The Unintended Spiritual Path Pt2

PVC-DominaBondage as Meditation
Prolonged extreme bondage and enclosure scenes, by their nature, enforce long periods of sensory deprivation – you cannot move, see, hear or speak. After the initial chatter of the mind has exhausted itself and the sexual thrill has subsided you are left in an intensely peaceful and meditative state. A way to go inward because all of the external is removed. This can produce an out-of-body experience, the body is recognised as only a vessel and consciousness is separated creating an overwhelming interconnectedness between self and god/universe. Where you are beyond time and space. To step out from the ruts of our habitual, materialistic comfortable lives, our emotions & thoughts; and return to a transcendental state.

This altered state while in intense bondage can also produce an emotional regressive return to the womb – of being swaddled, nourished and cared for by another. You are returned to a childlike state, removed from modern life and its stresses and responsibility.

Outer Transformation as a means to Inner Transformation
Central to BDSM play is ritual dressing, the domme must look powerful, sexually aggressive, warrior-like, while the sub is naked and hooded symbolising their insignificance, inferiority and vulnerability. We also choose or are given new names for ourselves – dommes with an elaborate title and honorific, slaves a simple nickname. Thus we use costumes and names to take on a new role.

One of the most dramatic changes is gender cross dressing, this transformation encompasses an obvious physical change but more significantly a powerful emotive shift – an embodiment of their true emotional self, where they finally feel whole & complete.

These transformative acts allow the player to leave their ‘old’ self behind, to forget it exists to transform into something new, to play out other versions of themselves. To put on a new mantle and open a door to new possibilities. To leave the ‘body’s baggage’ of habits, ideas, thoughts, opinions & emotions behind. This is another route to come out of ourselves. Essentially it is not what you put on but what you take off.

Human beings easily adapt to change (though they are scared of it and fight against it). Actually, our sense of self, our identity – of who and what we think we are, is more fragile than we imagine. Put into a new environment it will change and adapt almost instantaneously easily forgetting what it was. By ‘playing’ at being another self (and BDSM is a form of adult play) we are trying this new self out and the more we step into the role, the more we easily become it. Thus play becomes a route to an inner transformation, an unstoppable sea-change and the beginning of a personal metamorphosis.

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