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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.

Respect – Female Power Top Ten

Welcome to The English Mansion’s Female Power Top Ten Our musical Top Tens dedicated to all things kinky Women around the world are taking back their power and un-limiting themselves from old, contrived stereotypes. This is a powerful top ten … Continue reading

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Hands up for Humiliation! Ways to be Mean to Sub Men

Ways to be Mean to Sub Men… Alongside my friend & fellow domina Mistress T for an afternoon’s entertainment we set about coming up with endless diabolical ways to humiliate our pet sub 🙂 And you can watch all the … Continue reading

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Man’s Ruin Pt 1: Stan Dare Sub-Marine

Man’s Ruin The True Story of Stan Dare, Sub-Marine With the amazing artwork/comic strip by Vince Ray or  & text by Lola Klein. And, you may notice a remarkable resemblance to our very own Mistress Sidonia 🙂

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The Cane – The Classic English Discipline Tool Pt 2

Ear pulling, the perfect entrée before the main course of a hard, cold, caning – here to be metered out by classic school marm Domina Liza The Great Equaliser Caning is probably one of the most revered of the disciplinary … Continue reading

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So What Is An F.L.R.? Female Led Relationship

So What Is An F.L R.? F.L.R stands for Female Led Relationship – an intimate personal relationship where the female partner has control over the male. The nature of this power dynamic can range from only affecting certain facets e.g. … Continue reading

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In Search of the Female Orgasm Pt 2

As a woman I need multiple orgasms to be satisfied, that’s why a stable of sex slaves is so useful 🙂 Here my lovely friend Mistress T is kindly helping me out making sure this tongue-slave is working properly! The … Continue reading

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