50 Shades of Gay – Extreme Turned Bi Conditioning

Shades of GayExtreme Turned Bi Conditioning
I have also had to deal with another slave who is a habitual wanker, unfortunately for me he is rather well endowed and so chastity is not an ongoing option. So I decided to encourage this constant wanking but decided to teach him an unforgettable cruel lesson. From now on he would only be allowed to wank and cum to gay porn.

Over time through cum denial and gay porn I would be able to re-condition his mind. How easily I could turn him from straight to fag**. I would also bring in my girlfriends to heighten his humiliation and after the initial conditioning process move him from porn to the actual acts – starting gently with groping and kissing another man onto more extreme play 🙂

I have found  that this is usually the ultimate humiliation for many slaves and has the effect of totally destroying his self-worth – a very worthy notch in my bedpost when attempting to break a slave completely to my will.

Anyway, I thought this would make an excellent subject matter for a femdom movie and so you can watch the process unfold in Fucked Up Fag Boy.

50 Shades of Gay & everything in-between
Even your Sexuality can be Controlled
Easily turned from Straight to Fag** under our control

Mistress Sidonia’s slave has been caught wanking again. She decides he needs to be taught an unforgettable cruel lesson – she will destroy his self-worth with the ultimate humiliation. He will be kept in chastity and from now on and only allowed to wank and cum to gay porn. She invites Mistress T and Miss Kinky to assist her and to add to his degradation and humiliation. She wants them to watch him and help in the conditioning process. They decided to take his re-education further by bringing in a real cock for him to suck the spunk out of, he has to take it all in his face while he is wanking. They are so effective at this task, especially as he has been denied an orgasm for so long the slave cums simultaneously without a hand even touching his cock. They have turned him, he has no control even of his own sexuality now.

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About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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6 Responses to 50 Shades of Gay – Extreme Turned Bi Conditioning

  1. William says:

    I do find your fascination with breaking males physically and psychologically (the latter probably most importantly, I think you would agree) fascinating in its own right, Mistress Sidonia!

    Bondage of the male body is a very powerful tool as it is, but a Mistress who is able to decisively penetrate his submissive mind in order to then successfully impose her will and exert her control over his behaviour, to condition him/”it”, that takes everything to an altogether ovewhelming level of Female power/domination and of male enslavement.

    Many Dommes are incapable of achieving that, I am certain, but your knowledge of the male psyche, expertise, skill, determination and passion in this field, these really shine through, Mistress. I would add that they do so in a truly irresistible and gripping way!

    I absolutely know that I could never be converted from straight to “forced gay” acts, as you describe above (despite my undoubted adoration of dildo and strap-on worship!), but I do hope you don’t object to my stating that I cannot help but wonder at, be drawn by, the thought of what it would feel like to somehow find myself in your presence, completely vulnerable and totally receptive to your authority. It would, I am sure, involve tremendous anticipation, trepidation, nervousness and even fear on my part, yet also a deep compulsion to obey, please and serve.


  2. wimpmarcus says:

    i’d love to see whether it is possible to be broken in 24 hours or something. The idea of being conditioned to be a homo faggot using methods a la Pavlov’s dogs (i.e. putting a male slut in a chastity belt and only letting him cum when being fucked by a Real Man – or when he’s sucking on a Real Cock) is extremely exciting to me. i think that Mistress Sidonia’s continued experiments in breaking males should continue and i’d love to be part of them.

  3. Ben Butler says:

    I find this so alluringly erotic. I know I could be “made” because of an experience I had after a fetish club night out when I thought I had lucked into an evening of entertainment with a handsome amazonian black woman with massive false breasts. When I got back to hers I was on my knees ready to pleasure her when I was shocked to see I would be pleasuring him! And it was massive. I was just too far gone and I just sucked for all I was worth – it was the first cum I have tasted that was not my own fed back to me. Though I have not been back for more I am ashamed to say that I get hard when I think about it. I think I need help. Ben

  4. Sam says:

    What does the double asterisk mean?

    • Well I wasn’t sure of how offensive that word is, I’m pretty sure Fag is fine but not sure about the other. It’s a difficult area because often offensive words can become sexualised in the context of humiliation – so we use them in movies but I don’t put them in my blogs as there they can be read out of context. I hope that sort of explains it.

      Sexual fantasies & abuse are hot and fine in context, but genuine abuse or prejudice of any kind is abhorrent to us here at The English Mansion.

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