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Breaking-Bad-Parody-1We’re Breaking Bad this 2015 at The English Mansion
Wishing all our friends, fellow Dominas, site members and the entire BDSM community a Spanking New Year in 2015!


Confused? – you’ll either get this or not… below will help

with thanks to Mistress T check out her excellent Blog here


Our parody

How to beat the Monday Blues
In addition to releasing a new & exclusive film every day & double updates on Fridays, Saturday & Sundays – every Monday we will be showcasing a ‘Classic Mansion Movie’ complete film (i.e. not  in parts). So that newer members can be introduced to some of our most popular movies (based on downloads) as with over 500 hours of femdom footage it helps to be given a little pointer 🙂 There is just too much for you to enjoy inside The English Mansion.

Mansion Monday Classics
Don’t miss our Members’ Favourite Mansion Movies – showcasing this JanuaryThe-Orgasm-ClinicFucked_In_ChastityPimped-Sissy-Whore

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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4 Responses to Mansion Monday Movies

  1. peterp says:

    Love the spanking new year card Mistress Sidonia!
    ‘When your breaking bad your very bad, but when your breaking balls your badder!
    Happy New Year to you and all at the English Mansion x

    • Where’s the help when I need it! That is brilliant 🙂
      I did have a few: ‘Ballbusters do it for Kicks’
      ‘I Get a Kick Out of You’ &
      ‘Why kick arse when there’s something way more effective…’

      Your grammar however, is atrocious! Report to Miss Bork for a sound thrashing and then write 100 times “I must learn to use an apostrophe.”

      • peterp says:

        Dear Mistress Sidonia
        I was so pleased to hear my comment met with your approval, despite my ‘atrocious!’ grammar. Which I apologise for. Unfortunately grammar and spelling have never been one of my strong points! A thrashing from Miss Bork will undoubtedly teach me to improve.

  2. Paul says:

    Loving the orgasm clinics. I live in the West, if there is ever one being run near by x

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