More Predicament Bondage

My Xdresser slave Jade is locked in a chastity suit, gagged and then bound to the bed. I then make her useful as a human drinks stand, she can’t move an inch though or will spill my drink and it will be BIG trouble for a little sissy!

So, to recap, what is Predicament Bondage?

Well it’s a bondage scenario where the restrained submissive is faced with a quandary – if I do this… this will happen, as one action will result in another, hence the predicament. This adds a psychological dimension to the play along with the physical sensations. Predicament bondage can also be any situation where the slave must move around and/or perform a task while bound, usually with the added peril that they will be punished for not achieving this task. (See Predicament Bondage – A Slave’s Dilemma, the first part of this article – here.)

Predicament Mainstays: Movement Equals Pain & Stress Positions

A common aspect of many predicament bondage scenarios is where any wriggling or movement will equal pain. The sub is tied in a static position, if they remaining still there will be no discomfort, however, if they move they will pull on ropes, weights or other devices etc. causing them pain. The sub may then be tickled, beaten, sexually pleasured or otherwise enticed to move 🙂

I’ve bound a slave in an elaborate rope hogtie on the floor and then heavily scattered a whole box of drawing pin/tacks around them, making sure there’s no attempt to wriggle anywhere.

Another variant of this and a mainstay of PB is the use of a stress position (a physical position held for a long period which exhausts the muscles causing discomfort) in order to get some respite if they move, they will inadvertently cause themselves another problem. For example: if tied standing on tiptoe, once tired the sub will lower their weight to stand regularly this will cause ropes tied above them attached to their genitals or nipples to pull taut – up or down, either way they suffer!

Here the slaves can work cooperatively for pleasure –  if they press together they get the full sensation from the vibrator – otherwise it’s all tease..

Ménage à Predicament

Predicament bondage scenarios can also be used when playing with two or more submissives, here the dilemma may involve one slave choosing to either spare themselves from pain by inflicting it onto another or suffer themselves. This could be someone they are fond of or a male slave suffering gallantly in order to save a female slave.

A game I used to play with a male and female sub was to tie them standing, facing together, their hands suspended from a spinning bar. They had to spin and each time a bottom faced me it would receive a slap from my crop. Now if the boy wants to be mean he can overpower the girl sub and make her bottom face me all the time or he can be chivalrous and take all the punishment. Plus some of the girl subs are quite adept at persuading (manipulating) the boys to take the punishment for them 😉

Another variation is where they can cooperate and work together either to reprieve the discomfort or to receive sexual pleasure. Years ago I saw a hugely erotic piece of predicament bondage based on this theme in a Gwen Media Video (USA). A girl sub was bound under water in a huge tank another sub had to keep swimming to the top to take a breath of air,  swim back down and pass the air mouth to mouth to the bound girl. Now that’s a predicament! (And a scene only for professionals.)

No Pain Necessary

Predicament bondage scenarios are only dependent on your imagination and it’s worth noting they are not always directly about the infliction of pain:

i)  A slave can be tethered to a bed or bench with toilet roll with the instruction that they must stay absolutely still and not let the delicate paper break.

ii)  Once secured in iron bondage (metal handcuffs etc.) the slave is given the keys enclosed in an ice block and must wait for the ice to melt to free themselves. Alternately you can drop the keys into a timed food canister (available for dieters).

iii)  A coin is place on a wall, the slave must keep it there with only their nose, their hands tied/handcuffed behind their backs. This then might be the time to discover if they are ticklish!

iv)  A slave maid must serve their Mistress’s guests or clean the house while hobbled with leg and arm spreaders. Perhaps with a feather duster gag.

Another of my fiendish predicaments – the more my inverted slave struggles, the more his movement and gravity impale him onto a huge dildo!

Safe, Sane & Consensual: Remember never leave anyone alone in bondage!

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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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  1. paul stevens says:

    Mistress Sidonia,

    You are truly very creative in this (and other) field and causing pain to oneself is truly a submissives dream

    Thank You for always sharing Your adventures


  2. Skyrubb says:

    Great 2nd part of the initial article!

    What I love in Predicament Bondage is that it makes you think and use your creativity to come up with devilish ideas for bondage. 🙂
    Not in last place if you are a sub it may be a fantastic source of challenges.

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