OWK – The Other World Kingdom

The Other World Kingdom was a femdom micronation set-up in the buildings and grounds of a 16th century château in Černá, Czech Republic. It was an inspired and visionary undertaking to create an entire ‘femdom state’ – with a matriarchal, authoritarian society, based on the principles of female supremacy, BDSM and male sexual slavery. Although not recognized by any other country, it maintained its own currency (the DOM), passports, police force, courts, state flag and state hymn. It was opened to the public in 1997.


The OWK Coat of Arms with their motto “Women Over Men” & the state Flag

The site was huge, almost a small village – it had several buildings and extensive outdoor spaces including a 250m oval human pony cart track, lake and landscaped gardens. The main building was the Queen’s Palace, which was the residence of the monarch and contained a banqueting hall, library, throne room, tort*** chamber, schoolroom and an extensive basement prison with cells. There were also many other buildings for visiting Dominas and an indoor riding hall and stables.

okw-throne-room-1The OWK was run by the elusive ‘Queen Patricia the 1st’ as its absolute monarch. Next came the ‘Sublime Ladies’ who formed the Kingdom’s nobility. To become a citizen, a woman must fulfill certain criteria including: owning at least one male slave; agreeing to the principles and laws of the OWK; and visiting the Kingdom for at least five nights. Males were either the Queen’s subjects, submissive men with some rights; or ‘slaves’ men who forfeited all their rights and are now property of the Queen or Sublime Ladies and are considered to be ‘on the level of a normal farm animal’.

owk-human-ponyThe OWK was a sensation when it opened, it was immensely popular with dommes and slaves alike; with many world-famous dommes visiting its facilities and gaining passports. It held regular femdom events and celebrations throughout the year which visitors were invited to. There was an epic buzz about this monumental place. I remember the literature they put out for visitors and I had never seen anything like it – men enslaved in cages, cells, kennels and put to work doing hard labour. While cruel and beautiful leather-clad women wandered around using and abusing the men as they wished. All set within this beautiful castle where every room was spectacular! It was a fantasy come true, a real-life femdom enclave run by dominant women.

OWK-tytaniaIt should be noted behind the façade of the OWK and its ideology was a serious commercial endeavor. It was set up as a resort and BDSM facility for visiting dommes and subs from around the world, who paid to visit. While the venue was used for the femdom films & photoshoots used for the OWK magazines, books and website which was for a time, hugely successful.

Sadly, this unique real-world Femdom retreat closed in 2008 and has now become the stuff of legend. It is not exactly clear why it closed though several dominant women did band together (unsuccessfully) to try to save it. Today there is a website where old images and films can still be watched by members. I’ve been wanting to write about the OWK for a while now – it was a bold, audacious and visionary venture that should be recognised and praised in the annals of femdom.

If any subs want to write me a brief account of their visits there I’d be most interested to read them and possibly use them for another blog.

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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  1. unterwuerfling says:

    Dear Mistress Sidonia,

    a really good blog entry about the OWK. As someone, who had the luck to be there for one time, I think it was more a dream for slaves. In reality it was at my time there quiet empty. For such a large estate with all the running costs maybe to empty. Living as a slave there, was a hard time. I learnt, that inside OWK men were really slaves. After one or two days there was no longer this hot well known hot feeling, when seeing a woman in long boots with a whip in her hand. I learnt, that such feeling was not tolerated there. Also I learnt that you can sleep really good with a cold iron arround your neck and hands cuffed on the back after ten hours hard work.
    Later I was one of the people who tried to save the idea by buying shares of the planned sucsessor. Unfortunatlly there were not enough people who bought shares.

    regards unterwuerfling

  2. Lesko says:

    Thank You, Mistress Sidonia for starting this topic,

    I will not waste so much time describing what the OWK is, because every FemDom fan is familiar with this and Your writing about the OWK was excellent and very informative.

    The Other World Kingdom was the unique place where many famous Mistresses proved women’s superiority over men, on the very cruel and hard way.

    This was the place where slaves were forced to meet cruel requirements of strict Ladies, enduring the pain and humiliation, often using their own tongues as a main tool. Some of the most famous world Mistresses had a great honor to spread glory of the OWK, while some of today`s cruelest dommes had their first experience in the OWK.

    I think that the only problem about the OWK was the fact that Project was run by male owners, from the very beginning till the end of the real-time OWK. Oh… those male owners in FemDom project, it is not logical but it`s true. As You said, today there is only web-page where we can find old photos and movies (which are great) and nothing else and nobody updates that site.

    Honestly speaking the idea was excellent and the OWK is by many recognized as the best FemDom facility ever, but it would be nothing without brave Czech ladies who had courage to show their faces in the last decade of 20th century and they succeed to become part of, let`s say, “popular” FemDom and BDSM history. Then many experienced dominatrices (mistresses) from Europe and the rest of World came to the OWK and improved quality of the scene. At the end, If someone decides to create a encyclopedia about FemDom art, then Czech scene and the OWK should take one of the first pages. Maybe the OWK collapsed because of bad managing, but it was so hard to maintain such facility with financing mechanism they established. Probably the project never was profitable

    If there is anything similar to the OWK today, up to my knowledge, that is of course the English Mansion run by Your team and a few projects run by Isabella Sinclaire from LA. I am sure that You are familiar with the OWK team and that You had some contacts about this story, but what I know is that they are not so cooperative..

