Meet BAM – The Queen of Strapons

Lady Nina Birch
and her BAM

Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am!
At first, it takes your breath away, you may even nervously laugh, you’ll be shocked, then awed. Many are scared of it, some think they can take it, a few have tried and even fewer succeed – introducing BAM. Named by the wonderful Mistress Rouge as her ‘Big And Messy’, we also thought perhaps the ‘Big Arsed Mother F***er’. The BAM literally is the biggest strapon in the world.

It’s official – it’s so big you can see it from space!

The BAM on Google Maps – Click on ImagePenis envy guys? This will emasculate any manhood. Anyway, who needs the chicken’s neck when I can strap one on anytime, and remember guys, mine stays hard all night!

The BAM Challenge
Well the BAM is undoubtedly the biggest strapon cock in existence and Lady Nina has set ‘The BAM Challenge’ to see whose slaves can take it and by how much? And, is there a bigger strapon in the world?

It looks like the BAM is this years ‘must have’ Mistress accessory, here’s our very own Mistress Nikki Whiplash racing ahead in the BAM challenge and in a most stylish  location 🙂 I think that looks like a six or seven incher.

OMG now another English Mansion featured Domina – Goddess Zena has smashed the BAM with her very own bespoke 14 inch Colossus! Though we may need an adjudication on its girth. Read her blog here (or see our blog links at the bottom of this page.)

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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15 Responses to Meet BAM – The Queen of Strapons

  1. Jason J Lamarr says:

    GODDESS ZENA Is The TOPPER!!! If any one gets on top of that/ they deserve to be on the Olympic Team!! ANY Sport ANY Position

  2. Barry Cross says:

    Mistress as a heterosexual male fetish virgin it is my supreme fetish fantasy to be overwhelmed by a supreme mistress equipped with a strapon.
    I would consider myself inestimably privileged to be used as an inhuman guinea pig for the trial of this behemoth.

  3. steve allford says:

    Being ex military I’m familiar with the value of shock and awe but the site of BAM leaves me breathless, weak at the knees and no other option but to surrender 🙂
    Do you have a slave for the contest Mistress Sidonia?? More than willing to submit my application to get involved.
    I’m positive with your skills you’d be able to stretch my virgin arse to accept BAM to it full extent 🙂
    I remain submissively yours 🙂

  4. steve allford says:

    Absolutely Mistress Sidonia, 86-96 I served Queen and country.. now I long to serve you 🙂

  5. Chris F. says:

    Mistress Sidonia;
    Respectfully; Perhaps I’m naive but I’m seriously bothered to contemplate in reality just how many brazen braggarts who would make claim to have a beautiful mistress forcefully thrust a massive Bam Strapon up there puckered dirty orifice is both utterly intoxicating and disquieting in thought for any heterosexual man who enjoys the presence of sensual dominant women. The ultimate submission of any male-slave taking on such a huge behemoth in their ass at command of their Goddess, Mistress, sends chills of fear through me. Yeah! I guess I am just a pitiful excuse for a pussy-boy. Does that mean I wouldn’t submit if my beloved Mistress Sidonia demanded it? Gulp! Damn! what a challenging painful predicament.
    Sigh! Mistress Sidonia; you are so extremely beautiful and a gorgeous Dom Queen. It would be only a privilege to be held captivated by your enchantress feminine powers. I’d probably cry after the punishing Bam intrusion but in all truism I would make a great attempt to submit my straight virgin cherry only to please your pleasure only.

    Contemplating total submission and respected fear and devoted love to my Queen
    Mistress Sidonia
    With all Sincerity and Respect
    Your submissive fan
    Chris XO

  6. Chris F. says:

    Dearest Mistress Sidonia;

    I’m curious how many Virgin straight men have been on the receiving end of your Strapon’s? Curiosity sometimes kills the cat they say. Or is it beware of what you ask for from your Mistress? It is often said in the BDSM Femdom world that Strapon punishment for male slaves is the ultimate form of submission and humiliation.

    If its really that humiliating why are so many men sacrificing their anal cherries to Mistresses, wives, and girlfriends? Seeing a beautiful Mistress with a humongous Bam
    Dildo strapped to her loins should inspire more fear than anticipated thoughts of excitement. Its a sadistic intriguing psyche game you Mistresses like to often play with your slaves I’m in no doubt sure.

    Everything that sexually stimulates the pathetic male mind is all about visual stimulus. You mistresses have successful mastered a man’s greatest weakness.
    Any wonder why the Female Gender has the greater power. And you Mistresses do it with seductive finesse and devouring feminine prowess.

    Mistress Sidonia;
    If I could have any Dominatrix take away my anal virginity with a strapon I would grovel at your adorable most kissable feet begging you to do me. And I’d know with respectable fear inside I’d surely be in trouble. In secret; what’s even more troubling I’d want my first strapon experience to be sadistically forced by my beautiful Mistress. Never once have I witnessed a video where a Mistress forced a strapon inside her slave much less a virgin slave. Now that would be a visual understatement.

    In my brazen naughtyness; maybe I should Beware of what I’m asking.

