Applying to be in a Mansion Movie

We are currently filming and would love to hear from submissive males, slaves, TVs, BDSM players/fetishists etc., interested in appearing in movies with Mistress Sidonia and her dominant friends.

We are particularly looking for:
1. Slaves/submissives who are experienced in NT, CBT, anal play, electrics & extreme bondage. Masks may be worn, no acting ability required. Ideally fit people who would get sexually aroused from these activities.

2. TVs, CDs, Sissies, Rubber Dollies, subs who enjoy enforced transformations, preferably with own kit but not essential, ideally experienced in strap-on, anal and/or bi play. Made up faces will need to be shown.

3. Rubberists – rubber bondage enthusiasts and/or WS lovers, especially those with their own kit/toys.

4. Very heavy bondage enthusiasts especially those with their own kit/toys.

Please note we film all over Europe & Canada so please state where you are based. You will also need to sign a model release and bring along some form of age ID. We will cover all your travel expenses.

The scenes will be discussed in advance and your preferences taken into consideration and all limits respected. We get a lot of enquiries and have very few places so please only contact us if you are 100% certain you’d like to be in a movie before sending us an application.

So to be considered, first send us an email listing your experiences, preferences, any ideas and absolute limits. You need to state where you are based, and send a recent photo, plus your height & size as this is helpful for bondage/dressing. If your email does not cover all the above YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Contact Us Here

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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12 Responses to Applying to be in a Mansion Movie

  1. shaved_slave says:

    I shall be emailing forthwith Mistress Sidonia, and would dearly love to appear with You or any of Your beautiful Mistress’.


  2. Roger says:

    Hmm it seems that Mistress Sidonia has enough applicants for her Fem Domme Movies
    to last her a lifetime.
    3 times have i made an application and as is the norm today with jobs too; no reply. Too many applicants.

  3. Ruggerio says:

    Please ,please , please let me know if you need a model for a video shoot. I am more than eager to oblige. I am experienced and have a good many spare days available and i will pay my own train fare. I will only need a taxi to and from the station thats all.
    Please , please take me and use me . I would love it . I really really would.
    Kind Regards,

  4. steve allford says:

    Is it really this simple to become your slave Mistress Sidonia??

  5. Chris F. says:

    Gee; only four responses and of course now a Blog request by the Charming and Beautiful Mistress Sidonia now over a year and half old.

    I guess I’m totally bewildered. Given the few number of responses it sure scared the fragrant hell out of a lot of weak pussy-men who boastfully claimed to be honestly submissive.

    Surprisingly; I would have least expected this Blog title to be the most answered blog on this entire site.

    Perhaps Mistress Sidonia was just testing the aire???

  6. shona jones says:

    hi i am shona . I am 39 years old, 6ft, curvaceous figure. I have my own corsets lingerie and dressed including a french maid outfit. I enjoy bondage and force feminisation. I enjoy being treated as a girl and made to work.

    I am available weekdays in london/ essex and the south east.


    shona xxx

  7. Andy says:

    Hi mistress. I am definitely interested in being your slave and have lots of experience in many things including water sports, cock sucking, strap on, nipple torture etc. My biggest fantasy is to be under your total control and be used and abused in many ways. I am very submissive and once in the mood find it difficult not to do anything asked of me. I am 34 and about 5″10 and weigh 12.5 st. I would supply a photo but can’t find any way of attaching it but will send if i could get an e-mail add. I am based in the Midlands near Derby and can be available whenever. I hope I get the chance to serve as your slave and drink your piss and be made to suck cock along with some extreme wax play, nipple torture and cbt so please mistress give me the chance to prove my worth!

  8. Jonathan emery says:

    Hi would like to apply to be in your films, what is the email address?

  9. SlutBoy Martin says:

    Hello Mistress Sidonia,
    I shall be sending an email forthwith with all my details, I have watched many of Your films with great interest but must say that You Really need me as I am far a better sub than You have in may of Your films, as You can tell I am a cheeky Sod who needs the firm hand that You and many of Your friends could supply!
    I REALLY would LOVE to be in One of Your Great productions and I am sure that it would be fun as well..
    I have a Variety of interests and I am sure that W/we could come up with something together that has never been done.
    I am Not a Wanna be and have been in a sub/Dom relationship with a beautiful Mistress for 16 years now, I am just wondering if I am a little too old before I continue..
    It was my 45th Birthday this year, am I too Old Mistress. if I am just let me know and I wont bother You, If You would be willing to let this Young Looking 45 year old be in one of Your productions then please let me know and I will send all my details and a Photograph immediately and with my Mistress’s Permission (She’s actually looking forward to me being used) I will send everything You need and would NOT let You down Mistress Sidonia..
    SlutBoy Martin

  10. kinky4all says:

    Dear Mistress i notice that You keep on mentioning “mail via the website” however i already did that several times now, and you do not answer me.

    i applied several times, live near The Hague and would do my ultimate best to obey You and to serve You Mistress.

    Humble Yours

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