Femdom Horoscopes – Dominas Part 2

How to Recognize a Mistress based on her Star Sign
or Let this Zodiac
Guide you into Meeting your Perfect Mistress

Part 2 Dommes:
Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces

This guide has been produced by none other than Mistress Stella Interstellar, who has contemplated the constellations and turned over the cards of fate, to reveal all the secrets of a fetish horoscope. So slaves let this guide help you to understand and/or recognise a Mistress based on her star sign and thus give you some secret insights into how to really please her.


The Libran Mistress: These women are not only very attractive but probably the most intelligent sign within the Zodiac with impressive, sharp and analytical minds. Her motto is “I WEIGH up your fate!” With a mind like hers she loves role-plays especially interrogations where she can verbally crush you and school scenes where her fairness allows her to play on your guilt. She could look like a strict schoolmarm, be wearing a designer suit with seemed stockings and high heels or any kind of smart uniform. She is also the mistress most likely to wear glasses. This Mistress will weigh up your misdemeanours carefully – then your fate – before exacting a very appropriate punishment.

Mansion Mistresses Libra: Mistress Amrita, Miss Kinky Bitch, Princess Neive, Madame Ingrid, Mistress Claudia, Mistress Rebekka & Miss Foxx

The Scorpio Mistress: Well this is an obviously powerful woman with an electric intensity about her person. She exudes her dark sexuality from her hypnotically penetrating gaze that will pierce right into you. Her motto is “I DESIRE your submission!” As one of the most sexual and dominant of the star signs her favourite activity is of course, to fuck her slaves with the huge strap-on that she loves to wear. Slaves may even end up on their knees sucking and worshipping this Mistress’s strap-on cock but they are also at the mercy of her metaphorical balls. She loves the feel of leather against her skin so will be found clad in classic black leather clothes. She also likes to have full access to her most sexual regions – maybe no panties under a tight leather mini skirt or fully exposed in a open leather body harness. As a lover of secrets and mystery she is also wears masks. Always be careful with this woman, as she’ll hypnotise you, tease, taunt and use you and just when you think she’s finished remember she has a very sharp sting in the tail.

Mansion Mistresses Scorpio: Mistress Sidonia, Mistress Veronica, Governess Ely, Domina Darla & Dominant Dolly


The Sagittarian Mistress: This is a classy, sophisticated and powerful woman with a stunning, often athletic and tall build. She has an infectious energy and a magnetic personality. Her motto is “I SEEK your devotion!” As a natural exhibitionist she loves parties or group sessions expecting her slaves to demonstrate their devotion and admiration in public. As an archer she also loves to shoot down her slaves which gives her an obsessive love of needles and piercing. Someone who always stands out in a crowd, she loves shiny materials and elaborate costumes. You can never escape this woman as she will hunt you down, she is not possessive though, so don’t expect long-term commitment. Once you have served your purpose you’ll be left in the dust of her galloping exit.

Mansion Mistresses Sagittarius: Goddess Lexi, Miss Jessica Woods, Mistress Ella Kross & Miss Vivienne L’Amore

The Capricorn Mistress: Capricorns are strong, muscular women but this does not mean they are not feminine, it is just that under the lingerie and tight suit is a stunning body that can literally knock you over. Her motto is “I USE you for my pleasure!” As an earth sigh she enjoys her physical prowess and may enjoy trampling, boxing or wrestling her men. You may think you have a chance but before you realise what’s happened you’ll be on your back seeing stars. She will often dress to blend into the shadows wearing lots of black or a suit in straight situations. She may seem rather unimposing but don’t be mislead – she’s just standing back eyeing up her prey before she strikes. This sturdy, surefooted sign always get her man right where she wants him in the end.

Mansion Mistresses Capricorn: Mistress Dante-Posh, Hunteress, Mistress Vixen, Switch Leia, Lady Natalie Black, Princess Anuska & Domina January


The Aquarian Mistress: This woman may look like an eccentric wild woman or a famous glamorous film star, so she won’t go unnoticed with her distinctly individual, if somewhat strange, style. Her motto is a very definite “I KNOW your secret desires!” Her favourite scene activity is playing with sparks – yes electricity, as it’s so unpredictable just like her. She is open to anything she’s never tried and especially anything strange, bizarre or alternative. She loves to defy public opinion as she hates conformity so could easily go out dressed head to foot in a black PVC cat suit with a spiked collar possibly carrying an 8-foot bull whip. Her love of the alternative means she is likely to be tattooed or pierced (even if you can’t see them). She loves spiky collars, motorcycle leathers, in fact anything bizarre. She is the water bearer and when it pours it’s a torrent so don’t get in her way.

Mansion Mistresses Aquarius: DSO, Mistress Ava Black, Miss Savannah Sly, Mistress Clawdia & Mistress Heelena

The Piscean Mistress: These women have deep penetrating beautiful eyes, look into them and you will be gazing into the deep emotional depths that are swelling below her surface. Her motto is “I BELIEVE you are mine!” This woman loves shoes – in fact any fetish footwear. She can’t close the wardrobe door because of the 6 inch heels and thigh-high boots packed inside. Her favourite activities are of course having them or even her feet worshipped. She may also love to trample you or your delicate genitals beneath them. As for attire, other than her obsession with fetish footwear, she loves shiny or metallic, tight fitting clothes especially dresses and pencil skirts.

Mansion Mistresses Pisces: Miss Nina Birch, Mistress Ezada Sinn, Fetish Liza, Goddess Zena, Mistress Miranda, Mistress Jezabel & Mistress Eleise du Lacy

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  1. chris bacos says:

    I loved this story. It was very accurate especially about the Scorpio, Aquarius and
    Pisces dominas. I am a Libra Sun, Cancer Rising and Gemini Moon. Can’t wait to see
    next month’s blog.

  2. Barry Cross says:

    I can’t wait to have the deep dark depths of my Taurus subs psyche revealed.

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