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It’s Pervy Poptastic!
Welcome to another of The English Mansion’s Perverted Top Ten Music Charts – this time we’re featuring pop videos with a visual femdom/S&M theme, so not necessary the lyrics. (And, all the Mansion charts only focus on mainstream or well-known performers.) Interestingly, this was almost a chart of all female artists and they’re mostly pretty edgy tracks with attitude. All from the 90s onwards, as I couldn’t find anything suitable before Madonna’s Erotica in 1992, however,  the revolution is most definitely here…and these days it’s less “Girl Power” & more “Pussy Riot!”.

1. Madonna – Erotica 1992

2. Pussy Riot – Chaika 2016
I usually have a no “politics, religion or money rule” as I like our shared fetish bubble to a be an escapist wonderland – but feminist punk collective Pussy Riot are a special case, these courageous women have been badly beaten, assaulted and incarcerated for their feminist and political views. This new satirical video takes on the Kremlin, corruption and the criminal justice system.

3. Rihanna – S&M 2011

4. Die Antwoord – Rich Bitch 2009

This is a fabulous dark, parody of sexist rap videos with a subtle nod to another classic sexist institution with the bunny boy.

5. Spice Girls – Say You’ll Be There 1996

6. Lene Nystrom (Aqua) – It’s Your Duty 2003

7. Madonna – Human Nature 1995

“Express yourself, don’t repress yourself…I’m not your bitch don’t hang your shit on me. It’s human nature.”

8. Rammstein – Sonne 2001

9. In This Moment – Whore 2012

10. Bjork – Pagan Poetry 2004
OK so this video probably doesn’t strictly fit the femdom S&M theme but it is full of female sexual power and energy and how Bjork manages to go topless and be pierced in a pop video without censorship is impressive.

A contender that didn’t quite make it into our Top Ten was Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight


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3 Responses to Pussy Rampage – Femdom S&M Top Ten Videos

  1. Bill Ericson says:

    Mistress Sidona You missed one. Gin Wigmore-Hey Ho

  2. bootslavewilliam says:

    Oh dear… Such a pity to witness what appears to be the “shared fetish bubble” English Mansion, mighty, impregnable and reigning supreme, succumbing nonetheless to the endless, predictable and so tiresome mainstream vilification of all things Russian!

    Whatever that country’s shortcomings, real though they are, the truth is that, more than a quarter of a century after the collapse of Communism, they just cannot do anything right and are condemned to remaining one of “the West’s” favourite villains, still demonised, still the big scary, hairy, wool-coated, furry-hatted bogeymen keen to stomp and crush their way across Europe, or even further afield, in their leather boots… unfortunately not THOSE kinds of boots!

    Would Mr Putin downwards forcibly undergoing your Mind Control Programme render them more acceptable to Pussy Riot and trigger a triumphant smile, at last, on the lips of all those implacable Kremlin-haters out there (especially the powerful ones, with much more nefarious and dangerous agendas, for whom Pussy Riot are a mere useful and convenient tool)?

    Or is it in fact me that should be dragged, hooded, gagged and in inescapable bondage, and dumped before your stiletto-heeled, leather-booted feet to seek absolution under that same programme?

    Mmmmm… Yes, the more I think about it, the more I believe that’s the best solution, Mistress! 😉

  3. Skyrubb says:

    Nice top ten chart! Not a fan of Rihanna but it was interesting to see her video connected with the fetish world. 🙂

    I love that Pussy Riot, Die Antwoord, Rammstein and In This Moment found place within the top songs.

    Here are also few suggestion for future charts. 😉
    Ritter Und Knecht – Schlafes Bruder ( https://goo.gl/CDKlCC )
    STAHLMANN – Stahlwittchen (2011) ( https://goo.gl/Bvg9vZ )
    Marilyn Manson – (s)AINT ( https://goo.gl/YRRB0I )
    Nofx – Secret Society (Love the lyrics here https://goo.gl/XCfidB )

    My first post here though I love and follow the blog from a long time.

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