Objet d’Art – Divine Divas

Dominatrixes are mainly known for their skills in the art of sadism & domination. Ok, yes, they are often evil megalomaniacs who treat everyone, sub or not, as minions in their twisted plans of world domination… and people you can never get on the phone! However, what is probably less well-known (and I have met quite a few) is what exceptional individuals they are – creative, artistic, visionary, challenging & highly intelligent. A rare breed of women who have surpassed the realms of the ordinary world and created their own.

I’m continually impressed by the creative talents of dominas, so much so, that I wanted to showcase here some unique artistic portraits of them, produced by them in collaboration with amazing photographers. Welcome to their quirky, sublime and surreal word…


From Top to Bottom – Click for links
Mistress Luna by Mistress Luna: Such a great quirky photo, Mistress Luna on her pedestal (unfortunately, only one way to go once your up there).
Mistress Jezabel By Jones in collaboration with Club Rub: Mistress Jezabel as a mesmeric (sideshow) snake-woman (and she really does have a split tongue) this was produced in collaboration with Club Rub for a set of six circus themed fliers.
Mistress Eve by Sean Scott
Fetish Liza by Fetish Liza
Mistress Akella by Erwin Usman
Mistress T by Ariel Bell
The Governess by The Governess: Wonderful re-imagined vintage posters created by The Governess herself, with a feminist/femdom twist.
Morrigan Hel by Dan Santoni: Always adored this re-imagining of The Bride of Frankenstein
Lady Sophia Black by Sean Scott
Lady Nina Birch by Ariel Belle: Lady Nina reminiscent of a cruel Marie Antoinette – “Let them eat cake, off my boots though.”
Mistress Alice Malice
Ms Tytania by Ms Tytania: Ms Tytania on a mission to ‘defeat patriarchy’ with her feminist agenda femdom revolution – ‘No Goddess, No Mistress, No Corsets’. Truly a unique, artistic and political take on our industry.
Meisterine Jzara by Ariel Belle
Mistress Darcy by Matt Christie
Lady Lola by Von Hugo
Lady Victoria Valente by MH Skode
Mistress Darla
Mistress Miranda

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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