Richard Has A Change Of Life: Femdom Fiction

Richard Has A Change Of Life

It was a bright hot summer’s morning in June. Although it was only 7.30am the temperature was already beginning to rise and the clear blue sky above signalled the likelihood of another scorching day.

Richard Pemberton strode purposefully along the pedestrianised road in the city centre. It was early so there was no-one else about yet but Richard was a man on a mission. He worked for a large firm of insurance brokers and yesterday he had been called into the senior director’s office to be told that he was to be made the new chief area co-ordinator. This was his third promotion in just eighteen months and at the age of twenty eight life was good. A new girlfriend, another pay increase, a company car soon to be his, there was no doubt about it he was on the fast track. But hell, he deserved it, he had worked his butt off since joining the company and it was about time he reaped the rewards. An early start today would demonstrate his commitment. He whistled contentedly as he walked along, gazing into the shop windows.

About fifty metres ahead there was a bench which was situated in the middle of the concourse. Richard could see a girl sitting on it, she had long blonde hair and was wearing a white cotton t-shirt together with what he judged to be a pair of cut-off jeans. He judged her to be probably in her late teens and as he came nearer he was struck by the girl’s long and very shapely legs. She was almost as good looking as his girlfriend and he wondered what she was doing here at this time in the morning.

It was at that moment that she slightly inclined her head and for the first time Richard gazed upon her angelic face. Whoa! his mind screamed. All comparisons to his girlfriend had been forgotten. The girl had the most incredible eyes he had ever seen. They were a stunning emerald green and seemed to sparkle.

He had meant to say Good Morning but the words died in his throat as he passed her. His throat felt constricted and his breathing highly elevated. After walking for another twenty yards or so, Richard realised he just had to gaze upon that angelic countenance again. But how? He couldn’t just turn around and stare at her. She would think he was a creep. But he knew that if he kept on walking he would never see her again and he just couldn’t bear that. His mind raced furiously and then it came to him. About sixty or so yards back he had passed a post box. He could pretend he had forgotten to post a letter that would give him an excuse to walk back past her.

He stopped. “Oh damn”” he exclaimed, hoping he sounded convincing. He turned round and started walking back. As he passed the girl again, Richard pretended to nonchalantly gaze around, making sure he got a good look at her. He felt a thrill course through him as he caught sight of her beautiful features once more. She truly had the face of an angel. Her eyes, emerald green he had thought before, were actually a brilliant azure blue. She appeared not to have noticed him, her attention seemingly fixed on the shop window display opposite.

As he walked past her once more Richard felt his heart hammering in his chest, he seemed to need more air so was having to breathe through his mouth. He reached the post box and stood in font of it with his back to the girl. He couldn’t let her see that he didn’t actually have anything to post so maintaining his stance he raised his arm to the letterbox and pretended to post a letter.

Now he could walk back and sneak a final look at this stunning girl. He needed to look at those eyes one final time. Those incredible eyes that seemed to have imprinted themselves indelibly onto his brain. Perhaps he could even compose himself enough to wish her a good morning as he passed by. As he turned round and approached her once more he seemed to feel a slight heaviness in his legs. He shrugged it off. This was stupid. Why was he acting so idiotically? She was just a girl for pity’s sake, yes undeniably a beautiful girl, well, ok, a very, very beautiful girl , in fact the most beautiful girl he had ever seen…Richard breathed in hard and shook his head. His mind was babbling. What on earth was wrong with him? It was time to act like a man. He would look at her, smile, wish her a very good morning and then coolly walk on.

He was almost upon her now and turned his head to look at her. To his shock she was staring right at him. Trying to recover himself he opened his mouth to speak but then it registered that her eyes were green again. Hadn’t they been blue before? How could they keep changing colour? They must have been green all along, and what a beautiful deep green. So rich. He felt himself drifting and then falling. Soon all he was aware of was his own deep breathing as he stood there transfixed by the hypnotic beauty of the girl’s eyes.

Suddenly she spoke and he snapped out of his stupor with a start. How long had he been standing there?

“Your name?” she snapped.

“Richard,” he replied.



“Annual income.”


“Credit card limit?”

