Woo-hoo! 6 Million Blog Visitors

So if you love Femdom this is the place for you – come in & kneel down …

Mistress Sidonia’s Blog reaches 6 Million Visitors
It’s conclusive I’ve had over 6 million unique visitors to my blog! :)  That is currently (approx.) 1,000 unique users & 4,000 to 10,000 post views everyday. Actually, the counter was only started in August 2010, while I began this blog in August 2003.

So I’ve achieved 6 Million UNIQUE (new) visitors, if I tried to work out how many VIEWS my blog has received since it started it would be something like 30,000,000!

A Compendium of Femdom

Predominantly, this blog focuses on the World of Femdom – specialist equipment; art, fiction, articles; some of the world’s top dominatrixes & prodoms; scene news; my personal philosophy or general musings; and where femdom crosses over into the mainstream. Plus of course what’s happening inside The English Mansion – new films, my wicked exploits and especially who’s recently come to stay over.

Over the years I have been trying to write articles specifically relating to the history of femdom to try to collate an outline of its development alongside mine and other domme’s personal knowledge of it which in itself preserves this important oral history.

I always try to make sure this blog will also appeal to women and am happy to say I get a lot of positive feedback from them. The comments my posts receive, are much appreciated (more please) and I try to reply to as many as I can.

If you want even more up-to-date news and to be alerted to recent blog updates you can also follow me on Twitter along with my 56K other followers 🙂 MSVB x

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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4 Responses to Woo-hoo! 6 Million Blog Visitors

  1. El Poo says:

    Blessings Mistress

  2. This is a great result Mistress, the fruit of work and passion that began many years ago. She shares a passion with the slaves and we love her more and more because she can make us dream. I’ve been following her since she started. She is the best mistress in the world and I hope she will continue forever.

  3. slave teddy tony says:

    Congratulations Mistress, only true class and high quality stands the test of time and public opinion, and you have class and quality in abundance.

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