Slave Training – The Endless Torment Treadmill

treadmill-bondage-tormentI expect all my slaves to act as beasts of burden toiling to carry or cart myself or my fellow Mistress friends around The English Mansion. Well, why should we walk or dirty our boots? It is, therefore, essential that my slaves are kept fit and ready for the task.

So in order to increase the fitness and stamina of one lagging slave I devised a new training program, ‘The Endless Torment Treadmill’. The slave was first put into complete sensory deprivation, totally unable to see or hear in an extreme leather hood and straitjacketed (though I have customised this jacket with some large holes as I require access to his sensitive nipples). Then he was suspended just above the ground on a bungee chain, while I placed a treadmill under him.

Now the slave can avoid the treadmill by lifting his legs up but as time progresses and his quads and glutes exhaust the legs will inevitably drop. The treadmill I am using is not electric but as it is placed at an angle the surface will move when any pressure is placed on it. Hence, the most wonderful, cruel punishment. Either the slave will have to lift his legs or, and this will eventually happen anyway, drop them down and have no choice but to run… and keep running!

To add a little spice and for my sadistic amusement I padlocked some high-heels onto the slave, well I didn’t want to make it too easy. And later I hung a set of heavy weights off his balls – oh how they swung as he ran. This slave was then left for 3 hrs of ‘training’ until he was totally spent and had to crawl back to his cell.


You can watch the footage inside The English Mansion right now…

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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10 Responses to Slave Training – The Endless Torment Treadmill

  1. paul stevens says:



  2. slave0815 says:

    Maybe the next Marathon Olympic Champion is one of your slaves. It seems to be a very effective training! With the complete sensory deprivation the slaves won’t be distracted be your beauty and will be focused all the time to the training!

    best wishes


  3. Slippy Toy says:

    What kind of evil genius would dream this up?

  4. tony gibson says:

    Mistress, you are so inventive, any slave would be lucky to serve and suffer for your pleasure. Please may I once again offer my self for your use. Teddy Tony.

  5. worm says:

    Supreme Mistress Sidonia

    You are amazing!
    Your cruel imagination matches Your powerful sadism, Your beauty and intelligence !
    No slave could ever suffer enough for Your enjoyment.
    I worship You.

    slave worm

  6. slave pete says:

    Absolutely awesome! Mistress Sidonia is simply the best!

  7. John says:

    Greetings Mistress Sidonia ,
    My name is John and i am a very very submissive white cunt slave from Greece.
    I am desperately searching for a Mistress to serve in real life and devote my life to Her.
    I really want to surrender body mind and soul to my Goddess and serve Her unconditionally.
    I have no limits and i can tolerate everything for my beloved Mistress.
    You are a very sexy and strict Mistress with such a unique beauty and immense cruelty.
    Your attitude when You face a slave makes me crazy.
    You speak to Your submissives worms with an incomparable cruel way that no other Mistress has.
    I would die to serve You in real life. I would give everything if You just asked for it.
    You are my Goddess , my Mistress , my Queen.
    I am a strong believer of the thaught that Female sex is the Supreme sex and that men existe only to serve Women and make their life easier.
    I am so submisive and feel so slave that i quit vanilla life two years ago when i started to seek a cruel and heartless Mistress to serve in real life.
    These two years i really purified my soul refusing to have any sexual relationship with any girl and preparing myself for the kind of life i trully want to live.
    I feel so submissive and ready to serve the right Domina that i dont care to go with a girl any more. The only thing i care is to serve , to obey , to be owned by a cruel and sadistic Mistress that she will dehumanise me with cruelty , humiliate me endlessly and debase me strongly every fucking minute of the day not concerning at all about my dignity and self esteem values that i will gladly deliver to Her hands.
    My will to be owned is so strong that i would sign any contract You would give me.
    I want to be used by You as a furniture , as a seat cushion to place on Your devine Ass and watch TV or discuss with a friend of Yours , as a foot stool to place on my slave back Your perfect legs , as a toilet to consume Your waste any fucking minute of the day and using it as fuel for my body to carry on living and serving You , as an ass and pussy cleaner for Your perfect Ass and Pussy because simply this is the way i was born for , as toilet paper to wipe Your ass even after You shit in toilet (although i need to be trained for that) , as a toy to be humiliated even in public not concerning at all who is around to see us , as a subhuman form of life that would gladly like to be humiliated in front of Your friends Mistresses and be used by all of them in any way they wish , as a low life piece of shit slave whose worth is no more important than the dirt on the bottom of Your shoes which he would be privileged to be allowed to lick them clean.
    In a few words i believe that i should be treated by You Goddess as a subhuman being with no human rights at all( exactly as where the slaves of Roman era) and of cource while You use me and humiliate me it is important to not feel not even a trace of compassion for me beacause i was born for that and it is a privilege for me to be Used by Superior Queen Goddesses like You.
    Please e mail me….
    Your loyal slave and possible future humble servant…

    P.S. It is very easy for my to relocate and come to live as Your personal slave if You want it my Queen and i am very serious for that.

  8. slutty lady says:

    This is so sexy I think I just made a mess in my shorts. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Barry Cross says:


    I am a weak weedy bloke who has spent my existence running away from exercise, but this is my idea of a gym, how can I join?

  10. Irv O. Neil says:

    Wow, Mistress Sidonia, this is really like something out of the intricate and mechanistically sadistic 1950s Irving Klaw comix drawn by Stanton, Bilbrew or Jim! It’s always been said perpetual motion machines are impossible, but it looks like you’ve shown that’s not true!

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