Comics with a hint of Femdom

Back in the 1950s, ’60s & ’70s, way before the advent of the Internet, I suspect many a young man would have discovered his true inclinations while reading the fabulous comic books of the time. Perhaps these comics prove what we suspected all along, comic writers were a bunch of pervs – bondage, ballooning bosoms, wicked torments, heroines in semi S&M costumes…

Below the infamous “Slave Of Star Sapphire!”  no.261 issue of Superman comics released in February 1973. “The Dummy and the Damsel!” 1967. “Lois Lane — Super-Babysitter!”1965. “A Monster Named Lois Lane!”1974. “Batgirl’s Costume Cut-Ups” 1968. “The Hunters” 1972.
& My thanks to Mistress Nikki Whiplash for letting me photograph her originals 🙂

Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman’s Co-creator Joe Shuster
Find out more about this book here

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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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10 Responses to Comics with a hint of Femdom

  1. Irv O. Neil says:

    Awesome entry, Mistress Sidonia! Incredible pix. These are the kinds of things that help set us off on our erotic courses. Also check out my recent blog entry for a take on a paperback from 1951 that had a profound effect on my own submissive desires: “Bare-breasted slavegirl flings mud at mighty Moses!”

    I reviewed that Secret Identity book when I was the editor of Leg World and it is indeed a fascinating tome, highly recommended on many levels.

  2. Barry Cross says:

    These are the issues that should have been widely available and blokes like me could have learnt at a far earler stage of my personal development my true place in a well ordered matriarchal society.

  3. donald grigg says:

    I am always thrilled by the sight of you and sound of your voice on your web.
    So wish I could fly to London and be under your control. Anybody in U.S. your understudy or simulating your activity with close approximation? I would buy
    your vids if I could pay with U.S postal money order, or my check. Thanks,

  4. Irv O. Neil says:

    Just saw that Batgirl/Detective Comics issue on a pile at a NYC flea market the other day. It really jumped out at me, what a striking image–but at $45 in dilapidated condition, it was better to see than to buy! Oh well…

    Hmm, the puddle of rain on the top right in that last Batman/Wonderwoman image looks goggle-eyed at the scene of abject humiliation before it…

    Thanks to Stuart for sharing all these cool links with us!

  5. Wylde64 says:

    Spot on Mistress. The powerful women of comic books excited and stimulated my adolescent mind. Not as much as finding my dads stash of Miss Sadie Sterns monthly but you could/can read comics in public without repercussion!

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