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Human Stress Toys – More Musings from MSVB

Chatting with an extremely masochistic sub friend he told me about a session he had with an American dominatrix. She seriously ‘went to town’ on him with whips and cigarettes (which he loved) and after the session she had said, “Wow, I really needed that!”

I can totally identify with her, I would say in my day-to-day life I’m a pretty kind, considerate person but within the confines of my role as a domme I find hurting, being cruel and generally just bullying someone a huge stress reliever. Making me grateful that there are slaves and submissive men who allow me this release in a consensual and hopefully mutually beneficial way. The perception that slaves are somehow weak and pathetic is ironically, so wrong. I need physically and mentally strong men who can withstand all that I want to impart on them and am continually impressed with what my slaves will take for me.

When out in public eating certain table manners are usually expected, while as a domme I can suddenly take it upon myself to stab my eating partner in the hand; or take the lid off the salt canister and pour it all over his food totally spoiling it so he has to go hungry; or as on one memorable occasion, I suddenly and for no other reason than bullying, cracked a sub friend over the head with a large table-spoon – what an interesting sound. Appalling behaviour and yet such a relief to be able to indulge that need to be the queen of mean!

If I’m whipping someone hard over a long period it can be totally exhausting but it also gives me a similar release, a heady power rush probably akin to the endorphins the sub receiving the lashes gets. I love that feeling, perspiring with the effort while relishing in the cries of another’s pain. Sometimes it’s hard to hold back and not go too far and why group domination scenes can often slip into a pack frenzy 😉 Oops

So thank you subs for making such great human stress toys providing excellent cruel kicks or a needed source of release – for us dommes who know how to indulge our inner serial bitch 🙂

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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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2 Responses to Serial Bitch – Human Stress Toys

  1. slave teddy tony says:

    As a grateful slave, can I just say ‘the pleasure is all ours Mistress’.

  2. wormslave says:

    Highest Mistress,
    we slaves exist only to provide such sadistic Alpha-Females like Yourself with the “meat to beat” ,to have Your special workout while enjoying the cries of pain of Your devotees worshipping You under the whip.Thank You, Mistress Sidonia, for being so cruel.

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