“Seven thou-, W-w-wait a minute” Richard gasped shaking his head vigorously. He couldn’t believe it. Who did she think she was, asking him such personal questions? She had actually asked him what his annual salary was. Even worse he had blurted it out without thinking. Well he wouldn’t allow himself to be interrogated in this way. She might have the face of a goddess but her manners left a lot to be desired. However, he didn’t want to cause a scene and what’s more, he was a gentleman. He would just indulge in some brief social niceties and then be on his way.

“Yes, my name is Richard Pemberton. Good morning to you” he smiled offering his hand. “And may I enquire your name, young lady?”

The girl shifted her gaze, affecting total disinterest. She didn’t offer her hand or bother to reply to his question.

Richard felt a surge of anger. Poor manners were one thing but this was just plain rudeness. He snorted. “Well have a nice day” he exclaimed sarcastically and strode off angrily. He had work to do and he had dallied here long enough.

He hadn’t even gone five strides when her voice rang out commandingly.

“Stop right there!”. He ground to a halt.

“I have not dismissed you from my presence, Richie dear. Walking off like that was so very rude and I cannot abide rudeness.”

Richard was outraged. He would not even turn to look at her.

“Firstly,” he hissed. “It’s Richard, not Richie. Secondly, you are the one who has displayed all the rudeness. Your manners are appalling and your demeanour is disagreeable. Quite frankly I have no more time to waste here. Goodbye!”

He went to move but before he could, she spoke again, this time her voice cooing seductively.

“But Richie. Surely it’s rude to sneak lecherous looks at innocent young women on public benches. Surely it’s creepy to pretend to use a post box just so that one can walk up and down ogling a sweet young woman. Wouldn’t you say, Richie?

Richard’s face flushed scarlet. How could she possibly have known? He felt ashamed. But really, he hadn’t been ogling. He had just looked. A perfectly natural urge, nothing unhealthy about it. And if she was so innocent why was there such a mocking tone in her voice?”

“And one more thing Richie” she purred. “You’re not going anywhere. I forbid you to take another step.”

Right, that was it. He’d had enough of this. Time to leave. He went to move his right leg and to his absolute horror found that he couldn’t. What was this? He felt a surge of panic and then an odd feeling in his chest. A kind of weakness quickly followed by butterflies in his stomach. Richard desperately strained to move his leg but it seemed to be stuck fast, in fact paralysed. He switched to the left leg but to his consternation it too would not move. A tinkle of mocking laughter sounded behind him.

“Try as hard as you can Richie. Put all your manly strength into it. But the harder you try the more you’ll be paralysed.”

Richard gritted his teeth and strained. He felt sweat pop out on his forehead as he tried with all his might to move his right leg. But he couldn’t move a muscle. He was well and truly tooted to the spot. What kind of witchery was this?”

“Now Richie, I think it’s time you turned to face me. Turn round Richie.”

He felt his legs and hips moving of their own accord. Now he was facing her once more.

“Now Richie, Be a good boy, come here.” She raised her right forefinger and he saw that it was slender and beautiful. Then she slowly beckoned to him and he felt his body shoot forward. She beckoned again and once more he was violently pulled forward. Once more she beckoned and the process was repeated. She winked slowly. Richard felt humiliated and very frightened.

At length he stood directly in front of the girl who was still seated in the same position she had been all along.

“W-what do you want/” he stammered. “P-please. I just want to go to work.”

“Oh you’re going to be working alright Richie darling” she smiled. “Let me explain everything. I’m new to this area and unfortunately it wasn’t a viable proposition to bring my slaves with me. I had to leave them behind. The poor dears were heartbroken, you know. So the upshot of it all is that I’ve been looking for a fresh slave to start a new stable. And now I’ve found one. You, Richie dear.”

“W-what the hell are you talking about” Riched hissed. “Slaves? That sort of thing is illegal. I’ll report you to the police, this is outrageous…”

“Oh shut up Richie!” she interrupted harshly. “You’re being tedious. You should feel very honoured. I don’t just let anyone serve me, you know. I’m very fussy. Now I think it’s time to get going. I live about a mile from here. There’s a whole pile of dishes waiting to be cleaned and heaps of laundry. Not to mention the general housework. You’re going to be a very busy boy today.”

