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Blogs, weblogs as they were, have moved on from being merely website news pages; now forming part of the new social media that appeals not to the masses but to small communities. News is diverse, less mass-produced giving alternative (and yes weird and crazy) voices an ability to be heard, voices uncensored or edited by the mainstream media.

Blogs are as individual as their creators and the passion, artistry and enthusiasm that drives them. By sharing their thoughts, experiences or fantasies bloggers create a place for those like-minded or with shared interests to feel connected or supported. So, I wanted to recommend some of my favourite blogs, interestingly just these 5 blogs show the huge diversity and individualist style you can discover in the wonderful world of blogging: personal journals, interviews, artwork, humour – open to all and free for anyone interested to enjoy. So here are

My Favourite Top 5 Blogs & Bloggers

Mistress-t-blogMy good friend, Mistress T writes a superb candid blog Getting To Know Mistress T letting her devotees connect with what’s happening in her day-to-day life, her sexy adventures & also her world travels. It’s always insightful, intelligent and particularly open and frank in its dialogue on sexual relationships. And recently she has begun producing her T-Time Sex Ed Series of FREE Vlogs (video blogs) which I highly recommend including: Pussy Licking Tips; On-Line Conduct & Dick Picks; Condoms; and Dick Size.


The gorgeous Jessica Dee writes an excellent blog about her adventures on the scene Thoughts of a Submissive CD (Crossdresser) with lots of photos and accounts of what actually happens behind closed dungeon doors 🙂 Another facet to this blog are the excellent and detailed Domme Interviews she conducts with eminent prodoms and in her archives are: Miss Kitty, Porcelain Beauty, Nikki Whiplash, Miss Sarah Jessica, Mistress Evilyne, Miss Jessica Wood, Mistress Cara Sutra, Fetish Liza, Mistress Inka, Mistress Ezada Sinn & Mistress T.

sardax-blogSardax is an accomplished artist who specialises in female dominance. His sublime illustrations and artworks offer a unique vision of a femdom utopia, inhabited by beautiful goddesses, who can use and abuse the enslaved men that serve them unrestrained by reality. And by visiting his blog, The Art of Sardax you get to see some of his latest work, including the portraits of real-life dominatrixes he is regularly commissioned to produce.


The BDSM and fetish world now has its very own satirical, spoof blog, the excellent Daily Flogger. Its posts range from hilarious lampooning to subtle derision which requires a more intimate knowledge of the scene. Though I think we all recognise the self-importance among some within our community that requires some gentle mocking. Go and check out some of my favourite posts: Face of Jesus Found in Singletail Marks; Girl Trapped in Latex Dress for Six Hours; Male Slave Hires Top Law Firm To Negotiate Contract; Cuckold Sabotages Birth Control Serves Bitch Right; & Man Finds Tight Bondage Confining.


Mistress Scarlet’s Blog is a written narrative based blog detailing her real-life exploits as a dominant wife subjugating her submisive husband ‘bitch-boy’. Along with the post accounts of their 247 sub/dom relationship, this blog is also a wealth of tips and tricks to help budding new dommes and fellow domintrixes subjugate their slaves to maximise their enjoyment from their dominant lives.

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