Vicious Vamp: Cybill Troy

Vicious Vamp: Cybill Troy – Where Beauty Meets Cruelty

We were pleased earlier this year to welcome the infamous and world-renowned prodom Cybill Troy to The English Mansion. This striking and beautiful American dominatrix is known for her amazing (and I mean utterly AMAZING) fierce outfits and her harsh cruelty when dealing with those who serve her.

As a natural sadist this, usually full-rubber or leather-clad domme, delights in male suffering and squeals of pain but her infamy emanates from her position as the Queen of intense male strapon fucking sessions – where she literally tries to spilt men in two!

Ms Troy is the real-deal, dishing out shocking treatment to actual slaves in genuine BSDM encounters. Along with her fellow cohorts in what she calls her Anti-Sex League, she is dedicated to the obliteration of “male pleasure” in all of its forms! Note: there’s no tie and tease with this domme.

She has been for many years a superstar of femdom and can be seen in action at the top of C4S in her store Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League. She still sessions as a prodom and is based in L.A. (West coast) but travels regularly worldwide, specialising in smoking, strapon and sadism. See her website here: or for all her links here: More Info Here

You’ll be seeing a lot more of her at The English Mansion in forthcoming films and can currently be seen in Rubber Clinic Dilation & Hard Leather Bitch both showing inside The Mansion.

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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2 Responses to Vicious Vamp: Cybill Troy

  1. rubbermark says:

    Amazing to see Cybill Troy at the Mansion. She is a Mistress I have admired from afar but also been absolutely terrified of. I can’t imagine how scary it would be to be restrained and at her mercy, having seen what she can do to slaves.

  2. Mistress Sidonia

    Thank you profusely for posting photos of Mistress Cybill Troy.

    How I wish that I had my prostate checked at her clinic, if only I could book in for a full examination, especially rectally.
    I submit to immediate imprisonment and brutal and inhuman treatment.

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