    With submissive love and respect
    Chris XO

  7. steve allford says:


    It’s all about the total power and control!! I’d done the usual whips, chains and leather (classic!! 🙂 ) but nothing felt as it did when I was made to digest my own cum. The power and control this Lady had over me and the joy my servitude without question brought her was intoxicating.
    From this moment my submissive nature had progressed to a whole new level.
    I to became obsessed with the desire to be anal trained,dressed, milked and made to recycle my own seed and even turned bi. Any act as a hetrosexual male I’d find humiliating and degrading!! Not because I feel the need to be a girl or enjoy sucking cock. Because by doing so without question or complaint is the ultimate show of submission and servitude to your Mistress. It’s okay to show disgust in your face or even plead for her to be merciful, I’d recommend it!! Your Mistress is going to appreciate your servitude and get more pleasure by knowing just how much you dislike the task but complied with the power and control she holds over you.
    This is why I love this site and been a big fan of Mistress Sidonia for a decade or more. Besides her obvious beauty and fetish style I find her brand of cruelty, humiliation and degradation intoxicating and captivating!!
    Good luck in your endeavors 🙂


    • Chris F. says:

      Hey Steve;
      Thanks for the input…I concur and share on a number of points you bespeak of. And ultimately yes; it is about female dominance over a male slave.
      There are a variety of reasons strictly speaking from an individualistic viewpoint as to why certain men are drawn into this overwhelming desire to have a dominant Mistress control every aspect of their inner sanctum and sexual passions. My interests in the dominant Femdom world has exceeded 25 years. Psychologically it began with the forceful torturous traumatic loss of sexual identity of being in the wrong situation at the wrong time at gunpoint. I’ll spare the details, only to say I’m over that past for the most part.
      If I cling to any reminiscent respects to heterosexual identity it is remotely something of my former self before my past ordeal. Two and a half years ago I met and have lived with a beautiful Asian woman in Toronto, Canada, a former pro Dom formerly from Germany. (Mistress Cassandra) I fell deeply in love and adored every aspect about her. She was as equally compassionate and loving as she was adept in dominating my life. Her skills and implements feminine dominance and sexual prowess were honed meticulously of letting me know she was in complete control. Of all the modes of sexual torments and pleasures I was subjected to aside from prostate massage, never once did she penetrate me with a Strapon even though I expressed desire. I speak in past tense here. This woman I loved so dearly died four and a half months ago of an Aneurysm. I miss her so profoundly. In my own submissive ways and vulnerabilities I find it very easy to fall in love and let myself be captivated and left powerless by the inner dominant beauty of a Mistress. Of all the earthly Femdom sites, Mistress Sidonia’s English Mansion has long stole the soul of my being. As a former member under a different alias and web address I have always had a great affection for Mistress Sidonia and her mistresses on this site.

      Submissively and Respectfully Yours
      Mistress Sidonia
      Love Chris XO

  8. steve allford says:

    Hello again Chris,

    Sorry to hear about your loss, must be a difficult time right now 🙁
    Myself have never been fortunate enough to share a relationship with a Dominatrix. All my experiences have been at the hands of some wonderful professional Mistresses spread over a 20+ year time frame.
    I have been out of servitude for a while due to a lengthy vanilla relationship which has now come to an end, looking to get back to the real, submissive me.
    I to over the years have enjoyed this site. I am also on the Mansions fan page on Facebook, you should check it out as well as some of the other fantastic blogs here 🙂
    Mistress Sidonia did tell me she is not so much actively doing professional sessions anymore. However we have enjoyed some interaction both here and on Facebook. Mistress Sidonia has referred to me as a “Mansion slave and promoter of her site” This filled me with pride and hope that maybe soon she’d allow me to kneel before her in servitude.
    My advise keep it honest, light hearted and respectful and I’m sure she will see the sincerity in your posts and maybe respond accordingly.
    Good look 🙂

    • Chris F. says:

      Hello Steve;
      Many thanks for your sentiments. It has been very difficult being without my Mistress since she passed away. I am pleased though that Mistress Sidonia has offered to recognize you as one of her loyal promoters. Though I’m not so sure I’d feel pride for doing so, as it would be more an Honor to do so for a special Mistress you have affections for as a submissive servant. However; as I’m sure these are your intended sentiments. I regard of great importance Honesty, Loyalty and Respect towards being in the privileged service of any Mistress/Dominatrix, is only is it required but demanded of your Mistress. The most greatest reward a slave might expect in return is some devious mode of punishment that entails pain of her choosing. And perhaps luckier and more privileged still is to taste and drink nourishingly of the warm yellowed nectar from her glorious sanctified body. At the very least that would be my envisionment and also a past personal experience.

      The best of fruitful endeavors to you my friend.

  9. pyro says:

    the BAM, with its 10 inch insertable length, is by no means a walk in the park, i’m sure. and by no means would i be able to take it all, yet. but the biggest? no way. for those of you a bit more left of center, there are a range of equine strapons available, some of them even have an ejaculating option. my mistress is slowly trying to train me for one 🙂 i cant wait.

  10. Phillp says:

    I would like to take on BAM challage.

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  12. Jay says:

    I want to take on the BAM challenge, need to find a London Mistress though

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