Slave Training Pt 3


Slave Training Pt 3: The Slave Contract
Some of the basics by Mistress Sidonia

The Slave Contract
After an initial induction and training period, slaves that particularly interest me are invited to sign a contract of slavery, renouncing their right of liberty and giving themselves freely and without reservation into my ownership. This also marks out the parameters of the slave’s servitude – what is expected, what is not, their duties and how they will be punished for any infringements. It importantly provides me with full ownership and use of their body and mind for the period of a year and one day. After this period I will decide whether to renew the slave’s contract. Serious infractions of the contract will result in severe punishments and in extreme cases the tearing up of the contract and the dismissal of the slave.

 When I have decided to take on a new slave and have worked out a contract with them I like to arrange a ritual signing with other invited Mistresses. My slaves sign in their own blood and I will award them with some token of their submission or servitude to me, possibly a piercing or an inscribed collar. It is important to me that the newly contracted slave commits themselves to serving me in front of a selected audience, the first test of their complete submission to me.


An example of a slave contract with some of the optional clauses that it may contain:


Real contracts, signed in blood and spunk from slaves devoting themselves to Mistress Sidonia for the period of one year and one day. (Note in the first example, slave TR also dedicated himself to Mistress Kate).


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About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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19 Responses to Slave Training Pt 3

  1. David G aka-Nina Papillon (on Facebook) says:

    Mistress, I apologise for my spelling mistake; so slovenly, but in my excitement and awe at being permitted to contact you,I found myself shaking with fear and passion-in submission. I have admired you for some time and have tried several times to contact you though discovered tht you had semi-retired for domestic reasons. I am delighted to see you on fb and would love to serve you-you are beautiful and highly intelligent-a genuine Godess! xx

  2. Grant says:

    Mistress Sidonia von Bork,

    I have watched your play with “the electrics” and fantasized about me being your slave.

    I think you are one very beautiful, sexy and powerful woman. One which a man such as myself could give myself totally. You are one of a very few.

    Maybe one day we will meet

    Peace & Love to you.


    Grant(aka SacMan09 on
    From California, USA

  3. Jase says:

    Dear Mistress.
    I would be honoured if I were given the chance to sign one of your slave contracts, I would do anything to have the opportunity.


  4. imadbegg york says:

    hello my majesty after i watched ur photos and read ur contract i give my self to u to be ur slave as long as u want .

  5. noor says:

    iam realy want to be your feet slave mistress sidonia i love your feet please mistress let me do it

  6. carlitos gonzalez says:

    I am to work hard to win the status to sign a contract of slavery with Mistress, renouncing my right of liberty and giving myself freely and without reservation into Mistress´s ownership, marking the parameters of my servitude talking in periods of a year and one day, after this period Mistress will decide whether to renew the contract.
    I am not to know what Mistress can do for me, I am to know what can I do for Mistress!!!
    My life blood is to sign my compromise to Mistress ever she wants in front anothers Mistresses as a ritual that Mistress like as demonstration of my complete submission to Mistress.

    • Glad you understand your place in MY world slave…

      • carlitos gonzalez says:

        Unique Mistress Sidonia,
        thanks for let my replies to be in Mistress´s blog, thanks for honor me with a reply from Mistress, thanks Mistress!!! i am to be here in position #6 just to speak if Mistress permit it… thanks Mistress!!

  7. Nahul says:

    i understand the terms & conditions of mistress sidonia…
    therefore i am here to obey and am always there to serve my mistress sidonia..

  8. Chris F. says:

    Greetings Mistress Sidonia;
    I have long wondered in the (“total”) Femdom training of a good devout submissive slave “only” in your respected estimation apprehends a Mistresses reward of Intimacy in all its feminine beauty and glory? Its a subject topic rarely spoken about yet should be appreciated and respected by your submissive viewers.

    Note: No slave is really good because he is expendable. He is after all worthless.

    In reality; a dominant Mistress could never lose or sacrifice any of her power over her male sub by displaying modes of being kindness, affectionateness intimacy or tenderness. Far greater than most Mistresses dominant power is the sexual power of her femininity. Both complement each other without her compromising the full total expression of her dominant femininity, giving her the power to increase or lessen her dominant powers at the discretion of her own whims.

    Thus; this is what makes the pinnacle power of a true Domina in my humble opinion. A Mistress kissing, caressing or embracing her male sub doesn’t diminish her role but ultimately she rules supremacy over her male sub because he is entranced by the seductive powers of both her femininity and sexuality making himself weaker, as she so easily dominates over him, without him truly being fully cognizant of it. Mentally he is captivated and trapped by her cunning and enticing powers ready to manipulate his passions however she chooses. That to me is a true Domina, a Goddess, a devouring Lioness in her own right.

    For example lets say seeing a Mistress french kissing her male sub in the heat of a passionate moment would only give the illusion that they are equal. She still controls his sexual passions because the male sub is caught up in the whirlwind of her powerful femininity and sexuality. Its that sudued power a sexy hot Mistress encapsulates over her sub because he cannot ignore his passions. This power I believe virtually any woman can sexually weild over her mate not unlike a moth to a flame.

    Respectfully and Submissively Yours
    Your Slave
    Chris xo

  9. slave cur says:

    highness im a slave dog from india who practise the slave positions evryday,how can this male dog can serve u

  10. Janis Grinbergs says:

    Ich suche FEMDOM lebens 24/7,ich bin absolut devot…

  11. Teddy Tony says:

    Dearest Mistress Sidonia, I hope that you remember me, I would do anything to be able to sign a contract of slavery to you.

  12. jon smith says:

    Mistress it would be an honour to be one of your slaves

  13. slave chrissy says:

    Good evening Mistress Sidonia von Bork
    Have been reading Your slave training program, all 3 of them
    Must agree. You know what the best for slaves is…..
    Love the way You mark Your property

    You are a Goddess, have a pic when You wear Your uniform….mmmmmmm
    Understand that slaves obey You, You are the one and only
    Thanks for the talk we had on skype 6 month ago
    Will read more from Your news letter, and learn me more to
    Thanks for this time
    Take care Mistress / slave chrissy

  14. Robert says:

    I am trying to find out how to apply for a live session with Mistress Sidonia.
    I live here in the United States in The sate of Louisiana.
    I plan on taking a trip to the United kingdom in the near future, and I would love a session.
    Please send whatever information YOU hab have.
    Thank You!!!!

  15. Rohit says:

    i want a real femdom session with mistress

  16. john says:

    Hi there i would love to have a session with mistress sidonia. Could you send me details on how i could apply and be your slave at the englishmansion.

  17. Jon Morris says:

    Please mistress give me a chance to prove I’m worthy to be your collared slave, to serve you would be a dream come true,if I was lucky enough to wear your collar,all I would care about is pleasing you mistress

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