Wax Play Pt2 – An Essential Guide to Everything you ever Wanted & Needed to know about Wax Play

night-torment-electrics-bondage-blur Wax Play Pt 2

Fun things to do with Hot Wax

a) Experiment with dripping, pouring or painting wax on with a brush.

b) There can be great artistry and beauty to wax play, this is best achieved using two or more different coloured candles, to make designs and patterns. So turn your play partner into the next Turner Prize.

c) You can make a ‘penis mould’ by totally coating the ‘hard’ area, it makes a lovely keepsake for afterwards.

d) You can make a whole body cast but will need a lot of wax!

e) It’s great to drop wax over an already hot spanked bottom.

f) You can encase a soft penis in wax, creating a wax chastity device and then tease your partner to make him hard and see if he can break through the wax shell.

g) It’s quite erotic to wax your plaything while they are in bondage and watch them squirm. It’s best to use soft old rope for this and then keep this as your ‘wax rope’ afterwards, as once it’s been covered in wax it won’t come out.

h) Mummify them in cling-film, cut out holes in the relevant places and then watch them wiggle while you wax the night away.


Fabulous New Wax Innovations
Today on-line you can buy some amazing and practical new wax play innovations! The best is a set a set of seven pouring jars with handles and spouts, each with a different colour wax from the rainbow.

You can also buy UV play wax and warm poring wax that once on the body turns to an oil that can be massaged in. Also available to buy is wax with specific melting points i.e. cooler for beginners and hotter for serious BDSM players.

The Hair Problem
The biggest problem with wax play is the cleaning up afterwards. Especially the process of removing the wax from the body. Humans are mammals, we’re covered in hair, even minute ones – so the wax will stick to the hair and removing it will be extremely painful, it’ll rip then out! It’s a bit like an unintentional salon hair waxing session. So here are some solutions…

Solutions & the Magic Answer

  1. Have the victim shave the important bits in advance.
  2. Avoid the very hair bits (pubes).
  3. Wrap them in cling-film, this does reduce some of the intensity but still works.
  4. Get them to use a rich moisturiser this helps but is not perfect.
  5. The best and sure way to resolve this problem is to rub down the areas with baby oil first, it’s magic the wax won’t stick! However, and this is important – the wax will heat the baby oil and make the sensation of the falling wax much hotter! So factor this in.

The Mess Problem

So the cleaning up afterwards… it’s not just hair that it’s difficult to clean wax from.  You’ll think you can use it carefully and only direct it onto the person but beware it’s not that easy to control. It easily splashes especially when dropping it from a height and can get on hair, floors, furniture, carpets, sheets and is extremely difficult to remove! So don’t use it with your best sheets. If you try to wash or scrub it off in a bath or shower it will block drains. So it must be scraped off first (plastic store cards & kitchen spatulas are good for this) then binned or vacuumed up.

Essential for wax play is the 3Ps – Prior, Preparation & Planning, so first lay out a cheap vinyl shower curtain, a disposable table-cloth or even newspaper for your sub to lie on. Once you’ve finished scrape off all the wax and then just fold it all up and bin it. Another option is to wrap your sub in cling-film, leaving holes for where you want to wax; alternatively just play outside.

Another idea is to make the removal part of the scene; I’ve uses abrasive sponges and shoe-brushes on the skin afterwards. Long nails can also be effective in scratching it off. Or if mess is not a problem you can just flog it off 🙂


  1. Hair, beards and body hair can easily be singed or catch fire near naked flames, often due to minute fumes given off from perfume, hairspray or deodorant on the body.
  2. Wax’s boiling point is extremely high over 300° F ! If left on a heat source its temperature will continue to rise – so never heat wax in a pan or microwave – as this can seriously burn the skin. If you are a serious player who wants to play with large amounts of pouring wax for safety I would suggest using a jam/sugar cooking thermometer, keeping the wax at a temp of between 46 – 50°C (115 – 122°F ) never going higher than 54 °C (130 °F).
  3. Keep a fire extinguisher close by or a bucket of water as a tipped over candle could start a fire really fast. Candles are the leading sources of residential fires, so never ever leave a naked flame unattended. Remember the heat above a lighted candle is extremely hot and it’s especially dangerous to use them near canopy beds or drapes.
  4. Always use candles with candlesticks/holders that way you have some where to put them while they are lighted or even better candles in jars. Make sure the holder is always placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface.

Now off you go and have lots of waxing fun!  © MSVB
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