Tongue Slaves Wanted!


Here at The English Mansion we have highly sexed dominant women, who know what they want – PLEASURING. And so pussy licking and arse licking are always the order of the day, well what better way to ensure the perfect female orgasm.

Tongues Out Slaves! There’s work to be done…

The Mistress, naked but for leather boots and gloves, has her slave serve her champagne and then sets him to work cleaning her boots. Spilling some of her drink down her breasts she orders her tongue slave to clean it up and enjoying the sensation decides he should continue…Next the tongue slave is ordered onto her pussy before being put to work on her bottom cheeks and arse-hole. Just a mouth to give the Mistress pleasure, that’s all the tongue slave needs to think about from now on.

Mistress T has her slave on the facesitting board, hoping to be rewarded with a handjob. Not wanting to give away such a wonderful gift so easily, the slave is coerced into confessing his innermost fantasies, helpless to her soft erotic tone and probing questioning, all the while being put to work pleasuring her divine pussy. Her expert hand continually bringing a possible milking closer and closer, hoping all the time she won’t change her mind.

Mistress Pandora’s slave is chained to the wall, ready to be used and abused when required. Today she wants to test out his tongue, so she proceeds to put her fine, round arse to good use, smothering his face and ordering a long tongue licking, all the while verbally humiliating and chastising him.

And Coming Soon is Harsh Instruction where Mistress T enjoys training her slaves in the fine art of cunnilingus, being enthusiastic but clumsy is not good enough. This slave gets so worked up by the site of her beautiful flower,causing him trouble following simple instructions, that to help focus his mind, he is attached to the CBT electrical stimulator. To further aid his technique, Mistress uses an electric prod on his most sensitive area, if he loses concentration, which is unsurprisingly highly effective.

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About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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8 Responses to Tongue Slaves Wanted!

  1. Love to work my tongue on any thing you stunning doms want

  2. tongueslave! says:


    I would love to be a tongue slave for you or any of the other mistresses at the mansion. I would love to worship your pussy’s and asses and would gladly do it for hours at a time!

  3. Ken Timothy says:

    Dear Mistress,
    You will already find me on your records as a devoted tongue slave particularly skilled in licking and worshiping beautiful Dominant arses and i would be honoured and humbled to be summonsed by You.

  4. stephanie says:

    Mistress Sidonia
    it indeed would be my greatest pleasure to offer my tounge and any other part of my body for use to pleasure you and any other Mistress at the Mansion.
    If i can be of any use to you in the future please dont hesitate to summon one

    fondest regards to you and the other Mistress’s
    stephanie x

  5. chris sagar says:

    I will serve

  6. Jay Diggs says:

    i am a 29 yearold submissive black male I weigh 239 and 6 feet 1 inches submissive with a passion to serve and be a foot boy and any other need for you.

    i have experince serving and a quick learner and very obedient and eager to please and serve.

    i hope to be given a chance to prove myself.

  7. Usemyface says:

    Mistress Emma Butt or Mistress Pandora…
    You are the ultimate best sexiest Mistress, and can only dream of what it would be like to have you use my tounge in anyway you chose.
    I have your pics as my phone background. My Tablet background and my desktop wallpaper.

  8. david says:

    love to be your tongue slave to use for hours or days i drink and swallow all iam given kept nude and chained up for you fun only and be given lots of CBT iam in scotland can travel and happy to be sold for life time tongue work world wide

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