Smotherly Love – The Femdom Art of Namio Harukawa

Namio-HarukawaThe Femdom Art of Namio Harukawa

There are very few femdom artists in the world and even fewer whose work is instantly recognisable. The illustrious Sardax would certainly be one, the other would be Namio Harukawa whose name is less well-known, however, femdom enthusiasts will instantly recognise his work.

Namio Harukawa was an artist born in Osaka, Japan in 1947. His drawings exclusively depict generously proportioned dominant women sitting on, possibly sexually using or smothering the faces of weak, small, submissive men. The men are often bound or trapped in some kind of contraption while the women’s Rubenesque figures totally overwhelm and envelope them. He was most certainly a master at depicting erotic female bottoms and is much admired by the world’s bottom loving and face-sitting fraternities.

His most common motif is where the men are somehow, and always rather humorously, turned into human furniture for the comfort and service of these curvaceous goddesses. In his pictures the men are literally ‘objectified’, we don’t even see their faces (unless it’s their grimaces) as they are usually disappearing beneath a powerful women’s bottom. Thus the men exist as nothing more than useful household additions – inoffensive, faceless and ignored little men.

Harukawa’s voluptuous woman have huge breasts but even larger bottoms and super strapping gigantic thighs. This shape is then more ‘pear’ than ‘hourglass’ and the effect creates a powerful looking, strong, hyper-sexy women. (Certainly at odds with today’s sexualised image of a top-heavy, stick thin woman  – how does she stand up?)

And, in his world, women’s superiority to men is a given, his dominant women are self-assured and contented, usually sporting a looks of haughty disdain or a slightly sadistic smile while astride the faces of these hapless males.

So pull up a face and take a look 🙂   Here’s a little example of his work…


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2 Responses to Smotherly Love – The Femdom Art of Namio Harukawa

  1. Comfortface says:

    I loved this post, Mistress Sidonia!

    I think I discovered Namio Harukawa about 16 years ago, when I was starting to learn that my most private fantasies were more popular than I thought, and this was a discovery that changed my life. In a way, his drawings displayed some of my hidden fantasies so openly that they acted as a door to a new world. Rather than the quality of his pencil (it can be argued that the faces he draws are all too similar), what really impressed me is the POWER displayed by the bodies of these women and by the concept behind each image.

    I also got caught by the expression of those women in his paintings: they do not need to be mean or fierce; instead they usually look relaxed, spontaneous, natural. Women being superior to men is the natural environment of Namio’s Universe.

    Thanks to Internet, during all these years I have been able to collect a considerable amount of Namio’s drawings that I treasure like gold.

    His art was an eye-opener to me and I would recommend his drawings to any domme-to-be who wants to learn why men feel fascinated by powerful women.

  2. As a fuller-figured Leather Lady I adore Namio’s work and his rightful assertion that a curvy goddess can truly rule over the submissiveness of adoring submissive men. His drawings are a delight and an inspiration. xxx

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