Queen Sidonia’s Xmas Message

boot-tease-mistress-sidoniavonborkService From Afar

This is a special personal message to all my devotees who serve me from afar. I know for many their sub life is just fantasy, indulged by visiting the Mansion but this is still an act of service and submission to me and all superior women.

A secret liaison where you learn what it means to be my slave, what I expect and deserve, remember when you are here I own that secret part of you, I know what you are – you are my slave, my property, here to serve me and my fellow dominas. Whether a pain slut, sex slave, bondage lover or sissy maid we will find a use for you here at The English Mansion.

We play in the Mansion’s ‘fetish bubble’ a world where time and life’s pressures do not exist. That’s why I have a no politics, religion or money rule – this is an escapist wonderland, where we indulge our deepest decadent desires unfettered by reality. And, there is nothing wrong with a fantasy, so long, like all things, it is treated with respect, is recognised for what it is – not reality and indulged in moderation. Real life will always beckon but a little time-out hurts no one – expect perhaps our film slaves 🙂

I know may subs would like to find a domme or partner to share their kinks with but often this is not possible or practical – and you are not alone most people are looking for a compatible partner, unfortunately for subs there are a lot of sub men and as yet, not so many domme women. This is changing and more women are starting to taste the unquestionably sublime pleasure of getting what they want in the bedroom and even beyond that door and within their relationships.

So for now… you will serve me…

So have you been a good boy this year slave?
Because the good are rewarded while the bad are punished?


About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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9 Responses to Queen Sidonia’s Xmas Message

  1. Sidonias Slave says:

    Thanks for the message will you please allow me to be apart of your site in 2017 and star in your movies?

  2. Thanks a lot Mistress, please i suplicate in how may i serve at the best to Mistress, please MSVB.

    Courtsey Mistress

  3. Wow, that was a most generous Christmas gift to us all, Mistress Sidonia. Leaves one speechless as its sinematic detail pulses with the fierceness of reality achieved.

    And, as my thoroughly “bad boy” imagination rockets into the dimension this clip has so skillfully limned, I can already sense the damp earth of the Punishment Pit under my naked and helpless slave meat cheeks~~while Your beautifully stern power above looms ruthless, yet somehow strangely kind too, in Your understanding of these oh-so-complex submissive needs!

    A most Happy New Year to You and the Mansion.

    • Your pit awaits 😉

      • Nick says:

        I would love to serve but I live in Canada :/

      • stefano says:

        Good Moorning Mistress Sidonia, i was wondering if the English Mansion would take a live in non consensual slave to be used rented and at the end of the training also sold as a sissy slave without any limits, like Mistress Nina sissies

  4. Jeff Hanley says:

    Hello Mistress,

    My message is simple: How do I get to be involved in filming/photoshoots with you ? I have a great interest and experience in BDSM & Kink; have done filming before; happy to email screenshots/mov clips if requested as a reference; NOT a freeloader – I get off on this sort of thing and will pay the normal tribute; I’m in decent shape; good relaxed sense of humour…..and a chronically kinky sense of adventure. I’m sure I could be of good use to you, and that’s a good D/s starting point !

    Best wishes to you for 2017,

    Respectfully yours,


  5. peterp says:

    Thanks for your wonderful xmas Message Queen Sidonia. You look Fabulous in the photograph. They say “A picture speaks a thousand words”. But your enigmatic expression is enough to make me feel weak at the knees with an overpowering yearning to fall at your feet and express my respectful submission and gratitude.

  6. parham says:

    Hello Mistress,

    i am from IRAN / i am slave. and i love you and ur mansion. i wach ur video and pic. its GREAT .I want to be your dog & My collar is in your hands
    i am under yr shoes . i wish lick yr stocking & ur feet . PLZ 🙁

    parham .

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