Blind Obedience – Extreme Ponyboy Training


Over the Summer, I’ve been experimenting with taking ponyboy slave training to a new level,  I call it Blind Obedience Training. The ponyboy is hooded and thus blindfolded with absolutely no vision, he is then harnessed with an elaborate locking body harness that straps his arms tightly to his sides. Restraining his arms and elbows to the side of the body is particularly restrictive especially for cart pulling service.


Then with both voice commands and/or a series of instructions indicated through the pull on the bit gag in his mouth, he must endeavour to correctly drive me through the extensive English Mansion grounds. Unfortunately for the sub, parts of Mansion grounds are uneven with small holes and many stinging nettles, none of which can be avoided once you are effectively being made to run at speed while in a ‘sendep’ state.


As you can see unfortunately the slave sometimes isn’t paying attention… much to his peril!


As it was a particularly warm and humid day I decided I would ride naked. I enjoyed making sure he knew this of course and teased him first in the slave pen adding an extra layer of cruelty for him knowing he would see nothing 🙂


I also continued his training without the cart on the lunge rein, I like to use physical training to totally exhaust and thus subdue the slave, as once his body is weak it’s easier for me to play with his mind 🙂

Blind_ObedienceAnd you can watch all the real-life domination footage inside The English Mansion, right now in Blind Obedience.

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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5 Responses to Blind Obedience – Extreme Ponyboy Training

  1. Colin says:

    Would love to be your slave

  2. 703 says:

    Thanks Mistress, thanks for this wonderful blog post, it makes me feel in the biggest wants to be a blind pony to be trainned for Mistress, knowing that by that way under Mistress guidance I will be more useful to the life in the globe, thanks Mistress.

    a sus pies en obediencia para servirle.

  3. What fun! When the silly pony trots into a tree I couldn’t help but laugh at him, what an excellent way to humiliate him and all with him unable to enjoy the sight of your gorgeous body – just the sting of the nettles and crack of the whip!

  4. bootslavewilliam says:

    Your passion for absolute, uncompromising control and weakening of the male creature’s body that leads to the inevitable surrender and enslavement of its mind, your shining confidence and belief in your unshakeable power and experience of domination, Mistress!… and not forgetting that fantastic severe ponytail that you display so often, those gloves and those BOOTS!…

    WOW! And WOW again! How can I avoid once more begging to be allowed to submit to and serve you one day for real, as opposed to just fantasising about it?


    Stated with humility, submission and respect… and deep enthusiasm to please and prove myself to my Female Superiors.

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