Male Milking Machines – Introducing the Venus 2000

I’ve always had a thing about male milking devices –  I love the thought of my hapless slave being hooded, fully bound and unable to move and then attaching him up to a milking machine, thereby totally controlling his desire, cock and seed. I started off making devices, you can see a few of then in early mansion movies. Then I managed to buy a few crude ones that would work 50% of the time with certain slaves. Finally, however, we have purchased a Venus 2000 – a male milking machine that works. I’ve used it 8 times now and every time it has made the sub to come – you’re going to be seeing it a lot in future movies. I love the control it gives me – there is even an attachment so you can start to use it on a flaccid cock, now I can now ensure an erection. I also like how you can make a guy come in a very intense and almost un-pleasurable way, especially if done a few times over:)

Visit the Venus 2000 Website

You can see the Venus up close & in action in these two movies, currently showing

And, this home-made machine also worked very effectively –
And, I made this machine by combining my fucking machine with a flesh-light, it worked reasonably well with susceptible slaves –

Other mansion movies with various milking machines/devices:
The Milking Machine, Humiliating Machine Milk, Specimen:Male, Rubber Cock Tease, Wanked, Fucked & Milked, Teased & Machine Milked, Wanked, Fucked & Milked,
The Guinea Pig, Masturbation Interrogation

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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26 Responses to Male Milking Machines – Introducing the Venus 2000

  1. wmahda says:

    Milking machines, along with other modern technological contraptions, have no place in “Femdom” appeal or activity. They are dehumanised devices, like all sorts of fiendish torment mechanisms from medieval to ultra-modern prisons and interrogation cells, which don’t depend on any personal power or skill or sensual presence. A milking machine might be as effective when used by a wrinkled old ‘hag’ without any sexual appeal as by a superb domme like Mistress Sidonia. Give it, and things like it, a miss!

    • submids says:

      wmahda – your perfectly entitled to your oppinion, but mine is the opposite of yours.
      to be made to endure the venus2000 would be an amazing experience in my opinion.
      i am 100% sure that the Lady controling it would get great satisfaction from it


    • HairyDick says:

      Hey the milking machine is a sex toy made for men. No one has to actually use it but the guy himself. She is spicing up things by adding the milker but it’s originally just a male sex toy like the fleshlight etc. Doesn’t have to be used by someone.
      Thought I think she is using it right. I am bi and I like it when it’s done to me and I like to do it to other guys.

  2. sissykathy says:

    curtsy Mistress thank you Goddess this sissy would love to be milked
    curtsy Mistress Sidonia
    your servent
    sissy kathy

  3. Robert Podnar says:

    Maam,I have been into forced milkings,until dry milked and have been into this to detention home and heard about a boy who was caught touching himself so had the guards milk him dry for 1 wk because to teach a lesson and also to teach others,I never touched mine in detention.After milking him all day including dry milkings he was given 50 paddle swats by all the guards carrying out the sentence,as they used a cow milking machine as I am from Iowa,but have never found a dom to milk me dry over and over to this day in a reform school for wayward boys setting,Robert


    Hi Sidonia,

    I too have been fascinated for many years by the concept of mechanically and clinically milking my slut. I adore the thought of strictly regulated milking always at the same time, in the same restrained position and place, just like an inanimate beast or object that is then made to consume “its” spunk, as well as the thought of him being kept docile, aroused and on the edge but hopelessly denied by an infernal device. Dehumanised into a kind of machine that is sexually redundant when I decide it is.

    Fairly recently during a session with a professional Mistress, slave experienced a Venus 2000, and I was hooked! The price is obviously a deterrent to buying one “rashly”, so to speak. However, adding another such layer of regulation to slut’s total sexual control is irresistible… so I WANT a Venus 2000!

    The link you give is to an American site and the exchange rate obviously means the cost is more manageable. However, I am concerned about import duties (for an item from outside the E.U.) adding perhaps significantly to the expense. Anyway, it’s always easier to get stuff of any kind sent over here in Ireland from the U.K./Europe. Did you obtain your Venus machine from a company in the U.K? If so, can you let me know their details? I would appreciate that.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Lisa (was in touch recently about your Summer Ball)

    • Sorry, I don’t know of any UK supplier however, someone else here may be able to help.

      • sinsearch says:

        Maybe someone has a second hand Venus 2000 to sell you mean? lol

        • STEVEN says:

          I have one I would like to sell.
          Do to age it no longer works for me. You would only need a new receiver for sanitary reasons.
          I’m located in the US.

