Animal Farm: Training & Taming Males

Goddess Serena & her pet puppy

Training & Taming Males – Animal Play

Role playing an animal can have a huge appeal – animals don’t speak or think, or even walk upright. They are owned and trained to be obedient but also loved and even pampered. You can let go of your humanity and immerse yourself in a new alien mindset. Animal play has obvious parallels to Dom/Sub play, most notably the collar & leash and the desire to be owned.

The psychology of human animal role-play generally falls into two categories: Pampered Pets & Dehumanised Animals there is however, much cross-over and many of the actualities of the play is the same.

Pampered Pets
Pets want to immerse themselves into the role of a human animal and relish being dressed up and trained, most usually as a puppy or dressage pony though you do also get latex kittens. What appeals to them and their ‘owners’ is the innate characteristics of an animals nature that come into play, these being: obedience; loyalty; devotion; total reliance on their owners, instinctively wanting to please; and the need to be trained.

Pampered Pets enjoy being playful and petted while well behaved human pups can also be quite pampered by adoring dom owners and shown off in public. Pet ponies especially can be kitted out with elaborate harnesses and bells. I was once quite jealous when I saw an amazing well-trained human Dalmatian puppy walking around Erotica one year.

Click on an image to view the Animal Farm slide show:

Dehumanised Animals

This is where men are turned into animals by their cruel Mistresses as a means to totally humiliate and literally dehumanise them. Useless, old or disobedient slaves are reduced to dogs, pigs or workhorses to totally break and humiliate them. It’s the end of the line, he is no longer even a lowly slave, from now on he is not even human any more. He will no longer be able to talk or walk upright. If necessary he can be kept gagged and put in hobble chains (chains that are not long enough for you to stand in). He will eat her scraps from a bowl on the floor (mittens can be used to stop him using his hands).

This can be an extreme punishment/humiliation for a slave, he may have already lost much of his sense of self, his name ect. but now he will not even be treated as human anymore. Ponies also make useful beasts of burden to carry dominant women from place to place, why should they walk when they can ride. So whatever the animal extensive corrective training will be needed.

You can watch dominant women training & taming males in these two recent English Mansion releases with Goddess Serena, Mistress Inka & Miss Marilyn, right now inside our members area: A Puppy’s Tale & Pounding The Pony.

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    I wonder how a slave can get to have the honour to become a farm animal?

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