Strapon Pegging Positions Pt2


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Sub on all fours with you behind him, usually kneeling. The quintessential classic strapon position with an edge of humiliation as you can slam away. I’ve enjoyed putting a pony head-harness on the slave to get the ultimate ride effect. Killer on the knees though, make sure you’re on something soft.

Down Dawg
This is a more humiliating version of Doggie – basically ‘Head Down Arse Up’, with the arms either just inside or outside of the ankles. A great position to tie/manacle/stock him into, that way he’s totally helpless.

Another good and simple position. Just bend your partner over a table etc. and then fuck them while you are standing up.

This is a difficult position, especially getting the strapon at the right angle. Lay your partner on their back, lift their open legs (hold each ankle) and try to tuck yourself just under their backsides with your legs wide, then rest their legs against your shoulders. I personally love to put guys on their backs as I can watch their faces while I fuck them. I also feel it’s a real reversal of roles. It has an intimacy that you can’t achieve when you fuck from behind.

Raised Missionary
Missionary with a strapon is better (and easier) if the guy is raised up, his butt on the edge of something as you can stand up, a table will do or buy a sling! With a sling you can put your partner on their back and rock them back and forth onto your cock – hours of effortless fun guaranteed.

Cowboy (Them On Top) & Reverse Cowboy
Here you lie on your back or sit down and make them do all the work squatting over you. With Cowboy you can see their face, if they turn around it’s the Reverse Cowboy.

Intimate and sexy. You both lie on your sides facing the same direction. Gives excellent simultaneous access to your slave’s cock & balls.

Starfish & Tau (Lying Down)
Another very intimate position, the man lies prone, face-down flat on the floor and you lie flat on his back. To increase the sensation the man can be made to close his legs once the strapon is inside him, Tau position. I love to fuck a guy like this when I’m naked on top of him, very sexy, I can get really close to him and get a lot of stimulation for me while rubbing up and down 🙂

Pile Driver
You stand over him while he sits facing you, grasp his legs and push him back to meet his arms, sort of folding him in two. Great for humiliation and you can spit in his face at the same time. Only for supple slaves.

This usually requires two dommes (unless you have one of those cocks that can be suctioned to a wall or a fucking machine), one fucks his mouth while the other takes his arse usually while he is in the Doggie position. For a good effect make him do the work and rock back and forth between your two cocks.

A suspended position where the slave is hung by his legs and arms (with no sling). He is totally vulnerable, open and you can fuck him really deeply. (Only for experienced strapon slaves.)

Gang Bang
Not strictly a position but a helluva lotta fun for a group of horny dominant women and one poor unfortunate backside 🙂 I think Raised Missonary is one of the best positions for a Gang Bang with 5 women. He can be fucked, take one in his mouth, wank one in each of his hands, with one lady left in rotation. The part I love most about a Gang Bang is that the second one cock is removed from his tight hole there is another there waiting to go straight in!

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About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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7 Responses to Strapon Pegging Positions Pt2

  1. pedro from Spain says:

    I have been looking into your web page for the last 4 years. I fing it excellent.

    I am a slave who would like to convince my wife. I have shown her your web site but she thinks I am insane.

    My dilema is that I do not know what to do.

    I would like some advive on this matters

  2. steve allford says:

    Which position do you favour Mistress Sidonia?

    • I love Starfish for the intimacy and pleasure for me & Raised Missionary when using a sling as I can get in deep, really control the depth/type on strokes etc. and watch my slave’s face in the process.

  3. steve allford says:

    Both sound exceptional Mistress Sidonia!! I can see how being on top grinding down would be pleasurable for you 🙂
    Raised Missionary sounds fabulous, would love to feel you drill your big latex cock deep inside me. While you gaze deep into my tearing eyes as I bit down on the gag. Stretching out my male vagina and transforming me into your slut.
    Doggie style is appealing as It’s so slutty and I so long to be your anal fuck slut.
    I take it the intimacy of star fish is a position to progress towards after some good old fashioned anal degrading??

    slave steve

  4. William says:

    I would love doggy style most if crossdressed, and starfish if I were in bondage.
    I love Miss Sidonia !!!

  5. carlitos gonzalez says:

    Uauuu !♀! Mistress, i hope to be in anyone of these positions someday with Mistress!♀!

  6. Chris F says:

    Mistress Sidonia; as a submissive lover of Strap-on Punishment that I heard some Mistresses around the say its use is seen not only as a painful punishment largely depending on the skill of the Mistress wielding it. Conversely; it can be viewed at the discretion of ones Mistress as a reward for those naughty slaves who enjoy this form of BDSM. most favorably from the feminine beauty of his Mistress. Being a submissive myself I think most sessions of Strap-on play should always bring about discomfort first than lastly if ever being enjoyed. For me being at the receiving end of my Mistresses Strap-on instills fear with a hint of excitement of seeing the sexy beauty of my Mistress having this attention getting device strapped to her loins.

    Perhaps some male submissives get to complacent being penetrated by his respected Mistress. Personally; I think every Strap-On session for the submissive should be resemblance of the motivational inspired fear that the submissive emotionally felt mentally and physically when his respected Mistress took his anal cherry. I have strong recollection of the humiliation, fear and pain when I was first penetrated by a Mistresses Strap-on. It still instills fear and excitement today. I am in no doubt sure a Mistress is aware of these things and can change to using bigger, longer and thicker Strapon’s to increase the emotional drama of any situation. I felt strongly emotional, humiliated and cried losing my anal virginity. It often hits the same-way even today in the overpowering dominating presence and ravishing beauty of a lovely Mistress.

    Mistress Sidonia; perhaps the need of bending the extreme edge of the BDSM cardinal rules of being safe, sane and consensual for submissive males is needed when you see your slaves getting to comfortable and complacent in Strap-on play by his cherished Mistress. Surely it would give a huge reminder knowing who is in authority over him. Because all pleasure belongs to you Mistress Sidonia.

    Most Sincerely and Respectfully Yours
    With Love
    Slave Chris xo

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