Brave New World Domination


Screenshot from The online UK Newspaper The Mail. The beautiful and from what I’m reading super smart Ceara Lynch is one of the top humilatrixes in the biz and can always be found in the top 50 at C4S.

The nature of a Prodom (Professional Domination) ‘session’ and indeed the ‘Dominatrix’ herself has undergone a transformation in recent years. No longer the clandestine underground world of seedy contact mags; mature leather-clad dominatrixes, looking like Cher from the 1970s; or purpose-built dark dungeon chambers found down hidden back streets.

OK that’s a little fanciful but not that distant from the reality in the ’70s and ’80s.

Today a ‘1 on 1 play session’ with a prodomme is a much more encompassing and evolving encounter. Recently, an interview in a USA Magazine with prodomme Ceara Lynch (picked up by the world press) brought to the mainstream the evolution that has beset the industry, changes that those of us within it, have seen developing around us. Ms Lynch does not work from a dungeon, started as a late teen, has never gone naked ceara-lynch-and doesn’t even meet her clients in person.

She dominates through her computer: web camming; emails; selling personal items; femdom POV (point-of-view) film clips; or through custom clips tailored to the client’s personal desires.

The Rise of the Cyber Domme

The world has changed with the internet and so has the landscape for prodommes, today sees the rise of the cyber dominatrix who dominates in the virtual BDSM world. The nature of a session now crosses over into many different fetishes, not just those typically associated with BDSM; and can be a virtual experience where you may not even meet your domina in person. You can just follow her on social media and connect with her through her POV clips. Worship from afar. This new style domination has many advantages, opening the door to new consumers, it welcomes and encompasses niche perversions,  it’s very cheap (compared with a real-time session), it can be kept secret easily and is discreet, no need to traipse off somewhere for hours on end. While all the action is quite safe. (Though the notion of a virtual whipping does make me giggle 🙂 )

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Niche perversions can be indulged in your own home secretly, cheaply and discreetly.[/dropshadowbox]

Actually, the mainstay of these types of sessions is not action based, but an intense 1 on 1 verbal exchange (usually humiliating or teasing), either real-time or imaginary through a POV encounter. And, why this type of domme is often referred to as a humiliatrix. But… before anyone rushes out to buy a webcam I would stress cyber domination a small niche within a small niche industry that only a very few talented, intelligent, hardworking and savvy business women seem to be able to make a success of. MSVB

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”horizontal-curve-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#e490fc” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Man finds Bondage “Tight” and “Confining” After more than 20 years of “online play,” male sub (FootLuver1953) found that being put in bondage is a very different experience in real life than it is online. “I had experimented with talking about it. I even role played some things in chat rooms, but when Mistress Electra actually tied me up, I was shocked. I had trouble moving and my hands were practically useless,”. From the satirical fetish magazine – The Daily Flogger.[/dropshadowbox]

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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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3 Responses to Brave New World Domination

  1. slave chrissy says:

    Happy New Year Mistress Sidonia

  2. sweetxixxy says:

    Courtsey Mistress,
    nice to see another way of Female Supremacy by a Superior Mind of a Women over many males creatures, definetly World Domination by Women is a rain that wet all around the Globe, thanks for share Mistress; for me, i am more to RT or to by any cyber thing of Mistress at The Mansión & now i may see The Mansion Summer House has the top of top.
    Thanks Mistress.
    Courtsey Mistress

  3. comfortface says:

    Very interesting post, Mistress Sidonia. The rise of the Cyber Domme is a fact, but you are speaking the truth when you say that “only a very few talented, intelligent, hardworking and savvy business women seem to be able to make a success of [it]”.

    In the last 2 years, the media have been a bit more interested in the Kink world. Movies like “50 shades of Grey” (as grotesque as they may look to anybody familiar with BDSM) or the media focus on cases like Goddess Sasha Mizaree’s or Ceara Lynch’s have brought the attention of the average news reader.

    Unfortunately, this kind of news can also make the world believe that just a girl showing bad manners and demanding money on Twitter can become rich. In fact, Twitter is now infected of lots of teenage spoilt-brats who post selfies of themselves showing a fierce face and a middle finger, and demand money with such original lines as “Tribute me, pig”. *sigh* It is pathetic to see their efforts to look adult and experienced, when they actually have no idea of what a domme is.

    The case of Ceara Lynch is especially motivating for them, because Miss Lynch has made it clear that she doesn’t get aroused by the kind of material she works on, and she doesn’t even need to session with her customers. So in the eyes of these misguided girls in their teens, the message is “you don’t need to enjoy this to be successful in it” and “you are not in contact with your customers, so it is very safe”. Well, I’m sorry, but none of these so-called “FinDoms” can even come close to being the shit on Ceara Lynch’s shoes. Maybe Ceara Lynch doesn’t get aroused in her role as humiliatrix, but she is certainly one of the BEST in this field: she can drive any man crazy just by blinking an eye, licking her lips, or simply taking off her trousers or thong.

    Reaching such a level of power requires:

    a) being born with special skills
    b) working hard to develop and make the most of those special skills.

    Ceara Lynch has both qualities in industrial quantities. And it shows.

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