have to tolate in any way of any of my disobedience in any way ===love to let you use me degrade my ass off ====you can use a nice big thick black or red wide rubber spanking strap on my my ass you will have me running fast and it wount mader about the girl panties on dirpers on if they are wet it is going to hurt ever more on me and red my ass off i will be in pain for you mistress ====same as your dog on all 4 hands and knees in a pipe hogetie bar 3 feet long i am ready for a dog chair and keep on my slave dog knees for you mistress for a good ass beatting and ass kicking —-i am ready to be force to tong lick every inch of your riding boots real calean soles heels lick clean for you and you can see that it and your riding boots are lick clean for you mistress ====you can have my will== mine==body==soul ==spirit ==owne me in full mistress ====can play real girl reform discipline school for you kneeling up to school desk hand cuffed true a D ring hand cuffed desk bolt to the floor ===bondage wood stock bold to the floor to make sure my feet and ankles are lock in the wood stock ===to keep my slave ass is on my knees and kneeling for you can keep me on my knees 36 hrs at time 12 on my knees ==12 spanking beatting ass kicking ===12 steel in on me knees cry ball like baby hollard scream and real quit helpless and trap self discipline to please you mistress ===i am ready mistress to play this and it not your falt at all i will take all the discipline falt mistres ===i am 5-6 thall 138 lbs areal slave for you mistress train my slave ass off and keep real scared quiet for you to use me degrade me mistress bye slavesuzie

  5. A great day out that I think will make a superb video with Mistress Sidonia on top form and the slaves having no choice but to suffer.

    Hope the move went ok

    Mistress Vixen xxx

  6. dogxxarabi says:

    I love fetish or sex slaves and myself unprotected sex

  7. dogxxarabi says:

    i am wanna be your dog

  8. irishsub says:

    Mistress Sidonia,
    I know you are very busy and i understand you probly get a hundred offers of servitude by slaves everyday but i thought I just ask. Im a young irish male looking to devote myself to you and serve you as a full time slave at your mansion. I live in Ireland and want to move over to England and devote myself full time to you .I would also pay rent and wat ever is mine is yours. Thank you for you time. I be honored to here back

  9. dogxarab says:

    i am wanna be your dog

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