The Inner Circle: Femdom Fiction

The Inner Circle

They caught me on the way to work, a journey I had repeated many times before without incident, a van stopped suddenly as I exited the subway, three people with hoods grabbed me and pressed a handkerchief over my nose, sending me into a quiet, dark place.

When I awoke, my body being bumped, the noise of a screeching engine, I remembered, the back of the van uncomfortable, my arms and legs bound with chains. On the other side of the van I could only see some high heel boots, the rest of the person was in the shade. A teasing, well spoken but sharp voice spoke out,

“Hmm, what do we have here, some new meat for my slave-stable?”

I answered, in a meek, frightened voice, that they have to free me immediately, but laughter was the only answer. Now I recognized, that there were two other women in this van. One of them, very beautiful in black leather with black hair, put a collar around me and another device around my balls and my cock and sat down again on her seat.

“My little slave, I will only explain once, what we expect from you. You will be our slave for as long as we desire. We own you now! If you follow our rules, your suffering will be less or you can try to resist and feel the meaning of pain. The device around your neck and your balls can only be removed by us. We will now unchain you and show you how this works.”

The other gorgeous lady came and opened my chain. Immediately I tried to stand on my feet to open the van door, but an incredible pain in my cock brings me back on the bottom of the van. I formed myself into a ball, because the pain was unbelievable. Laughter arose again.

The voice came forward and for the first time I could see the Mistress. Just her eyes forced me down on my knees and my inner voice said that I would do everything for a woman like her. She showed me a little remote control in her hand.

“Every time you do not follow our rules, you get a little electrical shock. This time it was put on medium, so you better take care what you are doing. Understood?”

“Yes.” She pressed the button again. “You better say: Yes, Mistress” “Yes, Mistress”

“We will now have our five o clock tea with some friends, do what we order and your life will be less miserable.”

After some minutes the van stopped. They told me, that I had to follow them and I got another electrical jolt because I was not following them on my knees. The road was wet, so my smart suit trousers were ruined but nobody cared.

We entered a huge villa and the entrance hall was dominated by two huge staircases leading to the second floor. But I was dragged to a door, which lead to the basement, which was made of stones and brick and filled with cells, in which naked males were locked away. Some were in chains with their arms tied up above their head, some were in tight bondage, only their mouth and cock exposed and some were on all fours, anal hooks and mouth gags keeping them in position. At the end of this hall was an ornate hall, where in large arm-chairs many more gorgeous women were already waiting for us.

The mistress raised her voice,”Welcome everyone to our monthly toy-day. This time we picked up a small ugly rat from the street and we will scientifically examine, how this rat will behave under electrical treatment. It’s a sort of Pavlov’s rat we see today. So, first we would like to enjoy a slow, erotic striptease. Start, rat!”

With this command, she turned the electrical device on. It was not as painful as before, but it brought me to quick attention, if I did not follow her order, I had no doubt at the pain that could follow.

I tried my very best to perform as well as possible and to help me they turned on some music. But pieces by pieces I stripped, the level of pain was getting higher, until I started to forget the embarrassment of this surreal experience, so that when I had only my underpants on, I fell down to grab my pained dick. This was a bad mistake, because the mistress turned it on maximum, shouting that I should not dare to touch her property without her permission.

My pathetic striptease was over, but the play was just starting for her. Now I had to serve them with drinks. For that I had to hold the glasses, bring them to these beautiful women, but was only allowed to crawl, which was not that easy on the cold, hard, stone floor. Every time I failed, I was punished and it was always the honour of that lady, which was nearest to me to decide, which punishment I had to follow. I had no chance to disobey because the electrical device made me follow their cruel ideas.

They used all kinds of whips and paddles, while the favourite game of one mistress was to put her strap-on dildo into me and fuck me. Other tasks were being their human ashtray and using my mouth to get rid of the ash and butts, a real headfuck for a fervent non smoker like me. Another favourite game was to clamp my nipples and put weights on them, making them distend from my chest, biting hard into my tender, sensitive flesh. This went on for many hours and finally I was totally exhausted, yet it was interesting that I somehow liked it, because my dick was hard all the time.

“I would like to see, how it cums!” one Lady suggested. So I was made to stand in the middle of the room and masturbate. To make it more difficult they told me that they will count down and I should not cum before I hear zero. They began counting back very fast but coming to the lower figures they suddenly slowed down, so that my cum burst out too early and I couldn’t stop it. “Oh, you failed. Lick it up and then we do it again!” When I bent down to lick it, I felt the first stroke on my bottom from a stinging cane. “This is just to help you in getting it done. We do not want to wait too long.”

So, I had to masturbate another time and I failed. This game started again and after that there was nothing more to cum. That’s why I am now sitting here in a cell, my nipples and backside raw and a chastity device round my cock, ready to be used again as a toy for the ladies, whenever they call…

by slave chump

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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2 Responses to The Inner Circle: Femdom Fiction

  1. Tom says:

    Can I just say that I love your fiction writing 🙂

    I confess to being a virgin male, as I have only the theory of submission that rests in my psyche. I have absolutely no practical experience of serving my innate superiors the Female Goddess.
    This story is a perennial dream of my being taken from my comfort zone and forced to face not my demons but my own inner being, my natural instincts and proclivities.
    To confront my deepest dreams, revealing the darkest fissures of my mind, forcing me to realise that far from these being mental aberrations, they represent simply aspects of what makes me tick as the real me.
    I have been hiding from my self, this story represents an internal conflict between what I pretend to be and my true nature. In my dream I long to submit but in life I fight it. I will need to be taken by surprise, kidnapped against my will, and forced to endure torture, Because I can not openly admit the reality of my true nature.

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