Bondage Bound


As part of our feature months for summer 2014 – this month is Extreme Bondage at The English Mansion and we’re focusing on mummification, sendep (sensory deprivation) and totally inescapable bondage. To read more about my love of bondage, a 48hr scene and how I built some of this unique bondage kit read my blog entry –
Adventures in Bondageland.


Some of the English Mansion’s bondage kit in use with willing victims.

I loved using our new metal locking chastity suit on my sub. It was tightly locked on over a rubber catsuit, it prevents the wearer touching their cock (or vagina) and also their nipples (which for slaves with sexually arousing nipples is another form of extreme chastity). Rubber locking ball cuffs and ballet boots were then locked onto the hands & feet and finally, subbie was gagged, spread-eagled & chained to the bed. (I have special bondage high-heel locks that can padlock extreme heels onto a slave’s feet, perfect to hinder them running away or as part of heel walking training.)

A last cruel touch was an enforced orgasm bondage pouch (a vibrating wand in a harness) was left strapped between my sub’s legs – enough to leave them constantly on the edge & teased but with the chastity suit unable to get a proper hard-on or cum. My poor sub was then left for an hour, it’s a huge turn-on for me being elsewhere knowing my slave is safely locked away and dependent on my return.


All these extreme bondage movies are showing or start this month 🙂
bondage-movie-collection-may2014-(Clockwise) with Mistress Sidonia, Mistress T, Masked Mistress, Lydia Supremacy, Sub Suzie Best & Lady Nina Birch

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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3 Responses to Bondage Bound

  1. dongsoo yim says:

    humble greeting mistress sidonia.
    I can see your power mistress.
    you are my goddess.

  2. Boot Goddess says:

    I know my slut bootslavewilliam comments here now and then but I thought that, this time, I would do so myself, having read your description above of ” sexually arousing nipples”.

    This struck a chord and rather amused me since this is precisely what he has developed over the years since I took full control of his orgasms. I call them his “two little cocks” and I use them at will to tease and turn him on. Where they used to actually irritate him being played with too much, as a result of him basically becoming my sex toy/object, they have become incredibly sensitive and a very powerful erogenous zone indeed.

    Whilst I have complete cock control (which I worked so hard to achieve and LOVE so much), I do not yet prevent his hands playing with his slutty nipples whilst fantasising, which he readily confesses he does. It is a little outlet that I allow at the moment but DO have every intention of denying him in the future, when the demands of ordinary life relent somewhat and I can then concentrate more consistently on obtaining his full sexual submission. This matters tremendously to me, as it does to him!

    • Good to hear from you Boot Goddess, you’re very welcome 🙂
      Yes, nipples can be so erogenous for certain slaves, denying them access must be considered as part of a chastity regime.

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