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Postwar Femdom Pulp

Do You Remember the First Time? The influence of postwar pulp fiction on BDSM & femdom In the the postwar era of the 50s & 60s men’s adventure pulp magazines were the mainstay of lurid, exploitative and these days we’d say, … Continue reading

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Sweet Feet, Cruel Soles

Foot Worship & Foot Fetishism Women naturally have more beautiful bodies than men and their feet are no exception. Women’s feet can be as sexual as their breasts with their petite toes, elegant arches and unique aroma. And with so … Continue reading

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Lady Nina’s Special Feminisation Regime Pt2

We’ve been honoured at The English Mansion to be given exclusive access to Lady Nina Birch’s Special Feminisation Regime, which we will post here over the next few months. This is an extensive, light-hearted guide and an essential read for all Ladies & … Continue reading

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The Corset Pt1 – Female Armour

The corset is an article of clothing developed purely to accentuate femininity. Designed to be worn around the torso, it consists of two halves which are fixed at the front and then tightened by lacing at the back. This process … Continue reading

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Situation Vacant… Now Filled

Imagine you took a strange job, found in the ‘Situations Vacant’ column in the newspaper, and found yourself as the willing slave for two beautiful dominant women. Kept as their pet and used for their amusement and harsher duties in … Continue reading

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