    • Kristian says:

      Damn, that’s really hot..
      I’m not into the whole eating your own cum thing.. but the rest turns me on
      lucky “slut” lol

  5. Roger Mills says:

    I would love to be put to the test by your milking machine.
    Please let me know if I can arrange an extended session!!!

  6. steve allford says:

    Loved all these movies Mistress Sidonia, especially Experimental Milking. The humiliation of being milked, butt plugged and forced to recycle your own cum by being force fed it!! Fabulous 🙂
    Drinking your urine out of a drip was a nice touch, had many fantasies putting myself in that slaves position at your mercy 🙂

  7. Frank says:

    Where can I get a Venus 2000 in the uk????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Alan Womack says:

    I am an authorized dealer of the Venus 2000 and we gladly ship internationally. You can reach us at: BigBillyThompson at yahoo dot com. We charge $500 for a new, never used, fully equipped Venus 2000 Male Masturbation machine. International shipment is only $40.

    • I haven’t deleted this comment but I have no way of confirming its authenticity – I would not recommend sending money to anyone on the www, especially if they don’t have a reputable website.

  9. hugh jardon says:

    Milk my balls dry till they hurt mistress, then give me a hard ruthless whipping.

  10. David Browne says:

    I have a Venus 2000 for sale in UK
    £420 free postage on UK Mainland
    Can pay safely with Pay Pal.
    Good condition
    Selling due to family circumstances

  11. Dave says:

    I would like to know were i might get one of the Venus 2000 here in the states? like california USA

  12. hugh jardon says:

    i want a milking machine on my cock and one on each of my balls.sucked dry ! then i want a vicious whipping on my arse and back. do it mistress and you can film it !

  13. mister wilson says:

    Looking for with purchase of a portable milking machine. Have found my little feeder . Please any info appreciated. K

  14. dogxarab says:

    l am wabbane your dog

  15. Johannes K. Drinda says:

    I seem to have gotten there, with even less ado and expenses:
    After more than a year’s of trial and error, I finally got my Venus2K clone act together and it’s really excellent!
    It’s that good that even changed its name to: “Sophie 2000” 🙂
    The hardest thing was to find a strong, reciprocating motor cheaply. Finally, an $US80 (incl. shipping) Chi machine did it:
    I swapped its motor for a Dodge window wiper motor and adapted the quite, geared Chi motor to my project, Now I have got both, the Chi machine and the Venus 2K clone working!
    My “Sophie 2000” consists of:
    1. Chi motor 220VDC (consuming 2A5= 550W of 22oV AC)
    2. Pneumatic Cylinder 50x50mm (50mm stroke) $US30
    3. Adjustable air valve
    4. One-way air valve
    3. Bridge Rectifier
    4. 47uF/400V Electrolytic
    5. Switch
    6. Lamp Dimmer for 60 rpm (snail) to 280 rpm (rabbit)
    I mounted all parts onto small piece of plywood and glued a piece of firm rubber foam underneath.
    For frequent and comfortable use, I suspend the receiver onto a type of wooden bridge/ frame with a leather swing or place it between 3.5Kg of (cut-open) silicon buttocks, I used for years before and thus, put them to good use by enjoying something soft to hold on…
    Result: The pumping action then pivots the whole silicon bum at the table’s edge up and down, cradling the scrotum. – I can only describe the physical sensation as “ravingly insane!”
    For best lubrication I regularly prepare a 1 liter bottle of Xanthan Gum + Guar Gum + water mix with a pinch of salt (as preservative). Even at +36°C it never turned bad.
    The receiver housing I build myself from a tough, flexible (medical pill container) plastic tube, sanding its edges super smooth. Try different sizes…
    As liner I use bicycle inner tubing 29 x 2.3 inches. Its firmness is welcome, for its pressure degree I control via that adjustable air valve.
    To lubricate the motor’s gearbox and the crank assembly, I use gun oil-thinned graphite grease or silicon spray. To lubricate the air cylinder’s o-rings, I use special rubber grease.

    Frankly, I don’t think I can be happy anymore without my “Sophie”! Now at a young pensioner (71) I almost daily enjoy poking my new, hot “Sophie”! My dear wife is getting on in age and I hate to molest her with my sexy desires… So, I’m quite happy to share my physical joys with motorized Sophie and the exchange of virtues with my dear wife. That also keeps me home, safe from HIV/ AIDS! Last, not least benefiting my prostate it saves me bundles of money… End of my sexy problems!
    Even though it works fantastically, I enjoy improving it. For instance:
    1) Now I plan to build a light weight, small size “traveler version”.
    2) I now adapted the Japanese Rends Piston Liner and use it as the Receiver cup. It’s even more effective and longer lasting than any rubber tubing.

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