Femdom Horoscopes – Submissives Pt4

How to Recognize a Submissive Based on their Star Sign
or Let this Zodiac
Guide you into dealing with a Submissive

Part 4 Subs:
Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces

In Part 1 & 2 of this guide I examined the dominant aspect of each star sign. Now, in Part 3 & 4 I am going to interpret the star signs for submissives so those with a dominant streak can discover their submissive’s hidden vulnerabilities.


The Submissive Libra: The most devoted slaves are Librans but beware – they are also the most indecisive. Their love of role-play makes them particularly good school boys or girls but these pupils do have a tendency to be lazy and so need to be pushed. Libran submissives tend to rush into relationships and as they really prefer permanence they should experiment and carefully weigh up all the options before deciding that a dominant is right for them.

The Submissive Scorpio: Submissive Scorpios are loyal and once committed completely devoted to their partners and so make excellent slaves. They have well-controlled natures and will bravely face physical pain which they have a great capacity for. In fact they loved to be pushed further and further in order to prove their love and devotion, taking a great deal emotionally as well as physically. As completely passionate and erotic beings they make excellent sex slaves.


The Submissive Sagittarius: These active submissives are spirited colts that must be broken. They love challenges and can get restless without regular elaborate scenes like abductions or a scene in a strange, unfamiliar place. As natural exhibitionists they will proudly display their submission to you in public. Unfortunately their lively enthusiasm can make them over-run a scene with their ideas – they therefore need a strong, experienced and possibly older Mistress who will take hold of their reigns but still let them run. With all these qualities these submissives make excellent pony slaves as they can be harnessed and dressed up with decorative feathers and entered into public races.

The Submissive Capricorn: These submissives will easily submit or adapt once they respect their Masters/Mistress. Their strength of character makes them able to withstand great physical pain, extreme sensory deprivation and/or elaborate bondage and suspension. It can, however, make them stubborn and difficult to control. If you do encounter their stubbornness put your foot down literally and make sure they know who is boss! They love to be worked hard and so can make ideal ponies or house slaves living under a 24/7 regime.


The Submissive Aquarius: As natural rebels, these submissives need an extremely dominant Master/Mistress to take them firmly in hand. It is best perhaps not to see them as a slave to be trained as they can be very independent but rather as fetishists (which is probably what they are) with a taste for the bizarre. They have very active forward thinking minds so why not allow them to plan a scene for themselves or get them to keep a journal of their thoughts and feelings?

The Submissive Pisces: This submissive needs constant encouragement so as a dominant you need to remember that it can be very damaging to them to be too critical. They can enjoy intense sexual activities where they become emotionally entranced being made to orally pleasure their Master or Mistress as a way of emotionally connecting to and worshiping them. Or to be taken sexually in any number of ways, this is obviously most profound for a male slave who can be taken anally. In these moments he can completely immerse himself in his partner becoming one with them. This submissive can suffer any torment for love and often becomes completely submerged in their relationships.

Mistress Stella Interstellar Suggests

Choose punishments for your slave according to the element of his Star Sign

The Fire Signs
A well smacked hot bottom or cover them in candle wax

The Water Signs
Wet games or give them a large enema

The Air Signs
The cane with a swish or left in suspension

The Earth Signs
Tight bondage or a give them a hard trampling


Part 4 of 4

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Read Part 4 of 4 Here Subs
: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces

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