Richard couldn’t speak. He looked into her eyes. She was just so beautiful. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Surely the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Would it really be so bad to serve such an absolute goddess. She smiled and he felt a part of himself slipping away. No—ooo, this couldn’t be! With an almighty effort he resisted. If he didn’t somehow escape very soon he knew he would be lost.

“But what about my job?” he pleaded.

“You’ll just have to take a sickie today” she replied.

“But I’ll get the sack” he whimpered.

“For one sick day? I hardly think so Richie. Now, don’t worry. I’ll let you keep your job. A slave with no income is no good to me at all. I’m a girl with very expensive tastes, you know.” She winked at him mockingly. She turned away and delved into the bag she had beside her, seemingly searching for something.

This was his chance. She was distracted and it was now or never. He tried to move his legs but it was as if they were “superglued” to the pavement. But his arms were free. And his mobile phone was in his back pocket. If he could just dial his workplace and shout for help. It wasn’t even 8.00am yet but Peter would be there. Peter was always there.

He grabbed the phone and furiously began to punch in the numbers. Come on. Almost there.

“Stop, Richie” he heard her cooing voice. Oh no. His finger hung just above the final digit. He tried desperately to lower it, he just had to hit that number. Straining like never before he concentrated with all his might. His finger moved fractionally, just a millimetre or two, then a bit more. “Come on. Please!” he groaned. And then just like that it was all over. All the strength left his arm and his finger hung in the air as if in suspended animation.

“I must say you’re quite a lot of fun Richie. It’s quite unusual for a man to be able to resist me as much as you have. In retrospect you’re going to have to take the whole week off work. I can see that I won’t be able to let you stray far until I’ve fully conditioned you. Now, give me that phone.”

She extended her palm and snapped her fingers. He gazed adoringly at her hand. Her fingers were so long and slender and beautiful. He sensed his own arm moving and felt utter defeat as he saw himself place the phone into her outstretched hand. Smiling she held the phone about six inches above her opened bag. Then her fingers parted, the phone dropped into the bag and she zipped it up in one quick motion.

“Just bear with me a moment Richie darling” she simpered as she produced a compact case and proceeded to apply her lipstick, all the while primping herself in the mirror. “A girl must always look her best, don’t you think so Richie?” she purred seductively.

Richard gazed at her in awe. She was just so heartstoppingly beautiful. How could any other woman even come close to her. He was breathing harshly again. God, he wanted to serve her. How could he ever have doubted it. She was right to demand servitude because she deserved it. And she had chosen him. A poor lowly male not fit to kiss the ground she walked on. How could he ever hope to be worthy of her?. But he would try! He would try so hard!

She had stood up and he could see that she was tall, about 5’9 to 5’10.

“I don’t even know your name” he murmured.

“My name is Ariel, but you will call me Goddess” she replied. “Now, follow me.” Suddenly he could move and he fell into line beside her.

“Stop” she exclaimed. She turned to face him and shockingly he felt the left hand side of his face explode. She had face-slapped him…and quite harshly. His cheek stung and burned.

“I said follow me” she snapped. “That means you walk behind me. Ten yards. No more, no less. Do I have to explain everything?”

“I’m sorry Goddess” he muttered. He stood looking down at the pavement, so ashamed that he could not meet her gaze.

“Now, let’s try again” she snapped.

She moved off striding confidently and Richard fell in behind her. As she walked he stared adoringly at her slowly swaying hips and beautiful shapely legs. Her lustrous blonde hair hung down to her waist and shimmered in the slight breeze. When he’d woken up that morning he’d been convinced that the world was his oyster, but now he knew his life had been changed forever.

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3 Responses to Richard Has A Change Of Life: Femdom Fiction

  1. patrick says:

    wow reading this leaves you wanting to read more

  2. Steven says:

    Nice story! I feel happy for Richard. His life changed for the better!

    By the way, is there any chance Lady Sophia Black will return to the mansion for more scenes? I love her videos!

  3. Good story! Well-done, Paul, and thanks for running a piece of fine fiction here, Mistress Sidonia. Just the right length to start off our Monday mornings…

    I personally find tales about the assumption of femdom power to be very erotic and this was nicely done. It gives a good peek into what is to follow for Richie (formerly Richard) and our imaginations can happily go down that path after the final words.

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