Mansels in Distress Pt1

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I have been indulging my dark cravings over the last year, in a series of films showcasing my personal bondage fantasies, with my real-life slaves serving me. So for 2016, every Thursday, we’ll be updating a bonus film, exclusive for English Mansion members. (And, all the photos in this article are from showing or coming soon movies from this new series.)

Mansels in Distress
As I’m getting a little older, I find my BDSM desires are more defined. After years of sexual experimentation I know where my passions lie. And, foremost is bondage, years ago a handcuffed, hooded man at the end of a collar there to do my bidding was pretty hot. These days, however, I am in need of more extreme scenarios with experienced, physically and mentally pliant playthings, who can sate my more acute bondage needs: mummification, suspension, sendep; elaborate body harnesses; extreme hoods and gags.

It’s a lustful urge, a need for total control, to take and use as I will, all the slave is offering to me, to turn them into an objectified fuck or stress toy. A complete enslavement, an empty vessel for my pleasure alone – MINE.

I do love bondage but that does not mean I have forsaken other areas of play: I love to sexually use my slaves to pleasure me; to fuck them with strapons, to beat them as punishment or just for the hell of it; and to mercilessly hurt and tease their genitals – it’s just that I can do all these thing so much easier and feel so much hornier if they are all bound up first!


It is important to me that the bondage is totally inescapable. I’m lucky, as years ago I had a client whose fetish was to try to escape from the bondage I had put him into. And he was extremely good at it – he could get out of straight-jackets, cling-film wraps, rope bondage… and so I learned all the tricks of the escapee. (Puffing up the body before rope bondage, using something in the room to pull down the zip on the back of a straight-jacket, but most important releasing your dominant hand.)

After a long apprenticeship the tide turned and he found he had met his match and stayed in bondage for as long as I pleased. My most satisfying achievement was, with his arms spread eagle, to cable-tie just his two thumbs, to the top two bedposts. Left him for the hour, no happy ending. Tiny amount of bondage but inescapable – checkmate!

4 Reasons Why I Love Bound Boys, to be continued in…
Mansels in Distress Pt2

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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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9 Responses to Mansels in Distress Pt1

  1. slave0815 says:

    What I like about mummification and sendep is you can learn so much while fully concentrate what your Mistress do. She is the best who knows what she what and so you can learn what she need and what and it will help also in times you aren’t in heavy bondage.

    by the way, mummification in ducats is awesome, I love it!

    best wishes


  2. Teddy tony says:

    Mistress Sidonia,

    Please allow me to offer you complete control of my body to use as you see fit. You can sate your bondage desires to the full, no mater how extreme.

  3. Mistress Sidonia, your narrative strikes a prurient chord with me. I have an almost insatiable appetite to suffer at the hands of dominant women, but it has so much more meaning when I am bound strictly (and perhaps uncomfortably). In bondage I flinch muscles to understand and fully realise that my movements are controlled by my Mistress, and that she alone will determine what happens to me. This, to me, is a wonderful way to appreciate the power transfer dynamic upon which the relationship is based. She can accentuate this control with breath restriction; forced consumption; and of course by exercising extreme techniques on all my vulnerable parts. So many of us share your craving.

  4. rosa fernanda says:

    Thanks Mistress Sidonia,

    I am nothing in front of MistressSVB as well I am to be&do as MistressSVB needs&wants to me,

    tHanks MSVB

    I love MistressSVB blog

  5. Bat_robin says:

    Misstress, Have you ever bound somebody b.y towels???

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