Femdom Horoscopes – Dominas Part 1

How to Recognize a Mistress based on her Star Sign
or  Let this Zodiac
Guide you into Meeting your Perfect Mistress

Part 1 Dommes:
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo & Virgo

This guide has been produced by none other than Mistress Stella Interstellar, who has contemplated the constellations and turned over the cards of fate, to reveal all the secrets of a fetish horoscope. So slaves let this guide help you to understand and/or recognise a Mistress based on her star sign and thus give you some secret insights into how to really please her.


The Aries Mistress: This smart, highly sexual woman will always make an instant impression. She’ll bowl you over like a butting ram with her enthusiasm and lust for just about anything. Her motto is “I AM first in your life!” This youthful, active Mistress loves vigorous Corporal Punishment so watch out if you get in her bad books as she may just charge into you. She often wears red – Red rubber, red leather and red PVC – after all she is a very fiery character. Aries symbol is the ram and a ram has two horns … and yes this lady is certainly horny.

Mansion Mistresses Aries: Mistress Anna Regent & Mistress Evilyne

The Taurean Mistress: These Mistress always have the most beautiful faces and are often gorgeously curvy and full of ample charm. Taurean women are born dominant! Control runs through every vein of their bodies. Her motto is “I HAVE complete control of you!” As one of the earth signs she loves material pleasures and luxuries and will probably be found dressed in a very expensive brand new designer rubber outfit. As an earthly control freak she is of course the queen of bondage and suspension. She loves to have you completely trusted up and hanging helplessly. There are no negotiations with this Mistress – it’s her way or no way! She is as stubborn as a bull and those horns will throw you around helplessly if you even squeak the wrong way.

Mansion Mistresses Taurus: Mistress T, Lady Bellatrix, Miss Jasmine, Mistress Ursula, Lady Victoria Valente, Goddess Lillith, Mistress Xena, Mistress Kulit, Lady Lana & Mistress Arella. How interesting this is the most common sign for our dommes, we have ten Taureans – who our guide claims to be the most dominant sign.


The Gemini Mistress: These Mistresses are usually very pretty and graceful, often with tall and slender builds and very wicked smiles. They are always energetic and sociable rushing here there and everywhere. They love to flirt, entice and play with men using all their feminine charms to entrap them. Her motto is “I THINK I’ll toy with you!” Below her friendly exterior, this woman can be very cruel and sadistic, she particularly enjoys slow and deliberate cock and ball torment. Her favourite costumes are sexy lingerie, stockings, corsets and anything lacy. Born under the sign of the twins, her strange dual personality becomes apparent when in one moment she can be flirty, friendly and deceptively sweet and then in the next she becomes totally detached while she mercilessly torments you.

Mansion Mistresses Gemimi: Lady Sophia Black, Mistress Velvet, Mistress Kiana, Sub Suzie & Mistress Robera

The Cancerian Mistress: This Mistress often looks rather angelic, she can be very tactile and pervades a sensuous sexuality. Her motto is “I FEEL you are part of me!” She revels in water-sports, any kind of wet games and especially ‘Gummi’ full rubber scenes. Adoring the feel of tight rubber against her skin and the layer of wet perspiration beneath. She is the mistress most likely to be found clad from head to foot in layers of tight latex. She also loves gas masks & any kind of elaborate body armour. This sensuous, erotic woman is very possessive so beware because once she has set her sights on you, you won’t escape from her strong claws without getting very scratched.

Mansion Mistresses Cancerian: Mistress Valkrie, Lydia Supremacy & Miss Zara du Rose


The Leo Mistress: Well she’s a glamour puss, a starlet who outshines all those around her. Her motto is “I WILL make you desire me!” Her favourite scene or activity is to be completely worshiped sitting up in her magnificent throne room looking down on her willing subjects or massaged all over whilst being given a long slow bubble bath. She dresses in full cat suits and anything in leopard skin and of course drips in fur. These all certainly signify her playfulness but never forget she is just toying with you and behind that purrr-fect kitten is a tigress with very sharp claws.

Mansion Mistresses Leo: Domina Alexandra Snow, Mistress Pandora, Empress Victoria, Mistress Akella & Strapon Jane

The Virgo Mistress: This Mistress is all woman and will entrance you with her feminine charm. They often have beautiful fine or long flowing hair. Her motto is “I ANALYSE your weaknesses!” She may look sweet but her favourite activities are medical procedures – clad in tight latex gloves in completely hygienic sterile conditions you could easily find her concentrating on lining up all her stitches perfectly across the top of your foreskin! With her critical exacting mind she can be very strict and keen to dish out punishments. This makes her perfect for School scenarios readily administering harsh discipline. Born under the sign of a virgin this woman rarely shows any flesh and can be found covered head to foot in rubber or as a perfectionist always impeccably and smartly dressed perhaps in a crisp virginally white nurses uniform.

Mansion Mistresses Virgo: Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Miss Annalisa, Mistress Roug’e & Dominatrix V

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