The Women Who Torment Men


Slaves your fate lies in the hands of The Mansion’s Mistresses!
So come inside and see what’s in store…
Comic strip by Vince Ray


Lady Nina Birch – Circa 1995

This fabulous comic strip The Women Who Tormented Men, was created by Vince Ray for DDI magazine back in the 90s, when I didn’t want to show my face in my prodom adverts. The cropped haired twin dommes are actually both Lady Nina Birch, she loved the uniformed bitch look back then and wore her hair cropped & bleached. The middle card originally had my contact details.

I later made a short art-film based loosely of the story from this comic strip and Vince Ray kindly made me this set of beautiful femdom tarot cards to use as props.

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About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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5 Responses to The Women Who Torment Men

  1. Omni knight says:

    I wonder what will happen..

  2. Teddy Tony says:

    I remember these fondly

  3. bootslavewilliam says:

    “… your destiny for the next hour…”

    ONLY one hour?! ;-( (“you’ll live to regret that flippant comment, slave. We’ll have you broken within minutes!”)

    Such a distinctive, yet simple, style of FemDom art to represent such powerful Women in such a potent scenario… slutty mind sent into overdrive… again!

  4. Very enjoyable! Using the slave’s head as a door knocker, excellent piece of objectification as well as being very amusing. I like the way the slave appears only in part – you never see him whole, unlike the ladies who are visible in full, I find this reinforces his position of inferiority. A lot of themes and ideas very succinctly expressed, clever work, I am definitely a fan!

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