Cherchez la Femme – New Doms

Cherchez la Femme – ‘all men’s troubles start with a woman’ and these women are set to bring you all plenty of trouble! We have recently had three new and very different dominant femmes come and play at The English Mansion.

Miss Jasmine has an exotic look she calls Eurasian (half Oriental/Asian and half European), she’s a classic domina who loves to mercilessly sexually tease men. She’s from Canada and is available for prodom sessions in Vancouver, travels and has her own C4S site. More Info Here

Princess Neive A young spoilt English Lolita who ensnares and then teases fully grown men who should know better. Available for Prodom sessions in London, UK. More Info Here

Kinky Dirty Bitch A very dirty talking fetishist who loves teasing cocks, wet games and turned-bi humiliations. Available for webcam & sessions in London, UK. More Info Here
Read Miss Kinky’s blog about her recent visit to The English Mansion here

You are going to see them all in action this September 2012 at The English Mansion 🙂

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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3 Responses to Cherchez la Femme – New Doms

  1. ali says:

    لطفا منو به بردگی قبول کنید
    من دوست دارم با یه خانم میسترس ازدواج کنم

  2. reza says:

    سلام من خیلی دوست دارم برده یه خانوم ایرانی باشم پاهای خوشکلش رو لیس بزنم و جورابش رو بو کنم و کفشش رو لیس بزنم خواهش میکنم یه ارباب خانوم با من تماس بگیره از طریق یاهو

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