Femdom Horoscopes – Submissives Pt3

How to Recognize a Submissive Based on their Star Sign
or Let this Zodiac
Guide you into dealing with a Submissive

Part 3 Subs:
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo & Virgo

In Part 1 & 2 of this guide I examined the dominant aspect of each star sign. Now, in Part 3 & 4 I am going to interpret the star signs for submissives so those with a dominant streak can discover their submissive’s hidden vulnerabilities.


The Submissive Aries: These are very passionate and enthusiastic slaves who love to try new things. They have a need for experimentation and physical scenes into which they will throw themselves with real vigour and energy. They have almost childlike inquisitive natures, always wanting to find out more and rushing out to find books or literature on new activities. They have very high sex drives, which literally drive them! Each time they plunge into a new liaison they tend to think ‘this is it’ as they are idealistic and susceptible to sentiment. Put against other slaves they become fiercely competitive, perhaps you should enter them in a pony race or show.

The Submissive Taurus: A headstrong slave who will need a firm hand and/or an experienced Mistress (Put a ring through their nose if they are being too stubborn.) These sensual slaves can be slow to give themselves fully but once they are emotionally secure they are passionate, devoted and will remain totally faithful making them particularly suitable for a 24\7 relationship. These slaves are practical and homely, very down to earth and are excellent for cleaning or household duties.


The Submissive Gemini: This submissive needs to see a number of different dominants to satisfy their need for variety. They are often happy to attend a group session or party with other slaves. They love to experiment sexually and are always open to new and especially bizarre activities. The submissive Gemini is an intellectually demanding slave who enjoys the verbal side of being dominated. They should look for intelligent dominants that will be strong and keep the upper-hand with them. They can have a great capacity for pain which, coupled with their intellectual nature, means they should try an interrogation scene which will overwhelm their bodies and their minds.

The Submissive Cancer: Underneath your shell you are a sensitive little soul who loves all kinds of sensual and tactile activities. You should seek a dominant that is capable of breaking your hard shell and exploiting your vulnerable side. Once broken you are a devoted and loyal slave who will spend many hours working hard to please your dominant. Cancers are particularly vulnerable to tit torment which means it should be avoided or used only as a genuine punishment.


The Submissive Leo: As a submissive Leo you need to find a dominant that you like and respect. You love role-playing and drama and will while away hours planning and preparing for your scene. You will respond best to someone who will encourage you and praise your considerable efforts. Your ego makes you very vulnerable so Dominants if they upset you try some verbal humiliation.

The Submissive Virgo: This is the zodiac’s most naturally submissive sign. They love to serve, are hardworking and make versatile, quick-minded slaves who are easily controlled and love to be set tasks. They can be shy and modest making them very susceptible to public humiliation. They can also run themselves down and lack confidence so dominants – you must remember to praise and reward them when praise is due. They need security and permanence and so will attach themselves firmly and unquestionable to their Master or Mistress. They are utterly dependable and sincere submissives.

Part 3 of 4

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Read Part 3 of 4 Here Subs
: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo & Virgo
Read Part 4 of 4 Here Subs
: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces

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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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6 Responses to Femdom Horoscopes – Submissives Pt3

  1. Chris F. says:

    My sincerest greetings Mistress Sidonia; Thank you for the delightfully intriguing outline on Femdom Horoscopes. Depending on the reference recognized affiliation authenticating Horoscopes. I’ve always run into difficulty assessing my own true horoscope sign being born on November 22ond, and that being born between two signs. I’ve usually identified my sign as being Sagittarius with appreciable leanings towards being Scorpio. That said; I am a romantic straight submissive guy and could only hope to see myself matched with any beautiful Mistress and most notably the much overwhelming heartwarming, sensually, dominant, femininity of yourself most beautiful self Mistress Sidonia; my beloved cherished Queen. I do not express any of this with impudence, but in humble contrite submission. I recognize myself as nothing but a slave-worm to be devoured and overwhelmed by any Mistress having efficacious ravishing power. I must also concede everything herein of myself is expressed acknowledging personal nervous fear but still wanting to be truly possessed by every adorable thing you emulate Mistress Sidonia; your articulate femdom horoscope sign exposes so many of my embarrassing pathetic weaknesses particularly in seeing that you’re an adept Strapon Queen. This gives credence to so my embarrassing desires to have my fearful limits exceedingly pushed whether it be any naughty inclinations of my favor knowing they’re not even worthy of your consideration. As for myself being slave-worm I realize there nothing that I could do to worship you properly under your harsh training and just punishments that would be in any of my futile hope to gain your interests. If I should humbly boast of anything it would be my wish to serve your pleasures only.
    With the Greatest of Affections
    O Beloved Mistress Sidonia
    Respectfully; Your slave-worm
    Chris F.

    P.S. I wonder how many submissive slaves might fit your only description of being your personal toyboy? My guess is not many except perhaps those at your delightful heel. All my love Mistress Sidonia. xo

  2. vince says:

    hello i am an aries male born 23 -3-70 i do have submissive tendancies and i am looking for a mistress can you help please.

    Thank you

  3. slave chrissy says:

    God day Mistress Sidonia
    Have been reading the Femdom Horoscopes of Yours
    I think it’s exactly how a slave in the virgin character is, I recognize myself how to be when I read your horoscope
    special piece of public humiliation, is exactly how I feel about this
    Was very good written, when one recognizes oneself, can not get better than this horoscope
    Thanks / s

  4. Barry Cross says:

    I had considered conventional horoscopes skeptically in any thought of using them for my everyday life. But I have recognised my personal character traits.

    I must proffer my profuse thanks for the chance to put my Tureen submissive tendencies into perspective.

    I certainly recognise myself in your description, I am indeed inherently stubborn so much as to be pig headed and yes headstrong.
    It is also certainly true that I have been excruciatingly slow in experiencing fetish life in general, let alone testing the true extent of my submissive psyche.

    I feel that I need my fetish soulmate to achieve this and reveal my true nature.

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