A Very Public Humiliation


Mistress Evilyne takes her slave for a walk along the streets of Soho, London

It’s the ultimate in humiliation and submission exhibiting to the world your lowly slave status and demonstrating your total obedience for all to see out in public. It’s exciting, edgy, shameful and scary but also a huge sexy thrill. You’re being shown off and watched by others. It puts your submission to the test – how far will you demean yourself for your Mistress.

I was taken with these fabulous photos of Mistress Evilyne talking her slave for a walk around central London. A slave on a leash is surely this years’ ‘must have’ accessory. The à la mode appendage for all chic Mistresses. Plus he’ll come in handy as a human stool at busy taxi ranks and to carry all the shopping bags.


One Queen visits another 🙂

Public Humiliation – An Ethical Argument?
For: BDSM is mainstream today and we live in a free country we should be able to express ourselves as we wish. Like the gay rights movement, why should we hide away shamefully we must ‘come out’ to the world. How else can we address the public’s attitudes and perceptions.


Well the women passers-by seem to be enjoying the advantages of a male pet

Against: Public humiliation means involving others in the scene, (it wouldn’t work in an empty place) they haven’t consented to this. What about younger people seeing what is happening does it leave families with difficult explanations.


Shoe worship in the park

Context: The scenes shown here happened in central London – full of tourists and busy jaded unshockable Londoners. The public seem to be enjoying watching something outlandish happening (real English eccentricity) taking photos and smiling. Perhaps this wouldn’t work so well in a small town or village.

To find out more about Mistress Evilyne check out her website here:


About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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