Even More Fun with a Strapon Pt3


I’ve discussed the psychological and physical pleasure of wearing a huge strapon cock to give your partner a ‘good old rogering’. I’ve also listed a number of excellent strapon fucking positions but there’s much, much, more fun to be had with a strapon…

Strapon Fellatio & Deepthroat

There is the super sexy experience of making your slave – suck your strapon cock. This is a supremely submissive act, well he has to be on his knees and I love all the eye contact.

Teach him how to tickle and lick it with his tongue all over, up & down; and don’t forget to make him suck your balls, so humiliating. And, if I’m feeling really mean I can fuck his face or make him gag with some cruel deepthroat action. You know it’s deep when their eyes start watering 🙂 Plus fellatio is the perfect way to get it all slopy and wet, ready for his other hole.


Cuckolding & Chastity with a Strapon

Making your sub wear a strapon to fuck you, or someone else, can be so sadistically satisfying, he gets all the work and tease but with none of the pleasure! And, if his cock is on the small side then you can up-size him, just strapon your preferred size and type and put him to work. Imagine his mortifying humiliation, you’re cuckolding him with a dildo.

strapon-cuckold-humiliation-3You can even make him wear it with a tight chastity device or cage, that way he can’t even get an erection while fucking you.

Giant Strapons: BAM & Dave

The BAM is the biggest commercial strapon in the world! Named after a famous American Porn star’s member, known by Mistress Rouge as her ‘Big And Messy’, and we thought perhaps, the ‘Big Arsed Mother F***er’. Its girth is about a coke can and its length is 12 inches. Only the very select few have tried to take BAM, and even fewer have succeeded. More Here You know you’re in trouble when your thinking “I’d prefer to be fisted”, this is for size queens only. The actual, biggest strapon in the world, however is “Dave”, bespoke made for DSO (Dom Strapon) who is Queen of the giant dongs. More Here


Vibrating,  Double Ended, Peeing  & Electric Strapons

These days there are a lot of variations on the strapon, so here are a few: For me using a strapon can be a very sexual act a total reversal of roles,  I like to be naked and to get really close to my partner while fucking them – thus the ultimate experience is for me to cum while fucking him. That’s where vibrating and double ended strapons are perfect. They even make some strapless strapons, which I have tried but don’t seem to be able to get a strong enough thrust:)

I have an electric strapon which I bought at Erotica, it ensures they feel every inch intensely. peeing-strapon

And, who say’s a woman can’t stand up to pee! This was a new toy I made up myself, a strapon cock I can pee through. I especially enjoyed ramming it down the slave’s throat 🙂

This article is Part 3 of 3 Even More Fun with A Strapon

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Read Part 3 of 3 Even More Fun with A Strapon

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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14 Responses to Even More Fun with a Strapon Pt3

  1. alvindog says:

    Great writings about the various ways to use a strap-on. The p-ing strap-on is very intriguing, and for someone like myself who enjoys being a receptacle for my Mistress’ golden nectar, looks like it might be fun to try out with her. i almost hesitate showing her this page, but she will insist i’m sure, and when she sees the BAM she’s gonna want one. And that means trouble for me.
    The slideshow was great as well. Thanks–alvindog

  2. steve allford says:

    Mesmerizing blog Mistress Sidonia, forced me to my knees nervously awaiting to be face fucked and analy violated by you and your large impressive latex dick. Beside my suffering from cock envy the degradation of becoming your tight little fuck slut would be consuming!! Forced to drink from you while holding your peeing strap on between my lips would be spectacularly degrading, love it 😉
    Submissively yours, always!!

  3. carlitos gonzalez says:

    Uauuuuu! Mistress! 1 2 3 4 5… all nice Mistresess with strapon in all size+colors+… thanks Mistress!

  4. steve allford says:

    🙂 sounds fabulous to me too Mistress Sidonia, I shall get my tight virgin arse back to England very, very soon.
    The prospect of meeting you has consumed my every waking thought 🙂
    Submissively yours,

    slave steve

  5. steve allford says:

    Mistress Sidonia I would never be so bold as to tease you, I’m sure the punishments would be swift and sever for such an indiscretion (gulp!!)
    My virginity I am saving for you to own 🙂 I long for you to have me gagged and restrained with my tight shaven hole positioned and inviting. My male genitals tied, locked and kept out of the way.
    To finally experience the degradation of becoming your slut as I lay there totally immobilized as I feel your touch as you grip my body as you begin to enter me with your latex cock, Hmmmm!! With you peering deep into my submissive soul looking into my eyes with ever thrust I’m positive you shall also see tears. Tears as I’m sure the first time will hurt, I’m sure no amount of pre fuck lubing and anal stretching with various toys will help :-/ . The tears will also be because of my fear that even though degrading my fear is that I’ll enjoy being your slut to much and long for even more cock!!
    With clear mind and open heart I am yours to be taken 🙂

    slave steve

  6. Stephen says:

    Mistress Sidonia,
    you have the hottest, most gorgeous dominatrix-look on the web. Your booty is as gorgeous as it gets… all the best!

  7. Strap On says:

    Get the best Strap-On harness now and experience the pleasure only a quality product can bring! Wild Hide harnesses are made from the finest quality materials for fit, comfort and sensual enjoyment.

  8. JASON J LAMARR says:


  9. Chris F. says:

    Mistress Sidonia; I broach no disrespect to anyone in this Blog Thread concerning the Bam Strapon. It obviously looks menacing but I truly wonder how many here giving the prideful boast could actually take such a behemoth dildo all the way up the ass. I surely won’t any remark giving the false illusion that I should succumb to such an ordeal demanded by Mistress Sidonia. Disastrously humiliating as it would painfully extreme gives new meaning to the expressing “damn near wrecked him” There are other monster strapon dildo’s that meet or exceed its eye popping dimensions, and best suited for a well trained slave indoctrinated solely by his Mistress. Even the John Holmes dildo strapon is a worthy competitor. The Bam only a half inch thicker at a whopping 2.75 inches. The 18 inch x 2.5 inch Rambone dildo is another heavy weight contender not to be ignored lightly. If a male slave in bondage sees a Mistress wearing one of these you’d better plead for utter mercy and be insanely fearful. Makes me believe that Mistress Sidonia knows how to get her pathetic pencil dick slaves at attention or at the very least crying like whimpy babies. Male slaves should carry a baby sous cause they’ll need it.

  10. steve allford says:

    Hi Mistress Sidonia, we have commented a lot on the subject and now my trip to England is booked. Two weeks from June 21 to July 5 :-). May I come and submit to you? I have dreamt about be subjected to your special forms of humiliation and degradation for a long time. You know how badly I long to lose my anal virginity and how I long for you to be the one to take it. Please please please say you will and email me or DM me on either twitter or FB.
    Yours submissive,
    slave steve

  11. will says:

    Mistress Sidonia
    Sorry to trouble You but where would one get such a swing that Mistress Lexi is using in the secone photo, my Mistress has ordered me to get one that is similar.

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