Erotic Sexual Denial – Prick Teasing

Prick_TeasersOne poor sub is kept in chastity and mercilessly teased, tormented and lesbian cucked by his Mistress, Nikki Whiplash & Miss Rebekah Dee in ‘Prick Teasers’. Now Showing

BDSM is usually associated with cracking whips and genital pain games, it does however, also encompass vast aspects of sensual and seductive play where it is possible to make a sub suffer and scream in agony without raising a welt!  One of the cruelest of these is erotic sexual denial, where the sub is kept in a heightened state of arousal for extended period without being permitted to orgasm.

Prick Teasing
Men naturally react to visual sexual stimulus, so being naked or using your body to be sexually inviting or playing with others in front of them is a perfect way to sexually tease them. This could be a cuckolding scene where they are permitted or made to watch the action but kept in chastity or bondage throughout. Their humiliation, submission and frustration is exciting for everyone else.  I once kept a slave in bondage under my bed while enjoying myself 😉 the cruelty of them being there listening but unable to see and kept frustrated was super *hot* for me.

Tied_And_Teased_By_Ms_KrossThe stunning Ms Kross’ sex slave is put on the bondage table and endlessly edged, teased and machine milked by her adept hands in ‘Tied & Teased by Ms Kross’. Now Showing

Edging & Denial
Edging is where the sub’s cock is stroked until they are almost at the brink or ‘edge’ of orgasm, the domme then stops the direct stimulation, waits for his arousal to subside and then begins the process over again, and then again. The domme may allow the sub to eventually cum or she may deny his orgasm entirely and lock him in chastity. This is sometimes called ‘blue balls’ where the slave is left highly aroused and in a frustrated state. I like to see how many times I can edge a cock before either a ruined orgasm is inevitable, or he loses his erection from the sheer frustration, or just from how sore his cock is becoming…

Krakatoa Effect
I’ve also enjoyed keeping a sub in chastity or denial for a long period and then experimenting to see if I could make him cum with just one finger gently rubbing the underside of his glans. His cock was easily aroused and it took hardly any stimulation to bring it to a climax – orgasm by finger! I’ve also been told by my subs that after a period of extended orgasm denial or an edging session the eventual climax is far more intense.

Tied_Teased_Fucked_RuinedThe Queen of Tease – Mistress T is expert at all forms of Erotic Sexual Denial and probably a few we haven’t thought of, here she is in action in ‘Tied Teased Fucked Ruined’. Now Showing

Ruined Orgasms
This is a very cruel kink indeed 🙂 Similar to edging you bring the slave to the point where orgasm is inevitable – allow just one tiny spurt, so as to make sure the climax has actually begun, then quickly break all physical contact/stimulation of the cock. This gives the slave a ‘ruined orgasm’ he achieves a physical release but gets no real pleasure or satisfaction from his orgasm. I love the wimpers, begging and eventual crying you get after you have taken your hand away as his seed just dribbles out.

Tie & Tease
This a more intense form of tease and denial as the sub in first put into bondage allowing the domme total control and increasing the subs helplessness and sexual frustration. It may not necessarily encompass ‘edging and denial’ as there are many ways to sensuality tease the tied sub, without even touching his cock: nipple torment, prostate stimulation possibly achieving an (anal) prostate orgasm or ball teasing.

Lessons_In_CrueltyI make Switch Zara du Rose, Estella to my Miss Havisham, training her in the art of sexual cruelty to men in ‘Lessons in Cruelty’. Now Showing

Cock Control & Sexual Slavery
This is where a sub is trained to become a sex slave. He will be used for the sexual pleasure of his domme or others but without receiving any sexual relief for himself. This process requires him to repress his own urges when being used and to never lose control and ejaculate. I find cock caning an effective punishment to those who transgress. (A Mistress friend, had her personal slave’s tongue frenulum cut in order to lengthen it and increase her pleasure!)

Total Denial
Total sexual denial usually means very long periods of sexual abstinence enforced by a domme using a chastity device. The slave will then learn to focus on her sexual pleasure. He may be allowed to earn a release for himself through good behaviour or permitted an occasional mechanical type of orgasm for health reasons. Alternatively badly behaved slave may be put into chastity as a punishment. It can be hugely sexually exciting for a domme to know she keeps the key to her sub’s chastity device and is thus always controlling his manhood and sexual desires. See more about this here:

Cherchez_Les_FemmesMiss Shay & Savannah amuse themselves with the Mansion gardener locking him into chastity and then mercilessly teasing him in ‘Cherchez Les Femmes’. Starts Next Week

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  1. Slavesteve says:

    Great descriptions of each Mistress. I love when the woman orgasms but the male is kept totally denied. I enjoy cuckolding provided the woman remains in control of both the cuck and the bull since I can’t stand a dominate male of any type. Being cuckolded by two dominate lesbians is the best. But ultimately it’s all what the woman wants. Whatever pleases her pleases me.

  2. Peter says:

    Do any sub ever understand that if the mistress want to she could take the sub from Prick Teasing to Cock Control and Sexual Slavery or Total Denial training? It would take time and regular sessions. Is this a decision by the mistress or what happens after months or years having sessions with the same mistress and a relationship grows? Or is it a combination of both decision and time?

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