    I have to say that I am not professional in FemDom, I just have relative theoretical and practical experience through contacts with a few Mistresses and this is my objectively view on the OWK.

    In my opinion, there are two great FemDom scenes in the World, European (London and Berlin) and USA (LA and NYC) and they are quite different. If I would describe that difference in a few words then I would say that US scene is more professional while European scene is more Lifestyle. So, I think that such idea should stay on the Old Continent.

    After almost 15 years of the great adventure, the OWK has been closed, not because of loss of the never-ending FemDom creativity, but due to lack of obedient, strong and brave slaves (it is official explanation). Looking on the well equipped FemDom studios run by the respectable European Mistresses, I hope that structure, organization, law, order and rule of the former Other World Kingdom could be renewed, If not as the new OWK then in some similar concept.

    It was my pleasure to write on this blog.



    • Most interesting,thank you.There is most definitely unique cultural styles of domination between Europe & USA I think you summed it up.
      I too love the work of Isabella Sinclaire and also USA domina Amanda Wildefyre who bondage and mummification work is fantastic.

  3. Zebedee George says:

    Hello Mistress Sidonia

    It has been many years since I last sessioned with you but since knowing you I did manage to visit the OWK once.

    I visited as slave of Mistress Natalie of Bilbao. It was probably the last official summer camp and u stayed for two or three nights. Mistress had two other Spanish slaves there with her but as she couldn’t speak English I served as her translator.

    None of the famous Czech mistresses were in residence but they did briefly visit, I was ordered to offer them Mistress Natalie’s compliments. I missed out on being woken up by them because I was not in the slave stables, I was in a private “en suite” cell in Mistress’s room.

    We had a gathering on the first night together. There was a competition which was an indoor obstacle race, which I won. Mistress Natalie used me to provide a whipping demonstration. I was bound to a table on my back and had three lit candles placed on my body which Mistress managed to put out with the whip at range without even touching me. I was terrified because I’m not very good with CP.

    The cooking was dreadful and a fellow slave and I were ordered to go food shopping. There were two general slaves there who had paid to serve a Romanian Mistress called Roberta. One of them quit on the second day.

    I think the reality of the OWK was that being a general slave was too harsh for any but the most hardened masochist to endure. Attending alone with a pro domme was really expensive because of the travel costs and difficult to achieve on a “business trip”.

    There were several other dominas with their slaves when I was there and they were a mixture of kinky couples, who relaxed on the final night and played pool together and drank beer. There were also some very experienced professionals with slaves. I befriended a British slave who served an Austrian domme, we met up later in London to discuss our experiences.

    The place was amazing but already showing signs of dilapidation and disrepair. The male staff were not submissive. I had a great time because I was with a great domina who I had previously served twice on extended 8 hour sessions in Bilbao.

    The best facility I have visited is Studio Avalon, 3 times since then in Berlin. Residenz Avalon, open only in the summer is a disused warehouse and outdoor space where they hold various events. What I like about German houses is the number of different dommes in attendance and the ability to book 24 or 48 hour sessions with a specified number of interaction hours with a variety of dommes. Cologne, Hamburg and Essen also have good locations to visit.

    Previously Lady Carla von Kemnitz ran a very strict dungeon in Barcelona (where Mistress Natalie previously worked) which is long closed but provided me with three unforgettable 24 hour sessions, on each occasion she had a different trainee mistress looking after me under her guidance.

    Manchester is as good as London for sessions and has some great dungeons. In London I particularly like Murder Miles, the venue is large, spacious and had multiple rooms. I also find Mistress Morrigan Hel to be very close to what I consider an archetypal domme should look like and I really enjoy her in session persona.

    Hoxton Dungeon Suite is a useful facility, primarily because so many non resident dommes pass through the doors which means I don’t have to travel so far myself to meet them.

    I’ve been kidnapped in New York from JFK Airport by two dommes and was taken to an excellent facility called L’Oeil Cache which I believe is now closed but served some amazing dommes there over the course of a week.

    Pandora’s Box on the other hand was much more like a brothel, fill in a form, wait for the Mistress, and then she arrived with a bag of tricks.

    I would love to visit the English Mansion and see Mistress Sidonia again. I have fond memories of her superbly equipped but compact apartment on the DLR. I never did get to meet Lady Nina Birch.

    I have also noticed that Mistress Natalie has opened a studio in Madrid which looks amazing. There is also an OWK style place in Bucharest which looks quite forbidding.

    I have also sessioned in Zurich and even Geneva a couple of times. I had one very bad experience in Paris, the website was very misleading- I met a different woman to the one represented on the site.

    So many dommes, so little time and not enough cash to see them all.

    Best regards


  4. bootslavewilliam says:

    A “respectable odyssey”! Interesting reading. Thanks. True: time, cash, so many Dommes!

    Studio Avalon is indeed a wonderful place. My Goddess and I have sessioned there twice in recent years and intend returning soon. Plus, Berlin is a truly great and enjoyable city.

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