Dominate A Domme Day

A number of Mansion Mistresses and myself have decided we want to go sub. We are urgently looking for slaves who would be willing to dominate us?


Obviously, we’ll be deciding in detail how you run the session and will send you endless vague one line texts in advance to let you know exactly what we want. Or we’ll call you at 3am, that ways you’ll definitely be free to chat. We won’t waste valuable time reading any correspondence you send us, we’ll just call you and get you to explain it all to us. We won’t wash before meeting and will probably cancel a few times before we actually show up late because we know you don’t have much to do. Naturally, we won’t forget to shout, “Thank you Master” really loudly as we leave your place so that all your neighbours can hear.
And, lastly, if any of you refuse us, don’t worry we’ll hassle you for months afterwards letting you know what you’ve missed out on! 🙂

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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10 Responses to Dominate A Domme Day

  1. Slippy Toy says:

    As a special extra service, will you be making tiresome grunts and nods when you want us to do something else other than what we plan, and roll your eyes as if we’re meant to be mind-readers all of a sudden? And can we look forward to you realising you need to top up your parking part-way through our session?

  2. Mistress Ciara says:

    Don’t forget to insist on discounts and freebies because the master enjoys their work 🙂

  3. unterwuerfling says:

    And don’t forget to scream as loud as possible when you were hit with the cane, also it is only a soft touch. Everybody in the neighbourhood like this. And also don’t forget to make everything dirty for instance with your golden nektar. Absolutly important if you have a desease or allergic reaction don’t tell it or speak about in every second sentence.

  4. bootslavewilliam says:

    Wow! I got all concerned, there… for a moment!

    “No! A wonderfully and implacably dominant and supreme mistress like Mistress Sidonia is, for whatever reason, suddenly interested in exploring switching, in letting a mere male hold albeit temporary sway over her?! How could that be possible?”

    Then I realised it’s April 1st… Phew!

    What could I possibly say in response to the awful behaviour you mockingly describe, except to paraphrase Meat Loaf’s song and respectfully state that “I wouldn’t do that!”

    Still love the outfit, though! (said humbly, head bowed).

    • Actually, I want to say there are a huge number of slaves and subs who it has been a privilege to play with. When it clicks and you can both share what you love it’s fantastic. And most subs/players I have met have been kind and considerate Gentlemen – unfortunately a small number of time-wasters give everyone else a VERY bad name.

      • bootslavewilliam says:

        Well, I know how honoured I really would feel to be granted the chance to “click” with you, Mistress, and demonstrate, in the presence of my adored Boot Goddess, my own gentlemanliness, consideration and kindness! 🙂

  5. And,
    After you have spent ages letting us know all the dates when you are free – we’ll just ask if you can squeeze us in later.

    We’ll probably bombard you with emails, texts and calls before changing our mind, but we won’t tell you, we’ll just disappear.

    Once you’re fully dressed in a full-leather Master outfit, with hood, gloves & boots – we’ll text you at the last minute to let you know a member of our family is seriously ill or has died! That way we’ll ensure your sympathy but will leave the door open for another session.

    🙂 Lady Nina x

  6. I never wouldn’t do that! Mistress Sidonia is the mistress of my desires, of my dreams and I never dreamed of dominating on her. From someone like her, you just want to be submissive. Pray that she’ll p*** in your mouth and you requirement to lick her pussy .. <3 love & devotion for Mistress Sidonia <3

  7. Devina Cox says:

    i will gladly stay under the heels of Femdomination xx

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