The Unintended Spiritual Path Pt1

Mistress-Sidonia-von-Bork-PVCFor most of us drawn to the BDSM world our motivation is a base, sexually driven one. There is however, occasionally, an unexpected by-product – a slip into the realm of mysticism and spiritual transformation. This is not the goal of sado-masochistic play so it can be a surprising, unnerving and powerful encounter. These experiences should not be confused with ‘subspace’ which is a common altered state for most submissives – part letting go, part lust and part adrenaline high. These are deeper and more powerful transcendental occurrences which are hard to explain as they need to be ‘experienced’ however, I will attempt to try to outline how and when some of the overlaps occur.

Rites of Passage
Most ancient cultures had initiation rituals to mark the transition from childhood to adulthood – rites of passage. These could be: a test of endurance or pain; facing a dangerous or terrifying situation; or to be injured or physically marked, such as scarification or tattooing. To face a ritualised manifestation of fear as an individual separate from the community and overcome it. It has been argued that modern society’s increased interest in sadomasochism/tattooing/piercing is due to a subconscious need for people to realise these transition rites in order to create a separate identity for themselves. Today we live in an aseptic, safe environment filled with antibacterial wipes under the protection of ‘health & safety’. Unlike our forbears we have had no horrific wars thrust upon us. Our interest in BDSM is an outlet for primal urges that are suffocated by the act of being civilised. Born out of a need to separate from our sterile, homogenous, materialistic, spiritually void culture.

Often in heavy play scenes the submissive is required to do something they are fearful of, something painful, or mentally challenging, this requirement mirrors ancients rites of passage. These experiences alter you, by facing your fears or doing something you don’t want to do you become something more than you were before, you become greater than the sum of your parts – you have transformed and thus expanded your capacity for being.

A Retreat from Ego
The act of submission and service to another, main requirements of a dom/sub scene, both require a repression of the ‘I’ or ‘Ego’ this results in a loss of self and a shift into a state of nothingness/oneness. The ‘I’ or self-centredness of everyday life is put aside, providing a retreat from our exhausting egos. This is a relief for our real ‘self’ and an opportunity for reflection. These benevolent, selfless, giving acts also mirror the tenets of many religions, in the bible it says, “… in humility count others more significant than yourselves” (Phil 2:1-11), thus humility and service to others, increase our self-worth and on an inner level act as a means of spiritual purification.

Another huge aspect of sub/dom play involves the act of worship, doms are put on a pedestal, while subs express or are overwhelmed with reverence and adoration of their created deity. This is all an echo of religious worship to a godhead. We are often drawn to religion in time of need, to feel the protection of an omnipotent parental figure who will always be there for us and we can return to a childlike state.

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7 Responses to The Unintended Spiritual Path Pt1

  1. slave chrissy says:

    stunning beautiful Mistress Sidonia
    Take the breath out of the slave
    have been reading Spiritual Path 1
    slave agree totaly Mistress / slave chrissy

  2. slut m says:

    i came across this blog via Twitter and have to admit i am so glad i did.

    What Mistress Sidonia has written is so very true and reflects what i have found on my submissive journey. i am sure i have never experienced more than subspace but the yearning to submit, to serve, to be of use to a superior Lady is for me very powerful.

    Mistress Sidonia explains the journey so very well as well as the cravings and yearnings us subs feel. To have it written out what i so strongly feel reaffirms my belief that whilst my cravings may be niche they aren’t unique.

    Thank you Mistress.

  3. bootslavewilliam says:

    Great analysis, Mistress.

    I have long observed, and strongly feel more than ever, that we -in the developed, comfortable/well-off parts of this much abused planet, at any rate- do live in a world that is incredibly and increasingly safe, sterile, ordered and controlled (very worryingly, evermore so), and devoid of true spirituality.

    I obviously am not thinking of established religions generally, but I do think there are yearnings and searching for solutions and perhaps vague but more meaningful fulfilment in more people than ever nowadays, reflected in the growing popularity of some branches of those religions, and less well-known ones and cults/groupings.

    I won’t even start on materialism… or how (and despite, or most probably because of, the incredible mass communication technology in existence today), virtually unseen, un-noticed, unworthy, irrelevant and “fortunately” thousands of miles away, vast numbers of our fellow human beings suffer, including being slaughtered and their countries destroyed by remote control, expected to endure it all in ways we cannot even contemplate.

    So, for sure, many of us have become very distanced, even disconnected, from what I unashamedly call Mother Earth and all that She means and gives us. I can only think that is why, for example, countless extreme activities like white water rafting and bungee jumping are so popular.

    Mind you, it does mean that, when stood in a wilderness, on a barren mountain or facing the ocean, there is the relief that the peace and harmony will never be ruined by most of the hordes of people that happily, endlessly and hypnotically roam those countless shopping centres, our new and much vaster cathedrals, clutching their smart phones as if in an impossible quest for a promised land.

    For me, a wonderful alternative to the raw beauty of wild surroundings is, of course, to offer and totally lose myself in submission and service to my Female Superior(s), hopefully fully rubberised, restrained, gagged… but, most importantly, to please in whatever way They decide and wish for!

    Now, that talk of nature reminds me of that cruel-looking but compelling outdoor slave pit featured in some of your posts, Mistress… Oh, to be kept in there for a while to render me even more compliant and malleable :-)!

    Always respectfully.

  4. Slavesteve says:

    Very insightful Mistress Sidonia. I can’t wait for pt2.

  5. stoney says:

    Mistress Sidonia sheds light on one of the most central reasons Femdom remains a focal point for me. Also looking forward to pt2 and pt3.

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