An Offer You Can’t Refuse – A Slave’s True Account

A true account of a visit to The English Mansion from one of Mistress Sidonia’s personal slaves.

It was 10pm, an unusual time for my mobile to ring but as I looked at the name on the display my body shuddered.
“Mistress Sidonia, good evening”  I said, my voice clearly revealing what I was feeling inside.
“Slave, I want you here right now. I don’t care what you are doing, just get here immediately. Do not keep me waiting, your know what happens when you do…”


When Mistress Sidonia calls – you jump to it!

And with that she hung up. Collecting my things, I drove as quickly as I could to the Mansion compound, my mind racing with all the possible reasons for such a late night summons. Being instructed to report immediately with no notice was not unheard of, but this late at night?

On my arrival, the usual protocol was to be followed. Strip naked and then enter the chambers, lying on all fours, head down on the floor, bottom up facing away from the door. This was slave position number 1, one of 12 positions that any slave in Mistress Sidonia’s stable has to memorise and be able to assume instantly when ordered, with severe penalties for any failings. Soon enough, Mistress Sidonia’s voice was heard, walking from behind me she carried a set of heavy steel manacles, connected with a thick chain.

“Put this on, these will be your clothes for the night” she said , handing them over.

The first thing I noticed was their weight. These were not ordinary cuffs, they had bolts to lock them and were permanently connected with welded chain. There was no escaping from these. As soon as the chains were on, I was ordered to kneel and a heavy sendep leather hood was put on. Made with a inner and two outer linings, once fitted an internal bladder was inflated so as to form a perfect snug fit. The outer lining had a zip that allowed it to be completely closed off if needed.


Inside one of The Mansion cells

The feeling I had when Mistress Sidonia closed it completely shut, was one of instant disconnection with the outside world. All of a sudden, all you can hear is your own breathing your eyes become worthless and all the other senses start working on overdrive to compensate.

With sight and hearing gone, the feeling of touch becomes the main sense. Mistress’s soft hand leading me to the cell where I would spend the night sent shudders down my back and gave me a instant hardon that surely didn’t go unnoticed. I am now totally at her mercy.

Reaching the cell, another chain was connected from my neck to the wall and I was instructed to lie on the floor. With a few words, Mistress explained this is where I would stay, in complete sensory deprivation, hands and feet chained so I could barely move, until I was needed again on the next day.

The feeling of being in complete darkness, hearing nothing but your own breathing and feeling even more intensely the cold metal of the chains against your body made for a very long night. Time slows down in Sendep, minutes become hours and your mind keeps racing with all kinds of thoughts. All I could think about was the moment when I would hear Mistress Sidonia’s voice again and maybe understand what she had in store for me. But in the meantime, it was going to be a long night…

A true account from one of Mistress Sidonia’s personal slaves, Part 2 Coming Soon.

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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6 Responses to An Offer You Can’t Refuse – A Slave’s True Account

  1. Alex says:

    That account gives a chill. I’m confused if I’m scared or excited after reading it.

  2. bootslavewilliam says:

    How on earth could this slave have possibly resisted your summons, Mistress Sidonia?… which is why he could not and would not have wanted to!

    What a wonderful concoction of uncompromising Female demands, strictness and impending, yet utterly irresistible, crushing severity!

    I await eagerly (hopefully!) the description of your leather thigh boot stiletto heels approaching your male property on the next stage of his/its fate.

    Meanwhile, I shall (not for the first time) imagine myself in his position… having, of course, also perfected those 12 submissive positions!


  3. eddie says:

    Make me a star mistress let me serve in your films

  4. slave chrissy says:

    I love reading about the offer , and I think It’s hard to say No to Her
    Think, the first thing that come to a slaves mind is, OBEY Mistress Sidonia
    When reading about what happend, is both Scary and Exiting as Alex wrote
    But if a slave have the privilege to be Mistress Sidonia von Boork personal slave, I think all feelings turn in to exitement and You just follow Her order
    Maybe You will feel the scary feelings when You are looked up in Her cell, and have a whole night of thinking…what will happend tomorrow
    That is scary
    But , in the other hand It is an honour to be Her personal slave, slave must be proud to be that
    Not many slaves that will come close, or even hear Her voice.
    Must be one of 10 million, that have the chance to become Her personal slave
    Wish them good luck, they must be in heaven / slave chrissy

  5. Johnnie says:

    Shudders of excitement and dread from reading this account, Mistress. I live very close to the Mansion; so if you need more slaves, I’d be delighted to serve You. Respectfully, j

  6. slave chrissy says:

    slave LOVE You Mistress Sidonia von Bork / slave chrissy

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