Julian Murphy: Quirky Fetish Artist


Clothes Pegs, Love Triangle, Russian Dolls, Anticipation, Pair of Shoe & Swiss Army Knives by Julian Murphy

Julian Murphy: Fetish Graphic Artist Extraordinaire

I’ve always loved the British artist, Julian Murphy’s work, (actually he’s a neighbour in Bristol, though these days he resides in the USA), he’s like a quirky fetish Escher. His acclaimed fetish art, which he describes as “sciperepics”; transforms everyday household appliances into extraordinary objects of desire, usually with a kinky humorous twist 🙂

“Julian Murphy’s art work is intelligent, humorous and ingenious, his images have been featured in magazines and books in over 600 publications worldwide. His pieces hang in museums and galleries too…there’s even a piece hanging in the famous Moulin Rouge, Paris!”

Julian has recently open a fantastic merchandise site where you choose the art and then have it reproduced on just about anything!  Including mugs, teddy bears, bags, mouse-mats and even boxer shorts & thongs – take a peek here Julian Murphy Store
To view or purchase his artwork here: Julian Murphy Gallery


Julian Murphy’s erotic Russian Dolls were brought to life by sculptor Bryan Rawlings and now reside in the Erotic Art Museum in Hollywood, California.

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  1. Thanks for posting my work. Really appreciated. Julian

  2. Julian, we’re honoured – do pop around next time you’re in the UK 🙂

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