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Slave Life at the Bottom of the Pile

Life is hard being a house slave at The English Mansion always on call for all the resident and guest dommes never quite knowing how you will be used or abused… Recently stunning and statuesque Miss Vivienne decided to reward … Continue reading

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Queen Sidonia’s Xmas Message

Service From Afar This is a special personal message to all my devotees who serve me from afar. I know for many their sub life is just fantasy, indulged by visiting the Mansion but this is still an act of … Continue reading

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Blind Obedience – Extreme Ponyboy Training

Over the Summer, I’ve been experimenting with taking ponyboy slave training to a new level,  I call it Blind Obedience Training. The ponyboy is hooded and thus blindfolded with absolutely no vision, he is then harnessed with an elaborate locking … Continue reading

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You Belong To Me – Mind Control Program

Mind Control Program to turn you into Mistress Sidonia’s slave… In my last blog, I explained how alongside the beautiful Mistress Ezada Sinn, I had to ‘break, reprogramme and repair’ a particularly difficult arrogant male specimen. Part of the process … Continue reading

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Broken Reprogrammed Repaired

Reprogramed: From Arrogant Husband to Submissive Slave Recently the gorgeous Mistress Ezada Sinn came to visit The English Mansion and together we had to deal with a particularly difficult aggressive and arrogant male specimen, sent to us for ‘correction’ by his … Continue reading

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Situation Vacant… Now Filled

Imagine you took a strange job, found in the ‘Situations Vacant’ column in the newspaper, and found yourself as the willing slave for two beautiful dominant women. Kept as their pet and used for their amusement and harsher duties in … Continue reading

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